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ocean wallpaper in playroom

26/03/2024   POSTED BY

10 of the Best Ocean Wallpaper Murals

There is something so undeniably calming about the ocean. For some, the white sound of the waves makes us feel totally zen. For others, watching a flurry of rainbow-coloured tropical fish is an absolute treat for the eyes…

What we certainly do know about ocean wallpaper is that it makes a wonderful feature wall in a home or workplace. And on a scale of 1 – 10, sea life wallpaper always gets a 10 for variety: frothy waves, colourful coral reefs, artistic octopus designs and more. There’s some-fin for everyone. Sea for yourself…

1. Turtle wallpaper to help you shell-ebrate your love for interior design

fish, turtle and coral wallpaper in open loft apartment with stripey black and white bed

Mural in photo: Coral Reef Diversity

Known as the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs are abundant with beautiful marine species. See Clown Fish, Pacific Blue Tang Fish, turtles and more. Our fishy Photo of a Coral Colony wallpaper will make you feel like you’re an extra in Finding Nemo!

This water world signature wall looks fabulous in this subtly styled room. By choosing white as their base colour, they have created a white canvas to ensure this fish wallpaper is the star(fish) of the show. The incorporated mustard yellow accessories work swimmingly with the Yellow Butterfly Fish.

Fishy Facts: Coral reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean, but are home to 25% of all known marine life! (reefci.com)

2. It’s high tide you got yourself a wave wallpaper

rolling frothy waves wallpaper in apartment trendy bedroom

Mural in photo: Rolling Waves

You don’t have to be a surfer dude to enjoy an epic wave wallpaper: it’s totally current right now in the world of interior design. Wave wallpapers have the perfect mix: they make you feel exhilarated but calm at the same time: ideal for any bedroom. In the mornings, feel so refreshed that a wave could have splashed you in the face! In the evenings, feel totally zen as you watch the graceful wave arch over your head.

Fishy Facts: The largest wave ever recorded was 1,720 feet tall (taller than the Empire State Building)! It was started by a huge earthquake that hit Lituya Bay, Alaska, in 1958. (surfertoday.com)

3. Trendy ocean wallpaper to tentacle your fancy

Dark blue octopus ocean wallpaper in an abstract style with gold highlights in a modern bathroom

Mural in photo: Metallic Octopus IV

If you are aiming for a stylish sea life wallpaper that is more abstract, rather than a photo mural, then this Underwater Dream VI wallpaper is for you. The on-trend gold effect mixed with inky blues - set against a white marble background - is a work of art.

This chic octopus wallpaper would steal the show in any room. If installed in your living room, situate the sleek gold and navy wallpaper on the wall behind your sofa. Choose a velvet, navy-blue settee and light furniture with gold handles and trim for a luxurious touch. Opt for deluxe gold lamps and ornaments that will bring out the beautiful gold effect of the octopus’ tentacles.

Fishy Facts: Octopuses have three hearts and blue blood. They also have no bones so squeezing into tight spaces is no problem! (livescience.com)

4. Bring your kid’s room to life with a shell-fie ocean wallpaper!

ocean creatures smiling having a selfie ocean wallpaper in child's bedroom

Mural in photo: Ocean Selfie

When choosing a marine life wallpaper for your kiddies, choose something fun and playful. That’s where this Ocean Selfie wallpaper comes in! Taken from our Howard Robinson collection, this shell-fie shark wallpaper will make a fantastic statement wall in your child’s bedroom.

Place this cute whale wallpaper on the largest wall or behind the headboard of their bed and splash some ocean blue paint onto the remaining walls! If you and your child love to get creative, why not find some sea life stencils and dot little fishes onto the painted walls? They’ll really feel like they’re Under the Sea!

Fishy Facts: Did you know that scientists can tell the age of a shark by counting the rings on their vertebrae? And if you were to touch a shark’s skin, it would feel like sandpaper! (fisheries.noaa.gov)

5. Stylish coral-illustrated wallpaper with a vintage touch

pastel grey, lilac and blue vintage coral illustrated wallpaper in modern lounge

Mural in photo: Ocean Wonders

We are excited to show you our on-trend Ocean Wonders wall mural from our latest designer collection by Sir Edward. This stunning coral wallpaper is a work of art in itself. The vintage style of the illustrated coral will give your home a desirable antique-look – great for all homes but especially period properties.

