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Woodland wallpaper for every season with a snowy blue birch tree wallpaper in a living room with a blue sofa and beige rug

09/12/2022   POSTED BY

Woodland Wallpaper For Every Season

As 2022 starts to wrap up, we’re focusing on wellness interior design trends. Next year’s mindful home is all about nature and the deep earthy hues that ground us. There is a woodland wallpaper for every season, whether you are a summer, spring, autumn or winter person. Adding a woodland wallpaper to your home is an affordable decorating tip to bring the outdoors in and no matter what season you feel most connected to, there’s a wallpaper mural to bring your woodland vision to life.

Whether you love cute, abstract or photorealistic, there are so many ways to channel the beauty of forests and woods in your home. If you’re taken with the idea of transforming your home into a woodland escape, we have some ideas to inspire you…

Put a spring in your step with a stunning bluebell woodland wall mural

Spring wallpaper mural in a green woods with bluebell flowers in a living room with a grey sofa

Mural in photo: Sunlit Blue Wood

Is there anything more uplifting than a woodland floor painted with bluebells? The promise of this blueish/purplish perennial in mid-spring is enough to excite any rambler and these flowers attract walkers and tourists in their thousands every year. Their short time in bloom makes them something of a rare and exceptional gem, but with our pretty Bluebell Woodland mural, you can enjoy this revitalising vision of blue all year round.

No matter what’s going on in the world, this colourful work of nature assures us, “better times are ahead”. We could all do with a little dose of that these days as nature in interior design can be incredibly beneficial for mood and mental health.

Place this stunning bluebell woodland wallpaper in your home office to help keep your mind happy and relaxed to allow all your ideas and creativity to flow freely. Keep your furniture light in colour and opt for freestanding legs as opposed to chunky items to keep your room feeling light and fresh.

Embrace autumnal tones with woodland wallpaper for every season

Dark autumn forest wall mural with orange and red leaves on tall trees in a living room with a grey sofa and orange cushions

Mural in photo: Painting Forest

Need some serious escapism? The real world hasn’t been kind to us in recent years. However, we remain resilient and we find joy in the smaller things. This stunning Paint Forest wall mural encompasses those rich autumnal tones we all know and love. Perfect for those who are autumn lovers and it would also double as a perfect spooky woodland for Halloween!

Combine this stunning woodland wallpaper with a cool grey sofa and accessorise with muted gold and deep red tones – don’t forget to mix in some natural wood furniture to really accentuate your woodland vibe.

Whether you want to transform your bedroom into a hidden haven for self-reflection, or you want to make your living room the perfect place to relax, this autumnal woodland wallpaper will melt your stresses away.

In the summertime, we pray the weather is fine!

Woodland wallpaper with the sun shining through the green leaves in an office with a white desk

Mural in photo: Sunrise in Pine Forest

Surround yourself with summer all year round by adorning your walls with a stunning sunny woodland wallpaper mural. The brightly shining sun stretching through the tall woodland trees would be perfect for transforming your living room into a beautiful summer’s day. Accessorise with light wooden furniture to accentuate your natural vibe. Use cool grey and white ceramic pots to hold beautiful greenery.

Perfect for a designated reading corner or for your hallway, this beautiful Sunrise in Pine Forest wallpaper will be perfect for injecting happiness and warmth into your home all year round.

Win the interiors game with a winter woodland wallpaper

Woodland wallpaper with silver birch trees in the snow in a living room with a dark blue sofa

Mural in photo: Snowy Birch Forest

If winter is your favourite time of the year, then this woodland wallpaper might just be for you! The snowy birch trees cascaded with a cool blue hue ooze winter and Christmas vibes. This wallpaper would pair wonderfully with a dark blue sofa and beige accessories, such as a large rug and cushions.

This wonderful winter wallpaper will give your living room a cool yet sophisticated style that many will envy. It allows you to display both a beautiful woodland inspired scene and the cool hues of winter in one glorious wall mural. What’s not to love?

Set a Scandinavian style with a kid’s wallpaper mural

Kid's bedroom with a white woodland wallpaper with illustrated animals with a pine bed frame with grey bed sheets

Mural in photo: White Forest

A major trend for children’s bedroom wallpaper in 2023 is inciting a sense of individuality and exciting their imaginations with elegant but detailed wallpaper. Think big story-telling graphics, nature landscapes bursting with little details and magical woodlands dotted with cute little animals. Wallpaper murals like this one aren’t just reserved for kids’ bedrooms. They work well in playrooms nurseries and other areas of the home where imagination, at any age, is welcomed.

See more dreamy illustrated landscapes from the designer of this beautiful White Forest Wallpaper, Kikki Belle, if you want a woodland, forest or jungle inspired mural for your little ones.

Install a mysterious forest wallpaper to build the atmosphere

Dark living room with a grey sofa and misty forest wallpaper

Mural in photo: Pine Forest in Mist

Celebrate the wonders of a mysterious woodland with this calming Pine Forest in Mist wall mural, made for those who want to create impact and atmosphere. There’s something so soothing about a cold, misty day. The kind of day where the air is crisp, the weather is still and the trees are out in full force. Turn your home into a calm, cool environment and let the dark green hues bring nature to your living room while adding a stylish, sophisticated, dark twist.

Choose cool grey furniture for your sofa and cushions and for your coffee table and sideboard, opt for black. We think misty murals are great for creating cosy living spaces – allowing you to dabble with the dark interior trend without stepping outside the safe zone!

Adorn your walls with an abstract forest wallpaper

Pink and white bedroom with black and white polka dot bedsheets and a pink abstract tree wall mural with pink furniture

Mural in photo: Spring Forest Light

Not everyone’s into landscapes or photo murals. We get it. You’re low-key and your home is the same. Abstract designs work well for people who prefer to keep things kind of cool and sophisticated. They’re ideal if your interiors are coordinated and stylised, with key colours that can be seamlessly matched with soft furnishings and well thought out décor.

This stylish Spring Forest wallpaper mural has Instagram-worthy pictures written all over it, and the colours are mellow enough for any time of year. There’s definitely no use-by date for something like this, giving you a wallpaper design that looks good season after season! If you love the idea of an abstract wallpaper mural, you can find more from SpaceFrog Designs' wonderful collection on our website.

Have you found yourself in love with these forest and woodland wallpapers as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below which are your favourite!

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