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Ancient Map Wallpaper

Ancient Map Wallpaper

Ancient World Map Wallpaper

Ancient world map murals are a firm favourite of the Wallsauce customer! Supplied in beautiful antique sepia and pastel tones, our range of ancient map murals are perfect for any room. Whether you're looking to mix the old with the new or create a traditional look, ancient map murals are so versatile when it comes to decor.

You can use an ancient map wallpaper mural in your living room, library, bedroom or office. They are also great for bars or hotels which want to show how classy they are. Add in other antiques and features that add to the vintage feel as well as soft furnishings and varnished wood. If you really want to go the extra mile, add an antique globe alongside it.

As delicate as ancient maps may be, our digitally printed map murals are much more adaptable. Made to the size of your wall, an antique map wall mural is sure to help you create the ultimate feature wall in any room.

Ancient World Map Wallpapers

An ancient world map wallpaper is a popular choice amongst Wallsauce customers. It’s no wonder why when an ancient map wall mural is perfect for updating your home decor in a classy and unique way.

We have many different versions of ancient world map wallpaper murals available, including vintage world map wallpapers, topographic maps, antique map wallpapers and much more. Many of our ancient world maps are created with a sepia tone to enhance the vintage feel of their geography. Some are more understated, using just black and white to showcase the many different countries of the world. Others are political, showing how different countries portrayed themselves and others at that time in history. Or, you can even get a coloured old map of the world wallpaper for more impact and style.

Order an ancient map wallpaper online with us quickly. All you need to do is enter your wall measurement details into our online ordering form and we’ll create your wallpaper with your chosen wallpaper material. It’ll arrive in easy-to-apply wallpaper panels that are made to measure your chosen wall.

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