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neutral beige japandi style wallpaper in a neutral room with wicker accessories

10/01/2023   POSTED BY

Our Top Seven Neutral Wallpapers to Try in 2023

Let’s face it, neutral wallpapers are going nowhere in 2023. Versatile, timeless and aesthetically pleasing, neutral wallpapers are a clever choice that should not be underestimated when updating your home. That’s because a neutral colour palette uses shades such as cream, off-white, grey, beige, brown, mauve and taupe and is a blank canvas that offers endless décor options.

Not only will neutral shades complement practically any colour, but they also will never go out of style. Let’s dive right into our rundown of the most popular neutral wallpapers for the season ahead.

Off White Feather Designs That Create a Contemporary Restful Retreat

White realistic feather wall mural in a bedroom with white and pink bedsheets

Wall Mural in the photo: Ostrich Feather Wallpaper

Neutrals are often associated with classic or traditional style interiors but our enchanting Ostrich Feather wallpaper mural shows that a neutral colour palette can also thrive in a contemporary setting. We adore this wall mural for a guest bedroom because the whimsical aesthetic can’t fail to add a calming aura that is integral to a good night’s sleep. In a world where we all have busy lives and hectic schedules, a bedroom where we can relax and unwind and get respite from our daily commitments is essential.

This wall mural design is a deep breath personified and paired with a cloud-like bed and cosy throws, it’s quite simply heaven on earth. If you want to transform your bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary, neutrals are always the perfect option.

Make the Most of Natural Light with Gold Leaf Wallpaper

Neutral gold effect wallpaper with a leaf design in a neutral living room with a cream sofa and rug

Wall Mural in photo: Tropical Luxury Leaves Mural

According to our interior trend research, gold is set to be the new grey! Neutrals often get a bad rep for being cold and lacking in character but done right, neutrals can create a warm and comforting home that is stylish and luxurious. Just look at our Tropical Luxury Leaves mural that is as modern as it is inviting.

The metallic leaf print will bounce natural light around your space and it fuses gold and off-white tones to create a room that’s cosy and welcoming. It makes the perfect backdrop to any living space and the gently arching leaf silhouettes add a richness and depth that proves neutrals are anything but bland.

Embrace Japandi Style with Muted Colours

neutral beige japandi style wallpaper in a neutral room with wicker accessories

Wall Mural in Photo: Reed Birds Heron Wallpaper

Neutrals are, of course, at the very core of the Japandi design trend and this beige wall mural is the perfect foundation for any Japandi style home. We love this mural for an entryway or a hallway, its serene depiction of birds amongst nature is sure to add personality to a dull or bare entrance.

Hallways and entryways are often neglected areas of the home but a wall mural like this one can really add a hit of originality to an understated space.

Make a Statement with Neutral Florals

Neutral floral wallpaper in a living room with a beige rug and wicker furniture

Wall Mural in Photo: Neutral Floral Garden

So you like the idea of decorating with neutrals but you want to know how to bring a neutral room to life. People often think of neutral décor and think of plain and understated designs and while off white walls are easy to accessorise, the overall result risks looking a little underwhelming. To create a truly fabulous room that brims with style you need to introduce a little visual intrigue. Enter our Neutral Floral Garden wall mural.

Neutrals can be monotonous but the floral blooms in browns and taupes add instant interest to any room. A bold floral print in loud and garish colours could overwhelm the eyes but when it is paired with muted neutral tones it instantly becomes chic, creating a space that is overtly stylish rather than over stimulating.

Dial up the Texture with Marble Prints

Brown marble effect wall mural in a living room with a grey sofa

Wall Mural used in photo: Brown Marble Wall Mural

One trick to really give a neutral room the wow factor is to add a ton of texture which is exactly what our brown marble wall mural does. Too many beige and brown tones can appear stagnant when used excessively but marble designs can really spice up your overall aesthetic. This bold and beautiful design will make a statement without making a room feel cluttered.

If you are looking for an easy way to refresh or update a neutral room, marble textures are practical and popular. We love how the deeper neutral tones can add a moody and masculine vibe to a home.

Add Character with Neutral Geographical Murals

Neutral wallpaper with a beige old fashioned french map design in a bathroom with a white bath

Wall Mural used in the Photo: Bonjour Paris

Sometimes the key to a really fantastic neutral room is to make it completely bespoke yet personal. A geographical wall mural can create an original backdrop to a guest or master bathroom while embodying your personal love of travel. This mural allows you to create a fabulous feature wall with ease.

Bathrooms can often be featureless places so a wall mural like this one can really help you to put your own unique touch on your home décor and gives you the perfect opportunity to be adventurous.

Trendy Neutrals for a Timeless Space

Cream neutral panel wallpaper ina dining room with a wooden table and chairs

Wall mural used in the photo: Beige Wood Panels

Neutrals have been around forever and show no signs of ever going out of style but how do you create an on-trend aesthetic with neutral shades? The answer is simply to combine an on-trend design with a classic neutral colour palette and take the look to the next level.

For example, wood panelling is taking the interior scene by storm so why not see neutrals with fresh eyes and opt for our Beige Wood Panels wall mural? This mural would create a chic backdrop to any dining space or kitchen at speed.

We hope you are now up to date on the neutral décor trend and we have inspired your décor choices for the year ahead. Which of our stunning neutral themed wall murals has caught your eye? Leave us a comment below and let us know which one is your favourite

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