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blue and white tile wallpaper in kitchen

05/07/2022   POSTED BY

Kitchen Organisation Ideas to Inspire You

There’s a lot of psychology behind the art of organising. Science tells us that, as humans, we’re pretty obsessed with it. Addicted to putting things in the right order, we’re unstoppable when it comes to categorising, sorting and labelling.

According to psychologists, people are naturally inclined to find comfort in things that feel safe and predictable. Home organisation means curating a space that makes sense and being able to find things without having to look – and that’s what gives us a feeling of control. While not everyone is wired this way, many people consider organising and decluttering to be a therapeutic activity and this is especially true with important communal spaces such as the kitchen.

Kitchens are often the heart of the home and having a super functional hub where things are logically and methodically ordered helps the day run a little smoother. Need to rustle up a quick dinner? Want freshly brewed coffee for last minute guests? You can do it all in a flash with a few kitchen organisation ideas. Here are some to spur you on for your next Marie Kondo inspired spring clean…

Design a luxury pantry space

dark floral wallpaper in pantry

Image source: onesmithstory.com via Pinterest

Who said organisation has to be boring, undecorated or understated? If you love uniformity and order, you can show it off with a premium pantry space like this one. And the good news is that you can be as extra as you want to be.

This pantry design has “luxury country manor” written all over it and we’re won over by the use of navy and gold – a regal combination that can instantly elevate a dull cupboard. Make your shelving pop with designer wallpaper and combine solid oak and brass for a splash of organic opulence.

navy and gold coloured art deco wallpaper in white kitchen

Mural in photo: En Mode Navy

Something like this retro En Mode Navy wallpaper mural is just the right amount of luxe, bringing an element of art deco into the mix while oozing pure sophistication. Need a grown-up looking pantry that makes you the hostess with the mostess? This is the wallpaper to level up with.

Get your spices in order

clear spice racks

Image source: jenwoodhouse.com via Pinterest

One of the easiest kitchen organisation ideas that will quickly transform your work surfaces and cabinets is spice rack organisation. There are so many ways to get your spices in order, and as spices are used every day for cooking, it makes sense to give yourself a quick win with your kitchen project.

From wall-mounted racks and stylish shelving solutions to beautifully organised drawers, your spices can look as good as they taste. For a minimalist home, opt for transparent storage jars and label each one with a simple sticker (black text on white and choose a sans serif typeface for cleanliness).

For a more rustic kitchen, let the colourful spices such as turmeric, chilli, paprika, ground nutmeg and ginger take pride of place. Rows of spices are a great way to make a statement – as long as they are stored and labelled correctly.

Make your shelving pop

black and white tiles behind shelving

Image source: homestolove.com.au via Pinterest

Bold patterned wall murals are fantastic for installing behind floating shelves. They help to create that seamless illusion while making your shelving stand out. If you envy those with a super organised kitchen, but you also don’t want to lose your own personality and eclectic style in the process, wallpapering is the answer to your design dilemma.

You can give your shelves a spruce by arranging things in an orderly fashion. At the same time, you can create that wow factor with an impactful wallpaper design and grant your prized crockery a stage rather than hiding them away in a dark cupboard somewhere.

blue and white tile wallpaper in white kitchen

Mural in photo: Blue Tiles Bundle

Copy this Pinterest shelf makeover with a stunning tile wallpaper like our beautiful Blue Tiles Bundle mural. If you’re not inspired by tiles, check out some of the most Instaworthy wallpapers in 2022 that could bring your kitchen to life.

Look up for kitchen organisation ideas

rustic wooden panels kitchen pan wall storage

Image source: wittconstruction.com via Pinterest

Vertical space is a bit of a goldmine in home interiors, especially if you’re struggling for storage. It’s an age-old problem for passionate home cooks with every cooking device ever invented. All sorts of modern appliances have entered our homes in recent years too, from air fryers and artisan mixers to fancy sous vide machines. So this doesn’t leave us a great deal of room for everything else when it comes to storing things away.

But not to worry – as long as you have wall space, you could have a solution. Look up to discover your kitchen’s vertical storage potential. Got a wall going spare? Use it to hang your pots and pans.

white wood effect wallpaper behind cup shelving

Mural in photo: White Wood Wall

Steal the style of this Pinterest kitchen with our Varnished Wood wallpaper, which instantly adds a rustic finish to your home.

Make time / make room for coffee

black cabinet with coffee station in middle

Image source: homebunch.com via Pinterest

Is there anything chicer than a coffee nook like this one? Coffee stations have been a rising trend in recent years, triggered by the global pandemic which saw coffee haunts closing their doors and caffeine junkies having to get their fix at home.

By organising your tea/coffee and hot drink paraphernalia, you can recreate that artisan coffee shop vibe. Plus, you’ll also be ready to serve up a brew at the drop of a hat. So unexpected visitors will be well caffeinated whenever they decide to swing by.

Check out our range of coffee wallpaper murals for ideas for your cosy coffee corner…..and always make time for a little break.

Paint a contrasting crockery cupboard

dark floral kitchen with cup storage

Image source: devolkitchens.co.uk via Pinterest

Now doesn’t this have impact? Firstly, we’re totally swooning over the moody florals on the walls. And secondly, how fabulous is that pink? What a striking contrast to have a dark, enigmatic biophilic background teamed with a powder pink hue that lightens the mood.

This pretty Purple Roses wallpaper mural is the perfect way to add gothic femininity to your home. On its own, it tells the story of dark romance. But juxtaposed with a playful paint colour, it’s a lot less serious.

dark floral wallpaper in kitchen

Mural in photo: Purple Roses

Freestanding cupboards not only provide you with additional storage and a clever way to organise crockery and towels, but they can be a style feature in the room. This is a great kitchen organisation idea if you have a bit of extra floor space but no more room in your cabinets.

Are you obsessed with organising your home and keeping it clean and uncluttered? If you’re a sorting, decluttering and labelling fanatic, share your top home/kitchen organisational tips in the comments below…..

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