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geode circle with grey and gold tones wallpaper

01/15/2021   POSTED BY

Wallpaper Designs You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

At Wallsauce.com, we are very proud of the number of talented designers who have exclusively chosen us to sell their work as custom-made wall murals!

Over the years, we have had the honour of collating wallpaper designs that you won’t find anywhere else! From watercolour florals by Carol Robinson and luxurious geodes by Lara Skinner to Patrick Brook’s children’s illustrations and Twisted Pixels’ bold geometric patterns, our exclusive designer wallpaper range is so wide and varied, you’re sure to find a style to suit you and your home.

Want to take a peep at our exclusive wallpapers? Take a look below to see what treasures we have in store for you and how these designs look in different types of rooms: whether for your home office, bedroom or lounge!

1. Enjoy nature’s beauty through Carol Robinson art

gold and grey painted floral wallpaper in lounge with white panel walls and beige accessories

Mural in photo: Transparent Gold

We begin with one of our most popular designers, Carol Robinson. Native to Salt Lake City, Utah, Carol currently lives in Alberta, Canada, and loves the small town life. Her art is created with a range of different media mixed with digital art.

green watercolour of plant wall mural in room with wicker baskets

Mural in photo: Garden Sage

Primarily based around watercolour flowers, Carol Robinson’s wide range of floral wallpaper is unsurprisingly a much-loved range amongst our customers. These delicate flower wallpapers are enjoyed across the home as they combine a love of art and nature in one. Like this entire collection, these wallpaper designs won’t be found anywhere else. To see all her designs, view Carol's wallpaper collection.

2. Go wild with Jan Patrik Krasny: wallpaper designs you won’t find anywhere else

leopard and exotic animals illustration wallpaper in child's trendy bedroom

Mural in photo: Leopard in Jungle

Full of colour and exquisite illustration, we are so proud to say that Jan Patrik Krasny’s wallpaper is exclusive to Wallsauce.com! Perfect for a child’s bedroom, playroom, a baby’s nursery or a school, his beautiful animal wallpapers are not only stunning but educational. Choose from magical unicorns, exotic jungles, realistic dinosaurs, beautiful horses and much more!

dinosaur illustration in child's bedroom with black and white storage and playmat

Mural in photo: Hadrosaurus Sauropod

With one of Jan’s dinosaur wallpapers on the wall, test your child to name every dinosaur they can see! Because of the wild theme of these children’s wallpapers, bring the jungle into the rest of the room’s décor: hang vines from the ceiling, have leaf-patterned curtains or even a blue rug that you can pretend is a lagoon!

3. Feel the thrill of the race with Darren Heath

aerial view of green, black and yellow racetrack from Lewis Hamilton race 2015 wallpaper in trendy home office

Mural in photo: Lewis Hamilton Australia 2015

Completely different to what we have shown you so far is our extensive Darren Heath Formula 1 photography range. Wallpaper designs that you won’t find anywhere else, Darren Heath’s F1 wallpapers bring you so close to the track, you can almost smell the burn of the tyres! A well-known F1 photographer, Heath has had amazing clients such as McLaren, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, BMW and the FIA.

red ferrari car in motion with close up of wheel wallpaper in bedroom with red bed

Mural in photo: Ferrari F1

Ideal for all F1 fans, these Formula 1 wallpapers are great for a teen or a bachelor/bachelorette’s bedroom, a cool city apartment or even a man cave. With high quality imagery full of colour, these race car wallpapers will bring the race track to you every single day. What more could a F1 fan ask for?

4. Enjoy colour and pattern with Twisted Pixels

colour and abstract mountain and lake view with red tent wallpaper in child's bedroom with bunny lamp on floor

Mural in photo: Camping wallpaper

Twisted Pixels' range of geometric and abstract wallpapers are completely unique: wallpaper designs you won’t find anywhere else! From retro shapes, abstract mountain views and 3D effect floating cubes, you won’t be able to find a wallpaper more inimitable!

3D effect green and orange cube wallpaper in home office with wooden mid century desk and grey chair

Mural in photo: Muted Cubes

We have seen our customers install Twisted Pixels wallpaper designs in all types of spaces! From trendy office waiting rooms to a baby’s nursery, the beauty of his designs is their versatility. Manchester, UK based digital artist Marc Bingham knows how to impress those who want unique, jaw-dropping designer wallpaper! Find all designs in the Twisted Pixels collection.

5. Step into Unicorn Land with Mimi Jobe

vintage illustration of a fairy on swing next to unicorn with lake and palace in background wallpaper in pastel pink, blue and white nursery

Mural in photo: Me and My Unicorn

If you have a child who adores all things unicorn-related, then our Mimi Jobe designer wallpapers are just what you need. Completely exclusive to Wallsauce.com, Mimi Jobe’s wallpaper collection will transform your child’s bedroom or play room. The vintage feel of these beautiful unicorn wallpapers will also add an old-world charm into the space.

flying fairy mum and daughters and unicorn and foal vintage illustration wallpaper in child's bedroom with pink and green couch

Mural in photo: Fairyland

Rich in pastel tones of blue, pink and purple, these gorgeous princess wallpapers look beautiful with a range of décor in similar tones. Choose pink scatter cushions, pastel-blue painted walls and white duvet covers!

