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tropical purple and green leaf wallpaper

27/04/2023   POSTED BY

The Biophilic Design Rule Book

It seems that as we move at full speed through this age of technology, we more than ever need to get in touch with nature. Most of us physically crave it. We relish those quiet and treasured moments when we walk along an expansive beach, feel the sunlight filter through the trees in a hidden woodland or breathe in the fresh air, high in the windy mountains. So, it isn’t really surprising that natural elements are becoming more and more common in interior design.

Inspired by biological processes and objects, biophilic design is emerging everywhere. It can be as simple as choosing natural colours, having a small indoor garden or even installing a forest mural feature wall. Or it can be as big as the architectural construction of an entire building. But more importantly, it's about deepening our connection with nature.

Read on to find out the top 7 rules for achieving biophilic design in your home or workplace.

Rule 1: Use biophilic design nature scenes

A great way to instil this style into the home is by installing a nature scene wallpaper. Evidence has shown that simply viewing a nature scene is beneficial towards our mental health. Surrounding ourselves with nature reduces stress, decreases anger and fear. Not only this, nature improves physical health. It reduces blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

Forest wallpapers

green forest wall mural in trendy home office

Mural in photo: Enchanted Woodland

Some of our most popular nature wallpapers are forest scenes and it’s not difficult to understand why. As soon as you view a forest wall mural, you feel calm. It’s as though your brain is tricked into thinking that you’re physically amongst nature. That’s why a stunning woodland wallpaper is perfect for those rooms where you like to feel relaxed and focused, such as a home office. To maintain this feeling of serenity, buy subtle white or natural wood décor to ensure the main focus is on the beautiful wall mural. 

Mountain wallpapers

mountain landscape mural in grey and mustard lounge

Mural in photo: Yosemite National Park

Another great choice is a mountain scene like this stunning Yosemite National Park wall mural. It truly transports you straight to the hills where you can almost hear the call of a nearby eagle and the wind rushing through the trees. Not only excellent for the home, but mountainscapes are also great for the workplace. Read on to find out more.

Rule 2: Use natural biophilia colours

bedroom in white and sage green

Image source: Rooms for Rent Blog via Pinterest

Biomimicry is all about imitating the natural world and it can be as simple as opting for natural paint colours in your home. By painting the bedhead wall a sage green, this bedroom feels fresh and extremely comfortable.

Or if you prefer to have white walls in your home, choose a range of naturally coloured décor pieces. Vegetable fibres are a current trend. Wicker, rattan and jute are all complementary textures for your interior design. Although subtle in colour, this grassy Salt and Steel Natural Wall Decoration would create a great natural focal point in any room.

grassy hoop wall decoration

Rule 3: Have a rough stone feature wall

We think this gorgeous Natural Stone wall mural would be a great way to add a natural feel into the home. Unlike industrial, open red brick walls, this stone wallpaper is an alternative outlook on biophilic design as it creates the illusion of natural stone.

sandy stone wall wallpaper with stand alone bath tub

Mural in photo: Natural Stone

The combination of natural stone walls, stone flooring and greenery are mimicking a cave in this tropical bathroom. The owners have even made the effort to create a rockery garden in the corner. Just imagine how amazing it would feel to have an open shower in this realistic grotto bathroom.

Rule 4: Throw in some biomimicry designed objects

Small ways to achieve biomimicry design in the home is through your choice of ornaments or pottery. Just look at this stunning collection of tableware from Micucci Interiors. Eat your cereal in the hollow of a cantaloupe melon or pour juice from a pineapple! These fun and quirky room accessories aren’t only useful but fantastic style statements. They'll also make great conversation starters when you have guests over for dinner.

vegetable and fruit pottery from Micucci

Image source: Animi Causa

We are also in love with Animi Causa's fantastic products which are as useful as they are beautiful. If you're as clumsy as me at watering plants, this Leaflow Pot Watering Funnel is using nature's design of the leaf to water the plant without any mess - it's un beleafable! Not forgetting this amazing Lotus Cotton Bud Holder so you can say 'They love me, they love me not' whilst you grab yourself a cotton bud!

watering plant leaf and white lotus cotton bud holder

Image source: Animi Causa

Rule 5: If you own a business or care home...

