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bedroom trends for 2022 bedroom with orange and gold accessories

08/24/2021   POSTED BY

The Most Beautiful Bedroom Trends for 2022

If our homes are our castles, then our bedrooms are our secret chambers. A place where we rest, reflect and recharge. Our most personal sanctuaries. When it comes to redecorating projects, bedrooms are low on the list of priorities. But as they affect our health and wellbeing more than any other room in the house, they really should be front of mind.

The pandemic has taught us that mental health is key and our place of slumber can really make a difference to our general mood day to day. If you’re ready to transform your sleepy safe haven, here are some of the most beautiful bedroom trends for 2022…

Modern twist on rustic bedroom trends for 2022

light pink marble wall mural in grey and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Blush Marble

Charming rustic elements are back and that includes the industrial trend that graced the interior design world a few years ago. But this time we’re taking it up a level, giving raw, unfinished pieces a modern and grown-up twist.

Concrete or rustic brick wall murals are a great way of creating that urban or industrial look. Or build the perfect style hybrid of super-luxe and ultra-austere with a blush marble wallpaper.

Juxtapose the industrial/raw material storyline with plush fabrics, luxurious design elements and a maximalist approach. The more riches you can throw at it, the better it will look. It’s also different this time round because we’re no longer going for that cold, clean and sterile appearance.

When it comes to nailing bedroom trends for 2022, warmth is everything. Use texture to build up layers of cosiness and combine minimalist design elements like Edison lightbulbs with soft fabrics to make the area inviting.

Let there be darkness

dark navy painted bedroom walls

In terms of the colour palette for 2022, we’re seeing more and more people experiment with darker tones. While the dark wallpaper trend has been around for a while, it’s also had its sceptics. Bold blues such as navy and the ‘tech blue’ craze remain popular, but it’s likely we’ll see a diversification of blueish hues – particularly natural blues such as marine shades.

Another big colour to shout about is green quartz. Deep, rich, enigmatic greens that scream opulence! Or if you’re daring enough, err on the side of total darkness and dip your toes into onyx and other off-black hues in your wallpaper.

Bedroom trends for 2022 colours inspired by nature

green patterned Morris wallpaper in off white and grey bedroom

Mural in photo: Graften Pattern

Whether you’re drawn to dark or light shades for your bedroom walls, next year’s focus is definitely about celebrating nature. The most impactful element of interior design on mental health is colour selection. This is because colour can alter your mood. It can stimulate, or it can relax. It can conjure feelings and memories. And that’s why natural colours are going to be such a big deal.

From multiple shades of green (the more the merrier) to earthy browns, organic is the way to go. Colour accents will also be a common theme, with pops of retro terracotta, rust and muted orange tones making an appearance.

Granny wallpaper is chicer than ever

light green, blue and pink oriental floral wallpaper in a bedroom trends for 2022

Mural in photo: Chintz Pastel Green

That’s right vintage fans, cottagecore is here to stay. Over the years, it’s been dabbled with, but it hasn’t been able to gain real footing since the fade of shabby chic. But now it’s back and it’s better than ever. Emboldened by the grandmillennial craze, cottagecore is taking over the world.

While not everyone is up for a full vintage bedroom, there are many ways you can incorporate small elements and add your own contemporary twist. The first thing on your shopping list is floral wallpaper – and the chintzier the better.

This delicate Chintz Pastel Green wall mural by Spanish textile designer and illustrator, Tashi Tsering, brings granny style up to date, while providing a colourful backdrop to brighten the mood.

All bedroom trends for 2022 involve plants

dark bedroom with tropical green plants wallpaper

Continuing on from last year, foliage is still king. We’re talking real plants, faux plants, dried plants, or anything that even resembles a plant. Now, we’re taking our obsession with nature into the bedroom.

Plants are especially effective against a clean, white backdrop. Or alternatively, an ultra-dark backdrop that makes your greenery pop! In a time where so many of us are forced to work at home, turning bedrooms into multipurpose office space, happiness-boosting plants can make all the difference.

As well as seeing foliage of every kind, there’ll also be a growing love of nature-inspired artwork. Framed prints or metal prints with a bold pop of green can instantly revive any tired interior concept.

green and red parrot metal poster on bedroom desk

Metal print in photo: Parrot King

Metal prints work well with bedroom trends for 2022 because a combination of textures will be highly coveted. This means mixing different textiles, as well as fusing together elements that are matte or glossy. This makes metal prints a great investment if you love unique artwork.

The return of the wall panel

green panel effect wallpaper in cosy bedroom following bedroom trends for 2022

Mural in photo: Teal Wood Panels

Another cool way to add texture to your space is panelling, one of the hottest bedroom design trends at the moment. But if you don’t want to invest in wood panelling, you can achieve the same look with wallpaper.

With the growing popularity of peel and stick wallpapers, it’s easier than ever to create the textured effect you want without committing to it permanently. These peel-off wall coverings are ideal for rented homes, but they also work well for homeowners who like to change their style often.

They provide a non-destructive way of decorating your walls and we’re even seeing this trend of peelable coverings extend to the ceiling.

Nostalgic revival bedroom trends for 2022

abstract colourful landscape in funky terrazzo bedding

Mural in photo: Walking in Laos

As our bedrooms are our most private quarters – a space for self-reflection – it’s important that they are tailored to our personalities. With the pandemic causing us to spend more time at home, it makes sense to have an emotional connection to our interiors.

This may explain why nostalgia is such a big theme for interior design in 2022. As a trend, it’s quite wide, so don’t feel pinned down to one single era. Choose retro, vintage or childhood-inspired design that has meaning to you. Travel back in time to your favourite decade, explore your favourite prints and patterns, or buy collectors’ items to pimp up your shelves.

From 1920s chinoiserie and stunning art deco to colourful Miami Vice, these are the styles that are bound to make you smile.

What’s your favourite bedroom design trend for 2022? Tell us in the comments below, or share with us your top tips for reinventing the boudoir.

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