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Christmas Decorations in white and red

05/11/2021   POSTED BY

6 Tips for Perfecting your Christmas Decorations

Oh deer! The countdown to Christmas has begun! Are you the type of person who puts their Christmas decorations up on the 1st November? Or are you someone who whips their tree up on Christmas Eve then rips it down the day after boxing day?

Whoever you are, it’s time to get those festive ideas flowing. Prepare your spare bedroom for your holiday guests. Pull on your boots and visit your local Christmas tree depot to find the most symmetrical Christmas tree. Step up that cold loft ladder and reach for your dust-coated decoration boxes. Re-discover those tatty, old family heirloom ornaments that you still don’t have the heart to throw away. Although, all of us (most of us) adore these traditions that lead us up to the festive period, it's fun to experiment with different decorations every other year.

So, whether you love to keep your Christmas décor going through to New Year or can't wait to tear down those dust-collecting ornaments on the 27th December, here are six tips for perfecting your Christmas decorations this year.

1. Choose a Christmas wallpaper to bring the snow indoors

black and white photo of snowy park wallpaper in christmas grey living room

Mural in photo: Central Park Covered in Snow

This wonderful Central Park Covered in Snow wallpaper is perfect for giving that special Christmas feeling to any room in your home. The ice-laced branches and the glow of the street lamps are truly magical. You can almost imagine Santa passing by with his sleigh and reindeer!

We have a wide range of beautiful Winter & Christmas wallpapers for you to use as a backdrop for your Christmas tree. If you only want your festive wallpaper to last for the Christmas period, choose peel and stick wallpaper. It’s self-adhesive and really easy to install. When it’s time to take down the decorations, gently remove it without causing any damage to the wall.

pine cone and greenery accessories

Image source: Apieceofrainbow via Pinterest

To bring more of nature indoors, add pinecones, walnuts and holly to your Christmas décor. Picture having been out on a frosty winter’s walk and coming back to your nature-inspired home. Get all cosied up with fluffy throws, make a hot chocolate and turn the fire on - perfect!

2. Perfect your Christmas with classic gold decorations

white and gold living room

Image source: Buyerselect.com via Pinterest

Bring on the bling! Bring on the glam! Bring on the glitz! It is Christmas, after all. What better time to embrace glitter and sparkle than using gold décor at this special time of year? Perfecting your Christmas tree decorations with glitzy, golden ornaments will add a certain je ne sais quois to your home. 

minimalist gold candle holders

Image source: Ginger Ray

If you need Christmas tree decorations ideas, take a look at these classy, gold-effect candle holders. These glamorous, gold decorations will fill your home with warmth and wonder - not just for Christmas but all year round as well!

gold toned forest poster on metal above christmas fireplace

Image source: Winter Wonderland

As well as gold ornaments, why not choose artwork with warm golden tones in them such as this stunning Winter Wonderland metal print? Currently only available in the UK, our beautiful winter aluminium prints are sure to set the scene during the holidays and can be brought out every December to celebrate this special season.

3. Invite Jack Frost over for Christmas to sprinkle frost over your home

Sparkly silver and white accessories are ultimately festive and reminiscent of frosty scenes from the movie White Christmas. They’re great to use as a centrepiece on a dining table or as a focal point on a mantlepiece. Tell your kids that Jack Frost has been to your home and sprinkled magic frost everywhere! Imagine their wonder-struck faces...

tin candle houses and silver decor

Image source: Rainandpine.com via Pinterest

You could even try and make your own frosted glass decorations. After all, we always treasure those homemade Christmas ornaments more than shop-bought ones. Why not turn it into a family-bonding session?

4. Move away from tradition with rose gold Christmas decorations

pretty light green wreath with rose gold decor

Image source: Woodland Wreath Company

Are you absolutely in love with rose gold jewellery? Or, have you based your home’s interior design around this stunning colour? Well, you will be glad to know that rose gold decorations are one of the big Christmas décor trends right now. Find a rose gold candelabra, tealight holders, lanterns and table confetti for an alternative to traditional Christmas decorations.

glamorous rose gold dining room with christmas tree

Image source: Homestoriesatoz.com via Pinterest

Don’t forget your rose gold Christmas tree! Select tree ornaments that are beautifully designed with a combination of gold and dusty pink sequins and beads to get that luxurious rose gold effect. Your guests will certainly be in awe of your trendy Christmas décor when they come around for mulled wine and mince pies...yum!

5. Choose Christmas decorations for the unicorn-obsessed!

Calling to all unicorn lovers! Are you fed up with the traditional red, gold and green Christmas ornaments? Is a rose gold Christmas not out there enough for you? Well, now is the time to embrace all things unicorn at this special time of year. Make your child’s (or your) unicorn dreams come true!

christmas tree covered and surrounded by white and pink unicorn decorations

Select pink, white and sky-blue Christmas decorations to adorn your home: tinsel, baubles, candles, anything that oozes the unicorn look. Take a look at these adorable unicorn baubles. They will be the perfect unicorn addition to your tree!

cute white and pink unicorn head baubles

Image source: Notonthehighstreet

Your children (or yourself) won’t be able to stop jumping around with glee with a unicorn Christmas! If you want to make it even more special, why not add a peel-and-stick removable unicorn wallpaper?

6. Get cosied up with rustic Scandi Christmas decorations

white Scandi hallway with wall wreath decorations, bells and Christmas trees

Let’s move away from unicorns, glitter and sparkle. Why not go for Scandinavian Christmas decorations this year? It’s all about simplicity and choosing a select few classic ornaments. Adorn your home with rustic woods, whites and creams. Add a little splash of forest green and red. Choose nature-inspired decorations such as holly, evergreen leaf wreaths and candles for your table centrepiece. Or why not create a Scandi-Christmas guest room for your friends and family to enjoy? It's a style that is pleasing to most tastes and will make them feel at home when they stop over in the holidays.

natural wood scandi christmas decorations

Image source: Ginger Ray

These simplistic wood and metal leaf tree decorations are natural and warm: perfect for a Scandinavian Christmas tree. They bring nature indoors and help create the ideal setting for a cosy Christmas. The perfect spot where you can warm yourself by a burning log fire.

black and white snowy trees in field wallpaper in scandi hallway

Mural in photo: Snow Wallpaper

To go that extra mile, why not install a temporary peel and stick wallpaper for the perfect Scandinavian Christmas? This beautiful Snow wallpaper is simple but really effective in bringing that sense of festive cheer to your home. Find classic cream décor to accentuate its beauty to go with this stunning winter wallpaper.

Have we inspired you with our Christmas décor ideas? Leave a comment below to ask any questions or let us know how you have updated your Christmas decorations this year!

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Shammy P


It was nice that you talked about using gold decor during Christmas as it is the season to embrace glitter and sparkle. One of my plans is to actually have our house decorated for Christmas with the help of a professional next month. I want our house to have some festive vibes, so your tips will make sense to us. 

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hi Shammy P, thank you for comment! That sounds like a wonderful idea, we hope it goes well!

Braden Bills


I want to make sure that my home is decorated nicely for the holidays. It makes sense that getting some sparkly silver decorations would be a good way to emulate a Christmas frost. I can see how that could really make my home feel a lot more cozy.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Braden, thank you for your comment and we love this idea! Silver decorations would be perfect to mimic a Christmas frost and transform your home into a winter wonderland!

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