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About Us

Who we are

Established in 2013 by three founders, Wallsauce.com has developed into a world-renowned brand that delivers made-to-measure wall murals to homes and businesses looking to transform their space with one heck of a feature wall.

Every single day, the growing team comes into force to consistently provide the best customer service (and we have thousands of ‘excellent’ customer reviews to back us up on this)! We are always dedicating ourselves to discover new ways to make your life a little easier when it comes to decorating with a wall mural.

We work exceptionally close with our image sources to ensure we have the best selection of imagery and we’re constantly improving production to make sure you’re excited when your mural arrives.


State-of-the-art technology

Our printing processes use the cutting edge printing technology with the very best digital printing and computer cutting machines available anywhere in the world. In fact, the machinery we use for your wall décor is also used to produce cutting edge quality wall art for some famous high street retail brands, where only the best will do!


How we care for the environment

At Wallsauce.com, we are passionate about sustainability and looking after the environment. We have tried hard to ensure our Peel and Stick wallpaper is recyclable so that when removed, it can be disposed of with care.

We use inks that are environmentally friendly and love that our murals are made to measure, so that waste is minimal. The packaging in which our murals come in is almost all recyclable and the wallpaper paste we supply is made with renewable potato starch.

We are almost a paperless office and the restored building which we work in respects the nature around it. The heat pumps consume little electricity and a timber-built residence was made for the bats that were found residing in the old farm buildings!


Why choose Wallsauce.com?

Unlike other mural companies, we believe that we’ve developed an intelligent website that fills you with inspiration and confidence to purchase online. Not forgetting providing a production service that delivers your awesome mural, ready to adorn your wall with its jaw-dropping design. If that doesn’t address your confidence, we also have our 100% quality guarantee.

All our murals are printed on high-quality wall mural materials and are easy to install, clean and remove. We also offer a design service to suit your specific needs as well as free worldwide shipping! Not only this, but we have collections and designs you won’t find anywhere else!


Coming soon...

Neon Signs: (UK only) We are soon partnering up with a luxurious neon lighting company to create stunning neon signs that will act as beautiful accessories to our murals. Made with true craftmanship, these neon signs are glass blown in the traditional way and installed with real neon lighting.

Printed Flooring: (UK only) As well as enjoying a custom-made mural, soon we will venture into the world of flooring where you will be able to create your own printed flooring.

Wall Hangers: (UK only) Instead of dedicating an entire wall to a mural or an aluminium print, soon you will be able to order a wall hanger with your favourite image. Your print of choice will be framed at the top and bottom with a wood picture hanger, and attached with a string so you can hang it to the wall with ease.

Acrylic Prints: (UK only) Soon we will offer acrylic prints. This is where high print technology will allow a design of your choice to be transferred onto glass: great for offices surrounded with glass walls, patio doors and more…

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