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industrial art wallpaper in trendy kitchen for kitchen trends for 2022

11/16/2021   POSTED BY

Kitchen Trends for 2022: The Year of Change

The kitchen has always been a big investment in family homes. But as we bounce back from a period of challenging times, there will be added focus on this central space, a space that connects the entire home and everyone in it.

With the future of kitchen design being even more family-centric, the cohesion of functionality and style will be more important than ever. Key kitchen trends for 2022 will incorporate elements of usability, features for wellbeing and colours that bring a sense of optimism to the table.

There will also be a renewed appreciation for the simple things, but not like we’ve known it before. And nature will play a leading role, signalling growth, regeneration and positive change. If you want to transform your kitchen in 2022, here are some of the biggest trends to watch.

Futurism in kitchen design

light marble wallpaper in trendy dining room

Mural in photo: Marble wallpaper

One of the newest kitchen trends for 2022 is being catapulted by the rise of technology. Think smart appliances embodied by ergonomic design, futuristic-looking accessories that are super functional, and streamlined elements with clean colour concepts that bring calm to the home.

This trend creates change in the most positive way. From ovens that auto-adjust temperatures and remote-controlled kettles to fridges that order your weekly shop when you run out of milk, shiny new tech is everywhere. And our desire for futurism can also be seen in the way we make use of space. Cabinets with seamless appliance integration, vertical three storey storage solutions and cupboards with cut-out handles to keep things nice and flush.

Furthermore, the high-tech style extends to our choice in materials. Chrome metals, glass, concrete and marble can instantly bring your kitchen up to date. While veiny marbles are popular next year, minimal marbles with clean, white colouring will also be a great choice for that futuristic look.

A return to minimalism

dark navy panelled wallpaper in trendy kitchen

Mural in photo: Dark Wooden Panels

Futurism lends itself to minimalist design, so we’ll see the trend of simplicity making a comeback. But minimalist kitchen concepts don’t need to be whitewashed. In 2022, we’re making way for dark minimalism, a concept that is much more enigmatic, and definitely edgier in its appearance.

Referring back to the futuristic trend, the award-winning ‘Fold’ kitchen in black steel by Austrian designer, Martin Steininger, is the perfect example of how dark colours can work well in the home and be clean, unpolluted and minimal.

In line with the austere, understated approach, expect a rejection of unnecessary details in favour of functionality. Choose laconic finishes, avoid overuse of colours, and think extra hard about storage (because clutter is the enemy).

When it comes to materials, the options are endless. While shiny surfaces like marble and glass are favourites for countertops and splashback, painted wood can be minimalist too. Dark wood panel effect wallpapers can be an affordable way of adding an extra bit of detail to your space while keeping things elegant and low-key.

Just a splash of colour

light green terrazzo wall mural in tropical kitchen for kitchen trends for 2022

Mural in photo: Pale Green Terrazzo

Moving away from the dark minimalistic narrative, another big kitchen trend for 2022 is brightening up kitchen cupboards with an injection of colour. Coloured cabinetry is definitely something to look out for, with nature-inspired hues and greens across the spectrum being firm favourites.

An example of how colour is materialising in kitchens can be seen with German manufacturer, SieMatic. This brand has always been recognised by its choice of stark whites, black and greys. But for 2022, it is venturing into a whole new world with a kaleidoscopic selection of colourways, including herby greens and powder pinks. It is predicted that a lot of brands will follow suit.

If you’re looking for something a bit different next year, pastel hues are a great option to try. Something like a soft pink will warm up your space and make your home inviting throughout the seasons.

This on-trend Pink Terrazzo wallpaper is calming and soothing, making it a brilliant colour option for your wellbeing, and for making your kitchen space appealing to guests.

Mood-led kitchen trends for 2022

abstract forest wallpaper in open plan kitchen and living area

Mural in photo: Fall Morning

How we feel is very important in interiors, and the emphasis on mental health in home design has never been stronger. Colours have a leading role, with 2022’s treasured hues being inspired by nature and all things herbaceous.

Sage, olive and mint greens are all the rage. As are earth-toned colours like terracotta and sand, which can add an element of warmth. Opening up kitchen and dining spaces are going to be big too, with the world’s increased desire for connectivity and functionality.

Of course, wide open spaces need effective zoning, especially if your kitchen-diner has to serve multiple purposes. This is where artistic murals come in handy. Not only does a scenery-based mural provide mental escapism in your family’s most used room, but it can help you zone out specific areas, such as a breakfast space, a reading area, or just somewhere for extra seating.

Murals work a treat for open-plan kitchens, and nature murals are perfect for enhancing that seamless flow from kitchen to garden, which is made possible with the addition of bi-fold doors. But if contemporary art is more your thing, artists like Spacefrog Designs, Sir Edward or Andrea Haase can offer you scenic delights that are also conversation starters for creative souls.

Metals that light up the room

industrial artwork wallpaper in stylish kitchen

Mural in photo: Storm Ahead

There’s something so uplifting about shiny metals. They create a polished finish in any room, they add a high-end touch to otherwise drab plumbing fixtures and they reflect light around the room – making your space appear more spacious. If you’re looking for change, metals can give a tired room a new lease of life.

Metals in the kitchen are set to be big for 2022, with gold, brass, stainless steel or chrome being used as single accents as well as in the larger forms. With gold and brass, it can be easy to elevate any design concept, adding an edge of sophistication and modernity. But if rustic is more your thing, you can embrace the copper look instead.

Copper is warming and pleasing to the eye and its earthy nature can be tied in with organic design themes. This metal is a match made in heaven with other natural materials like wood and marble, and few things make a statement quite like a copper kitchen island!

Confident and striking to look at, it’s no wonder copper is a leading kitchen trend for 2022. To get the look for less, try incorporating metal wall murals with other finishing touches such as taps and faucets, lighting and small appliances.

Or explore wall designs that feature warm copper tones, like this Storm Ahead mural by Swedish artist, Elizabeth Fredriksson. Instant warmth and cosiness without having to spend a fortune on remodelling!

What’s your favourite kitchen design trend for 2022? Let us know in the comments below. For more kitchen wallpaper inspiration, take a look at our kitchen mural collection online.

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Afton Jackson


Your suggestion of using metal materials that can light up a room really caught my attention. Finding ways to add brightness and catch the eyes of visitors might be a great way to make my cooking area feel more impressive. I'll make sure I use more extravagant metal fixtures when I work with a kitchen remodeling expert in the area.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Afton! Thank you for your comment. Adding metal accents to your cooking area sounds like a perfect idea. We wish you all the best with your kitchen remodel!

Fully FK


As a minimalist, I love your minimalist design.Thanks for sharing this awesome blog!Great tips for Kitchen Remodeling.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Fully FK, thank you for your comment and we are pleased you liked our article :) We are also a fan of the minimalist style!

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