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dark oriental wallpaper with birds, palm trees and roses in it in a decadent bedroom with dark green bedding

02/17/2021   POSTED BY

What is Regencycore [And How to Style it at Home]

Decadent, regal and utterly fabulous, regencycore is the latest trend we all want to follow. But what is regencycore? Born from the world’s new obsession with period dramas, this grandmillenial trend is making frilly bedding and floral wallpaper hot, hot, hot! It doesn’t just belong in your nana’s house anymore!

Not only popular in interior design, teens and trend-setters are embracing this new trend by wearing pearls, tight-fitting corsets and ruffled garments! Not only this, but they are making their makeup much softer: subtle pink lips and cheeks are key. If you can draw on a beauty spot - even better!

So, if you want the perfect atmosphere for enjoying afternoon tea whilst quoting lines from Pride and Prejudice, then read on.

A decorated fireplace

elegant white room with vintage fireplace and oriental natural toned wallpaper

Mural in photo: Chinese Chinoiserie Pattern

First and foremost, you NEED a decorated fireplace and we highly recommend a vintage style hearth. You can easily purchase new fireplace fittings that will look the part or choose a preloved antique fireplace and give it a new lease of life. From natural wood, white-painted and marble hearths, you can make them work in any room.

vintage styled lounge with large gold mirror above fire place

As well as the fireplace, the accessories you choose are a crucial factor if you want to create a regencycore home. Firstly, a vintage, oversized mirror is key. We adore the mirror in this room: the tarnished gold shades scream Jane Austen. As well as this, early 19th-century candlestick holders, romantic roses in a vase and vintage ornaments, such as Staffordshire pot dogs, will make your home worthy for any Duke.

Enjoy frills, ruffles and pleats!

white and pink double bed with ruffled bedding

If you want to create a romantic bedroom inspired by Emma’s bedroom from the famous Jane Austen novel, then ruffles, frills and pleats are the answer. As shown in the stunning room above, choose bedding trimmed with frilly edges in soft colours such as whites and pastel shades. To go one step further, opt for floral bedding with a vintage pattern to it and find curtains to match.

To go with your frilly bedding, adorn your bedroom with soft lighting shaded with pleated lampshades and find needlepoint pillows that have cross stitch patterns of flowers or romantic love quotes.

large chesterfield upholstered bed with buttons in gold tones

A tufted Chesterfield style headboard is also a must-have item when it comes to the grandmillenial trend. Choose a bed that is upholstered with luxurious velvet fabric. If possible, choose a bed where the headboard and bottom of the bed match such as the one in the image above. For an extra splash of grandeur, have an ornately decorated chandelier to hang over your bed.

Adorn your walls with floral wallpaper

dark wallpaper with palm tree, pink flower and bird pattern in bedroom with green and white bed

Mural in photo: Dark Chinoiserie

One way to instantly bring the regencycore trend into your home is by choosing an antique-style floral wallpaper. This beautiful Dark Chinoiserie wallpaper ticks every box: it mirrors the chinoiserie wallpaper often used in old stately homes; has on-trend dusty-pink and forest-green shades and will add a nostalgic, romantic edge to any room. Paired with velvet dark green scatter cushions, a vintage bench and long hanging curtains, this pink and green bedroom is the perfect regal room.

blue and white floral wallpaper in living room with off white sofa with blue cushions

Mural in photo: Royal Indigo White

This blue and white Royal Indigo White wallpaper by Tashi Tsering oozes regencycore. It reminds me of the chintz blue and white pottery that you always see in period properties. This gorgeous floral wallpaper would look beautiful paired with a range of blue and white room accessories: but it doesn’t just stop there. Greys and pinks also look fabulous when paired with blue, as shown in this living room which has perfectly achieved a mix of modern and grandmillenial style.

An ornate dressing table or writing bureau

regency green dressing table

One must-have feature in a regencycore home is an ornate dressing table. Placed in front of, or near, a window for natural light, a dressing table with floral carving and curved cabriole legs will make you feel like the Lady or Lord of the manor. Sit here as you brush your hair a hundred times before bed, beautify yourself with a beauty spot or spritz on your perfume! You can find so many beautiful preloved dressing tables in thrift shops – buy some chalk paint and get creative!

upcycled bureau in black and gold with drinks bottles inside

Image source: Photo by Andy Greenacre via Cassiefairy.com

A dressing table is fabulous for a bedroom, but a writing bureau is a crucial piece in a grandmillenial home. From here you can write secret letters (or send a DM) to your beloved! Writing bureaus can also make fabulous drinks cabinets as shown in this upcycled gem by Cassie Fairy! Bureaus can also be found in charity shops and there are all sorts of types – some are short and others come with an extended cabinet on top for displaying all your vintage blue and white pottery!

Panelled walls (very regencycore)!

regal wood panels with gold colours wallpaper in luxurious bathroom with grey bath with gold legs

Mural in photo: Luxury Wood Panel

The MOST impactful way to transform any home with the regencycore trend is by installing panelling. However, messing around with a leveller and cutting bits of plywood is not only a stressful mess, but you still might not achieve the particular look you were hoping for. And just imagine ripping all that wood off the wall if it was wrong - ouch. That’s why an easy-to-install panel wallpaper is what you need.

3D effect pink panel wallpaper with small white ladders with plant on

Mural in photo: Pink Panels

We don’t know what it is, but doesn’t a panel effect wall just scream regency? You can just imagine a Duke walking through this room… We really love this Pink Panels wall mural for its wonderful blend of modern and vintage style. The 3D effect of the panels is traditional, but the candy-floss colouring couldn’t be more fashionable.

Ready to transform your home into a regencycore haven? Let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

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