Pair this stunning coral wallpaper with décor in similar shades to bring out those gorgeous pastel tones. Dusty pink furniture is all the rage and metallic lighting will mirror those gentle greys.

Fishy Facts: Coral reefs are actually animals, not plants! They are related to anemones and jellyfish. (zegrahm.com)

6. Sunset wallpaper be great for a kid’s pirate bedroom!

calming sunset beach wall mural in child's pirate bedroom

Mural in photo: Colourful Sunrise Over the Sea

We had to mention pirates in our ocean wallpaper collection! Although this rough bunch are not natural creatures of the sea, I’m sure most children can’t help but shout, “Ahar me hearties!” when they are playing at the beach.

If ye have a little lad or lassie who adores pirates, battleships and shiny loot, then make their bedroom a pirate-haven with a beach wallpaper. Even though the boat bed and tepee make this customer’s child’s room fun, the sunset wallpaper sets the perfect, calming mood for bedtime.

Fishy Facts: There were famous female pirates too! Some of the most famous were Mary Read, Anne Bonny and Grace O’Malley. (smugglerscove.ie)

7. Dolphin wallpaper that you will dolphinitely love

dolphin family photo ocean wallpaper in rustic feel bedroom

Mural in photo: Sea Life Dolphin Family

If the whole porpoise of you choosing an ocean wallpaper is to create a calming and serene space, then a dolphin wallpaper will help you achieve that goal.

Scientists have found that just looking at images of water makes people feel calmer. So, it’s no surprise why this sea life wallpaper would be ideal for a relaxing bathroom or bedroom. Lie in the tub or snuggle under the covers whilst you enjoy the clear blue waters and admire the elegance of these beautiful creatures.

Fishy Facts: According to research, dolphins are the second smartest creatures after humans! (nbcnews.com)

8. Create an aquarium-effect feature wall

Pastel wallpaper with illustrative sea life in a child's bedroom with a wooden floor and white furniture

Mural in photo: Secret Sealife

For an abundance of life and colour, choose this beautiful wildlife wallpaper. From gliding turtles, fluorescent coral, Angelfish and more, you will certainly bring the ocean’s rainbow into your home.

Have you always wanted a tropical fish tank, but are always put off by its maintenance? Then a sea life wallpaper will give you the same feeling without the cleaning and feeding duties!

Fishy Facts: Angelfish are known to be quite intelligent and are supposed to recognise their owners when kept as pets. (softschools.com)

9. Get that vacation feeling every day with a beautiful beach wallpaper

Realistic photographic wallpaper of a beach with a deep blue tropical ocean in a dining room

Mural in photo: Washed Ashore

Get that vacation feeling every day with beautiful beach wallpaper! Some people love exploring the depths of the ocean, viewing the colourful and crazy fishes and some people love viewing the ocean from the beach… Nothing beats seeing the striking blue ocean from the warm sandy shore. You can still appreciate the ocean's vast beauty and hidden mysteries as you relax on your deck chair with a cool drink and your favourite book.

The photographic style of this ocean wallpaper will transport you into another world - especially if you place it in your dining room. Style with light wood and white accessories to accentuate those beach house vibes. Now every meal will feel like you are dining on your very own tropical island!

Fishy Facts: Thailand hosts an abundant array of marine life from the Whale Shark, Sea Snake, Barracuda and more. (sea-bees.com)

10. Sofishticated coral wallpaper for any room!

illustrated sea life ocean wallpaper in child's trendy nursery

Mural in photo: Underwater Scene

When looking at this beautiful fish wallpaper, we are reminded that the ocean is, in theory, a completely different world to us land creatures. A beautiful cocktail of sea life and marine plants, it’s no wonder this Underwater Scene wallpaper makes a fantastic feature wall in any room.

We love this sea life design by one of our top designers, Adrian Chesterman. His vast collection of designs are not only great wallpapers for children’s bedrooms but for any room in the home. If you want a striking marine life wallpaper, then choose one of Chesterman’s designs.

Fishy Facts: Orcas are the largest species of the dolphin family and weight up to 6 tons. (livescience.com) 

It’s o-fish-al: ocean wallpaper is the best! If you have loved our collection of sea life murals, then let us know which is your favourite by leaving a comment below. Or take a look at our entire collection of fish and sea life wallpaper! Seal the deal and choose yours today!

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