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rusty mural in stylish orange bedroom

07/02/2024   POSTED BY

How to Decorate with Orange [Expert Advice]

How to decorate with orange - it might seem a bit too juicy for your home’s decor, but trust us, your home can handle it. From rich shades of burnt-orange, earthy terracotta and pastel orange, the world can’t get enough of this shade in their homes’ interior design. So many of us have grown accustomed to the entirely grey home. We can confirm that this look is no longer current. Instead, more and more of us are inviting bold colours into our humble abodes and orange isn't the only one. Mustard-yellow, emerald green and navy blue just to name a few.

But when introducing a colour as bold as this into the home, it can feel a little scary, can’t it? That’s where this blog will help. Welcome to Wallsauce.com’s Colour School! Today, my budding colour experts, we will learn how to decorate with orange! From the colours you should pair it up with, the orange decor items that will make up a room, which rooms to use it in and so much more. Ready to pass the orange module on the colour school course? Then let’s begin, my devoted students...

Decorate with orange wisely (where to use & which tone)

Stylish Orange Lounge

Image source: Ohjoy.com

First and foremost, be mindful of where you use orange in the home. Bright shades are invigorating and best for livelier spaces. Whereas pastel shades of this earthy tone are much more suited to the serenity of the bedroom. Johnathan Smith, Founder of CamperGuide, is a keen camper and travel buff but also has a hidden talent for interior design. Who knew? He knows exactly how to and where to use this beautiful shade.

“Orange is associated with health, amusement, and creativity. It gives an instant lift to your designs. Orange in interiors can make spaces instantly energizing and optimistic. It can work nicely in kitchens, offices, or entertainment areas. Since it stimulates mental action and creativity, teaming with warm wood, grey and black, makes the space feel cosy and inviting…"

orange marble wallpaper in boho bedroom

Image source: Orange and White

“In bedrooms or areas where you want to inject orange, choose softer, paler oranges like salmon, peach, and apricot tones and natural textures like wood and rattan to bring out the Mediterranean feel of terracottas, golden yellows, and burnt oranges.” - Johnathan Smith (Founder of CamperGuide)

It’s true. The tone of colour can dramatically alter your mood which is why it’s important to consider where to use orange and if it is for you. You might want to stay away if you have a fiery nature!

Make a statement with an orange sofa or armchair

how to decorate with orange living room with orange armchair and green walls

Image source: Audenza

An orange sofa or armchair? Let’s face it. Anyone who wants orange in their home is looking to make a statement. And that’s where these key furniture items come in handy. Just look at this stunning velvet burnt orange armchair from Audenza. Paired with striking emerald green walls, this statement piece helps create a stunning green and orange living room!

bright orange sofa in navy living room

Image source: Made.com via Pinterest

This richly toned orange sofa from Made.com works wonderfully in this navy and burnt orange living room. Warming throughout the cold seasons, reflective of autumn's shades and as bright as a Tequila Sunrise cocktail in the summer. An orange couch will work wonderfully throughout the year!

How to decorate with orange? Go bold with an orange wallpaper!

orange rust wallpaper in stylish orange bedroom

Image by Rachel Hughes. Mural featured: Rust Effect

If you ADORE a feature wall (who doesn’t?) then the most transformative way to introduce orange into a room is by choosing an orange wallpaper! Why not go for an uplifting 1970’s 1970s-inspired wallpaper with psychedelic orange circles? Groovy baby! Or do you love the industrial look? Then choose a rust effect wallpaper that revels in rich orange tones - great for adding to a burnt orange living room or bedroom. Or how about an abstract autumnal landscape design like this Amber Forest wall mural by SpaceFrog Designs?

how to decorate with orange forest wallpaper in orange boudoir

Mural in photo: Amber Forest

The trick to choosing an orange wall mural is to make sure it is always the star of the show. Keep the rest of the room surrounding it as minimal and neutral as possible. But don’t be timid when it comes to orange accessories. Add orange accessories for a pop of colour! Home Expert at Thomas-sanderson.co.uk, Richard Petrie knows exactly what we mean about finding orange accessories.

“Orange is a bright and fun colour, great for adding a pop of colour into any space. As orange is warm and joyful, using bright accessories like cushions or statement curtains would be perfect for a lounge area.”

Add pops of colour with orange accessories

orange giraffe lamp in cool living room

Image source: Melodymaison.co.uk

Orange accessories are the easiest and quickest way to inject orange tones into your home. This is great for those who don’t want to have orange as the predominant colour but want to have a bit of fun with colour instead. Just keep the room as neutral as possible or basically leave it as it is but invite an orange accessory into the space with an instant mini makeover! For instance, this burnt orange lampshade from Melody Maison has brought so much to this room without having had to do very much at all! Just plug it in - simples!

Turkish orange rug

Image source: Wayfair.co.uk

Another easy peasy way to inject juicy orange tones into the home is with an orange rug! From cultural Turkish rugs with touches of turquoise, minimalist orange zig-zag patterns or even a faux tiger print design, when it comes to orange rugs, the world is your oyster (or should we say orange). Simply choose a design that best represents your style and compliments your room.

rich orange curtains in colourful room

Image source: Stitched.co.uk

Another way to really inject colour into a room is by choosing burnt orange curtains. Curtains can be a great feature in a room as they take up a lot of the wall space. So why not make the most of this opportunity? Invite a rich orange decor item such as these curtains from Stitched.co.uk. Paired with bright pops of colour, this room couldn’t be more maximalist. We love it!

Pair orange with neutral tones for a classic look

light orange couch in neutral living room

Image source: Loaf.com

Because orange is a strong colour, it complements a neutral scheme if you want to go for a more classic look. Of course, being paired with strong navy, green or pink tones looks fabulous. But if you want a style that is extremely versatile and will last for years to come, neutrality is key.

“As a versatile colour, orange works well with neutrals and greys. A darker shade of orange can be used for chairs or furniture which will create a contemporary and inviting space.” - Richard Petrie (Home Expert at Thomas-sanderson.co.uk)

orange and grey terrazzo wallpaper in orange bedroom

Mural in photo: Vibrant Orange and Grey

It’s true. A grey and orange living room, bedroom or home office works wonderfully. These two tones balance one another out creating a sense of harmony in the home. It’s a classic as stated by style and jewellery expert Aviad Faruz, Founder of Faruzo.com.

“Earth tones and neutrals, such as taupes, beiges, and greys, complement the hue wonderfully. Orange has a surprising amount of versatility. When paired with a soft neutral pattern, the hue creates a modern take on a classic design.”

Can’t get enough of orange? Take a look at our stylish range of orange wallpapers. Or leave a comment below to teach us how you used orange in your own home!

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Quel couleur fonctionne t il avec de l orange pour une salle a mangé

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Bonjour Hordies, selon le style que vous essayez d'obtenir, vous pouvez utiliser plusieurs couleurs. L'or est parfait pour ajouter une touche de luxe, et le bleu est idéal si vous préférez un style saisissant - mais pour une touche sobre et plus moderne, le blanc est toujours un choix parfait !

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