Biophilic design is now commonly seen in care homes and businesses. For residents and employees, it increases people’s connection to nature and overall improves health and wellbeing.

One of the biggest benefits of nature-inspired design in care homes is that it brings the outdoors in. This is especially important for those residents who can no longer access the outside world as easily.

misty mountain wallpaper in comfortable care home lounge

Mural in photo: From mountain wallpaper collection

This misty mountain wall mural not only has a mood-boosting sky but creates the illusion of having more room. This is perfect for making residents feel less claustrophobic and calm in their homes. Take a look at our fantastic selection of care home wall murals.

mountain view wall mural in modern office with workers

Mural in photo: Lush Green Mountains

Nature-inspired office wall murals have the same beneficial effects. Nature scenes increase productivity and create a calm ambience when the office gets tense. This stunning Lush Green Mountains wall mural makes a huge difference in this customer’s office space. They have cleverly installed these panels onto the cupboard walls. Can you spot the familiar actress stuck onto the mountainside?

mountain and lake wallpaper in nature themed staff room

Mural in photo: Yosemite National Park

You don’t need to limit biophilic design to the work area in your business. Why not create a calming, natural atmosphere in the staffroom? One of our customers created this amazing staff dining room. By installing this zen Yosemite National Park wall mural, grass effect carpet and pebbles, you must really feel like you’re sat at the side of a stunning lake. 10/10 for creativity!

Rule 6: Have a living wall inspired by biophilic design

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing succulent walls everywhere. On Instagram, Pinterest and even at the local hipster coffee bar. Luscious living walls are fantastic on-trend statements for both the home or business and will leave customers or guests feeling amazed at your green-fingered talents. More importantly, I'm sure many of them will be caught taking selfies in front of it and will share their visit to your business establishment (always a bonus)!

Purple and green living walls

purple and green living wall

Image source: Hoom Design via Pinterest

Living walls in gorgeous shades of purple and green are especially luxurious and fresh. Not only that, outside vertical wall gardens are designed so that the water gathered on top of the building’s roof will water the plants over a period of time. So, as well as looking fabulous, these living walls are easily sustainable and can be maintained in ethical and economical ways.

green and purple leafy wall in trendy lounge

Mural in photo: Leafy Jungle

Indoor succulent walls bring the outdoors in through a unique and artistic way. However, I imagine that indoor living walls could become difficult to maintain over a period of time. Especially if you’re an unintentional plant-killer (like myself). The solution? A plant wall wallpaper. Instead of using real plants, this Leafy Jungle wallpaper will give you the same effect without the constant upkeep.

Luscious biophilia vertical gardens

An easy way to achieve a calming living feature wall is to use potted plants on the wall. This varied selection of beautiful draping greenery is a simple yet effective method for creating a space connected with nature. The choice of white walls combined with the white pots almost makes it appear like the plants are growing from the crevices on the wall!

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A post shared by LUKE ARTHUR WELLS (@lukearthurwells) on 

Over time, the greenery can become so lusciously thick that you can’t even see the pots anymore. Then you can really relish in the beauty of the plants. We love Instagrammer Luke Arthur Well’s living wall in his lounge. As well as bringing the outdoors in, the mix of plant breeds adds a variety of textures and patterns to the room.

triangular wooden wall shelves

If you’d like to get started making your own living wall, these Woodendot Pelican Shelves in Walnut are gorgeous. Another plus is that these shelves are made with natural wood and also shaped organically. The triangular shelves remind me of birds' beaks or nests jutting out of rocky cliff edges.

Rule 7: Get hanging plants for the ceiling

glass balls hanging from string containing green plants

Image source: Cloudberry

Another great way to achieve an indoor garden is by installing hanging plants. We adore this plant adorned room where the owner has potted an eclectic selection of potted greenery.

You can buy these Cloudberry Living Muurla Decorative Glass Ball Hangers for your own home. But be aware tall people. Make sure you hang them high enough so that you don’t bang your head on them!

large brass circular chain containing potted plants

Image source: Scaramanga

This handmade Scaramanga Clay Pot in Mental Hanger would look fabulous indoors or outdoors. The small pots are really cute and add just a little bit of greenery into your interior design.

Have we inspired you to install biophilic design into your home or business? Or have you already adopted our recommend methods or have some even better ideas? Leave us a comment below to enlighten us.

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