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teal marble with gold line running through wall mural

16/01/2020   POSTED BY

Top Teal Wallpaper Trends to Transform your Home

Teal wallpaper trends are sure to please all. It’s a colour that stems from the cyan family and comes in a varied selection of shades. From deep tones not far from navy blue and green turquoise to shades alike to light Mediterranean seas and duck egg blues. It’s relaxing and serene, making it perfect for a calm and cosy bedroom, lounge or even, a bathroom.

Our collection of teal wallpapers come in an eclectic range of styles. Discover soothing teal watercolours, marble-effects, illustrated flowers and even lizard print designs. So, if you can’t wait to see what we have in store for you, read on to find out our top teal wallpaper trends.

Geode teal wallpaper trends to lift your mood

teal and grey geode wallpaper in neutral and natural lounge

Wallpaper in photo: Spearmint Geode

Not only beautiful, but geode crystals also have a wide range of healing properties. They can aid towards meditation, reduce stress and uplift moods. They can even help us to make important decisions by offering us a balanced state of mind. As a healing crystal fan myself, it's difficult to find geode décor or room accessories to enjoy in the home. That’s what makes GCC’s geode effect murals fantastic for all crystal enthusiasts.

You can never get bored of admiring this calming Spearmint Geode wallpaper mural. The longer you look at it, the more colour and pattern you find: it’s really quite like a lava lamp frozen in time.

Choose stunning grey accent cushions and other furniture that denotes nature. The new year is all about natural room accessories such as wood furniture, wicker pouffes and lanterns.

Watercolour teal wallpaper trends that will calm and soothe

calming teal watercolour wallpaper in beach themed lounge

Mural in photo: Abstract Watercolour in Teal

Watercolours set the imagination to life. For every individual, a watercolour painting will bring out different emotions and imagery.

What can you see when you view our beautiful Abstract Watercolour in Green wallpaper? A clouded aerial view of the Amazon rainforest? Warm bluey-green seas? Or something as simple as the patterns on a gemstone? Our perceptions of watercolours are as unique as the watercolours themselves. Does it fill you with joy? With a sense of calm stillness?

We have fantastic watercolour wallpapers that would suit a wide selection of décor. For this particular mural, you could select natural décor that embraces wood, wicker or hessian. Or, if you’d like more of an injection of colour, find stylish teal room accessories..

Cottagcore floral wallpapers

teal and pink floral wallpaper in subtle room with dark pink arm chair

Mural in photo: Anemonies and Ranunculus

Are you more traditional or simply enjoy mother nature? You're sure to love this pretty Anemonies and Ranunculus wallpaper. It's a fantastic mix of your want for a teal interior combined with that rustic, country cottagecore feel.

This beautifully illustrated floral mural appears as though the white flowers are floating on a still, teal-blue pond. A pond so clear that you can see more flowers floating underneath its calm waters - blissful!

Find fuchsia décor to enhance the pink roses in this gorgeous floral wallpaper such as this stylish chair. Pink mixed with teal is a great combination and will really bring your home interior to life.

Psychedelic teal wallpaper trends to make you teal good

teal, white and grey psychedelic wallpaper in child's pink decor bedroom

Wallpaper in photo: Green Mountains

This beautiful room is another stunning example of teal wallpaper combined with pink décor. Adorned with our gorgeous Green Mountains wallpaper designed by Katy Smeets, this child’s room looks amazing. The watercolour/marble effect would also look fantastic in a calming lounge or master bedroom.

It's all about what décor you choose to go with it. White furniture combined with a mix of teal or turquoise room accessories would look fantastic. As well as this, they would complement the tones in this artistic teal wallpaper.

Bold lizard prints you are iguana want

green lizard print wallpaper in trendy master bedroom

Mural in bedroom: Teal Green Lizard

Yes, it’s bold. Yes, it’s daring. But, this teal wallpaper is definitely unique and beautiful. The eye-catching animal print is a great example of the ever-popular biomimicry design that is taking centre stage in interior design. This is where design is inspired by nature. Not only to create beautiful designs but to solve human problems with regards to the latest technology.

This stylish Teal Green Lizard Print wallpaper will either make you think of nature or your favourite rock band’s fashion sense. You either love it or hate it.

But if you’re like us and can’t get enough of wild animal print wallpaper, choose pink, grey, white or teal décor to complement this amazing feature wall.

Serene marble teal wallpaper trends

light teal marble with gold dust wallpaper in trendy room with hanging wicker chair

Mural in photo: Light Teal and Green Marble

Last, but certainly not least, we present our dazzling Light Teal and Green Marble wall mural. The marble-effect teal tones and soothing patterns are ultimately calming. Not forgetting the dashes of gold leaf effect which add a luxurious feel to the room.

We think these gorgeous crystal ornaments by Kyla London on Etsy would be perfectly mixed with this marble-effect mural. The gold leaf dipped candle holder, bookends and coasters are extremely beautiful and are pieces of art within themselves.

Are you ready to embrace one of our gorgeous teal wallpaper trends or our suggested accessories? We hope we've helped you to decide. If you have any more teal interior design ideas, want to comment on the blog or have any questions, send us a message in the comments section below.

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