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wood panels in a dark teal colour in a white, grey and dusty pink bedroom

11/12/2020   POSTED BY

Bedroom Trends for 2021 [Be in the Know]

Since time began, the bedroom has needed these crucial factors: comfort and style. And bedroom trends for 2021 have certainly not let us down. We’re so excited about ‘21’s interior trends because there has never been a year so focussed on new beginnings and embracing everything life has to give! So, get ready for refreshing colours, wall panels-galore, multi-purpose design, fancy lighting, zen minimalism, boho vibes and most importantly, texture, texture, texture!

Whether you’re updating your master bedroom or the cluttered guests' bedroom, our top bedroom trends for 2021 will give you at least one idea that will modernise any boudoir!

Multi-purpose bedrooms – gym and home office inc!

on-trend bedroom with fitted wardrobes and a corner desk

Image source: Sharps

First and foremost, many of our homes have changed dramatically. Where they were once simply our humble abodes, now they are multi-functional spaces. Before, our bedrooms were just the place where we slept. Now they are the bedroom/gym/home office or even an additional lounge (a great spot to escape from the kids)!

To make your bedroom a top multi-functional space, focus on these factors: minimalism, organisation, handy storage and nifty furniture. For a home office, you need a bedroom desk. Choose a small desk for the bedroom, such as a fitted corner unit or a pull-down bedroom desk that can be hidden away when not in use. For a gym, make sure you always have enough clear floor space to make room for those lunges or yoga sessions and keep your workout equipment tidied away in bedroom storage. If your boudoir has become another lounge space, choose a small couch and even a mini fridge so that those tasty drinks and snacks are easy to access!

Beautiful colours to calm and soothe

yellow and grey marble wallpaper in boho wooden bedroom

Mural in photo: Grey and Mustard Watercolour

Colour trends 2021 are broad and exciting. Pantone’s colour of the year is ‘Ultimate Gray and Illuminating’ (that’s grey and yellow to me and you). On the other hand, soothing blues and greens have been highly recommended for the bedroom - once again we see natural colours leading the way in creating a calming environment in our sleeping quarters! A pink and green bedroom is also highly-sought after where dusty pinks and sage greens are being tastefully combined to create either a tropical or old manor house look.

off white and pale green bedroom

One of our favourite colour trends for 2021 is green. For green bedroom ideas, we recommend a pale green shade paired with natural wood or wicker décor. Add touches of terracotta in your choice of scatter cushions and ornaments as well as touches of white to break up those natural tones.

Headboards with texture, texture, texture!

art deco style velvet teal bed in pink room

Image source: Sweetpea & Willow

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about 2021 is that it loves texture! From decadent velvets, soft fleeces, coarse rattans, smooth metallics and more, bedroom trends for 2021 are very touchy-feely! So it isn’t surprising to discover that a big bedroom décor must-have is a headboard with lots and lots of texture. That’s why this velvet, deep fluted bed is ideal.

Alternatively, choose a traditional upholstered headboard with a button tufted effect or go all boho with a ‘70’s style bamboo headboard. For a minimalist look, create your own painted arch headboard by painting a semi-circle shape on the wall where your headboard would be!

Boho bedrooms ideas that love a green plant (or 10)!

white and terracotta boho bedroom with green plants

The boho look was hot in 2020 and continues to be so when it comes to bedroom trends 2021. And one of the most popular accessories for a boho bedroom are tropical and dried plants! From leafy green tropical monsteras, spider plants and strings of pearls to romantic dried wheat, baby’s breath, piumettas and pampas grasses, plants are the must-have bedroom décor item! Plants in bedrooms are really a must!

Minimalist bedroom (space to refresh and rejuvenate)

grey and white plaster effect wallpaper in bedroom with white and grey duvet covers

Mural in photo: Cement Plaster Effect

Although maximalist design is a hot trend for 2021, minimalism is still going to be a popular choice in bedroom trends for 2021. After all, you want to keep your bedroom as uncluttered and stress-free as possible. We’re not talking about the type of minimalism where the only piece of furniture is a bed – we think that trend has gone away for a while. However, choosing a simple colour scheme and a tasteful amount of ornaments is the type of minimalism that we love.

Stick to soothing off-whites paired with another shade such as pale, nutty brown, soft pinks or greens and always have white duvet covers to avoid any pattern clashes. Have only essential items and choose handy storage to hide away clothes or accessories when not in use.

Teen bedroom ideas for 2021: led and galaxy lights!

purple galaxy light projector in teenager's room

If you have a teen who is TikTok mad or you love to be on top of the latest crazes, then led bedroom lights are really hot for 2021 bedroom trends. The most popular led lights for bedrooms are strip lights. People are mad about installing them around their rooms where the walls meet the ceiling.

Others can’t get enough of galaxy lights for bedrooms. To create an out-of-this-world effect, choose a galaxy star projector light so that when you’re lying down in bed you can go to sleep looking at the stars. Led lights are definitely one of our top teen bedroom ideas for 2021.

Matching bedroom lights to create a IG-worthy home

grey and white bedroom with black pendant lights

If led or galactic lighting is not your thing, we have more classic lighting options. Pendant bedroom lights are all the rage if you want your bedroom to be Instagram-worthy! Whether fashioned in sophisticated blacks or brass tones or industrial light bulbs, pendant lights transform a bedroom from delightful to deluxe.

Choose matching pendant lights for either side of the bed and say goodbye to standing lamps. Not only do hanging lights look fabulous, but they save a lot of space on your bedside cabinet! More room for your favourite novels and mug of cocoa!

Bedroom trends for 2021 – it’s all about panel wallpaper

teal green wood panels wallpaper in trendy bedroom with white, grey and dusty pink accessories

Mural in photo: Teal Wood Panels

Last, but certainly not least, is everyone’s obsession with wood panel feature walls! You can’t look on any social media site without seeing paneled walls! Many are getting the saw and spirit level out to create their own. But if you don’t fancy the mess, stress and time-wasting, then choose a 3D wallpaper that looks just like a panel wall!

Place your fashionable wood panel wallpaper behind the top of your bed and it will create the perfect bedroom feature wall. Choose a wood panel wallpaper in a colour that will suit your current colour scheme or choose décor items in similar tones.

Want more bedroom trends for 2021 inspo? Look at our luxurious range of bedroom wallpapers. Or leave a comment below! We love to hear from you!

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