6. Relish in colour explosions with Anne Farrall Doyle

abstract painting with reds, whites and green shades wallpaper in a teen's desk area

Mural in photo: Red Earth

The beauty of our exclusive Anne Farrall Doyle wallpaper range is the exciting array of colour and movement in her paintings. These multi-coloured abstract paintings can create any image in the mind. Can you see a cascading watercolour, a sun-drenched hillside or the splash of a wave?

green wall with splash of paint wallpaper in boho bedroom with wooden bed and white duvet covers

Mural in photo: Intangable wallpaper

Ideal for any room, these abstract painting wallpapers are ideally paired with furniture in subtle colours such as natural woods or whites. This allows Anne Farrall Doyle’s vibrant designs to always be the star of the show and give the eye a focal point in the room.

7. Set off on an adventure with Clare Wilson

colourful illustration of pirate and parrot on an island wallpaper in sailor themed child's bedroom

Mural in photo: Pirates wallpaper

Another one of our favourite children’s wallpaper designs you won’t find anywhere else will be found in our Clare Wilson range! With vibrant colours, interesting texture effects and charming children’s characters, it isn’t surprising that Clare’s children’s wallpapers are a favourite among our younger customers!

polar bear, penguins, walrus and seal illustration mural in child's bedroom with play mat, drawers and a drawing table

Mural in photo: Arctic Puzzle

For 12 years, Clare was a senior designer for a renown greetings card company and this experience shows in her intriguing, child-friendly designs. Many choose to use these beautiful animal, farm and pirate wallpapers in their children’s bedrooms to add an element of imagination and adventure!

8. Create a retro home with a Nicola Evans' wallpaper

retro abstract art of rectangles in terracotta, black and teal shades wallpaper in room with mid century wooden and grey fabric chair

Mural in photo: Blurred wall mural

Always a popular choice amongst our customers, Nicola Evans’ exclusive wallpapers to Wallsauce are growing ever more on-trend. The use of earthy tones, such as mustard-yellows, neutral tones, teals and terracotta shades are all hot, hot, hot in the world of interior design! And the retro style of her designer wallpapers are fabulous when paired with mid-century furniture: items with straight and angular lines and crafted with varnished wood.

neutral beige and cream texture effect rectangle wallpaper in lounge with cream and pastel grey couch

Mural in photo: Avenues wallpaper

Ideal for all types of rooms and spaces, these designs have been a popular choice in lounges, bedrooms, offices and more! The abundance of texture effect in Nicola Evans’ abstract wallpapers pair wonderfully with a minimalist style room. This allows the retro mural to always be the main focal point of the room.

9. Travel to exotic lands with a Di Brookes' wallpaper design

digital art of colourful pink flamingo and parrot in jungle wallpaper in trendy home office with sleek modern furniture

Mural in photo: Tropical Flamingo

Feel the heat of The Tropics all year round with a beautiful Di Brookes wallpaper mural! Only to be found at Wallsauce.com, Di Brookes' tropical wallpapers are feminine, classic and decorative making them excellent feature walls for a range of rooms. Why not create an exotic feel in your home office and pair one of her jungle wallpapers with a range of leafy-green plants?

pink wallpaper set in jungle with peacocks, a parrot, a hummingbird and flowers wallpaper in master bedroom with white and pink bed

Mural in photo: Tropical Peacock

As well as this gorgeous Tropical Peacock wallpaper, Di Brookes’ designs consist of palm leaf, floral patterns and colourful toucans hiding amongst tropical foliage!

10. Enter a world of imagination with Patrick Brooks

illustration of baby dinosaur and ladybird in tall grass wall mural in modern nursery

Mural in photo: Tiny Saurus and Ladybird

Like all our designers’ work, we absolutely love, love, love Patrick Brooks’ beautiful wallpapers! Perfect for a baby’s nursery or a young child’s bedroom, his gorgeous designs are full of utter wonder and imagination.

illustration of three dragons taking a lava bath wallpaper in child's bedroom with shelves covered in books and toys

Mural in photo: Dragons Bath

Based in Yorkshire in the UK, Patrick Brooks' art is created with a mix of media. He uses Photoshop to scan textures of paint, canvas, pastel and other media to create these magical and dreamlike works of art. Patrick Brooks is also a writer and enjoys creating a narrative for the characters in his designs. What do you think the dragons are saying to each other whilst they take a bath in the scorching lava?

11. Create an on-trend home with a Lara Skinner wallpaper design

purple, grey, blue, gold colour and white geode effect wallpaper in lounge with white sofa and grey cushions

Mural in photo: Rock Pool Beach

Again, some of our most popular exclusive wallpapers are from our Lara Skinner range. In her work, you will find layers upon layers of texture with, at times, hints of florals to create jaw-dropping marble and geode effect wallpapers!

grey, gold colour, purple semi circle geode wallpaper in bedroom with pink, white and grey bed

Mural in photo: Gold Dust Grey Marble

Extremely popular in the home, these marble wallpapers are commonly used in the bedroom or lounge, creating statement walls that make any home Ig-worthy! And the beauty of these exquisite geode wallpapers is that each holds a beautiful selection of colour to inspire the rest of your room’s décor. Simply pick out the tones and find scatter cushions, a blanket or rug in the same shades.

Have you enjoyed our gorgeous selection of wallpaper designs you won’t find anywhere else? Leave a comment below and tell us which is your fav!

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F. Haney


Love your quartz look Please send addition photo.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello F. Haney! For more quartz wallpaper murals, please take look at our full Lara Skinner collection here - https://www.wallsauce.com/designer-wallpaper-murals/lara-skinner Or, we also have a marble collection with some quartz designs as well which you can see here - https://www.wallsauce.com/wall-murals-wallpaper/marble-wallpaper-murals

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