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colourful childrens map in childs bedroom

25/03/2021   POSTED BY

9 Cute Wallpapers for Kids That Are Awe-Inspiring

Children’s wallpapers are much more than just aesthetics. The right wallpaper design can affect their mood, help them stay calm when they’re feeling unhappy or stressed, and stir their imaginations while boosting their creativity.

If you’re looking for adorable wallpaper that stimulates the right side of their brain (the creative and artsy part), you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether you want wonderful wildlife, astonishing sea creatures or stunning solar systems, there are so many magnificent murals that will appeal to their thirst for learning.

Here are some of the best cute wallpaper for kids who love to get lost in their own world of make-belief. Empower their personalities, kick-start their curiosity, and turn their bedrooms into awww-inspiring spaces that they just love.

1. Cute wallpaper for kids who love fantasy

cartoon of beautiful princess and unicorn wallpaper in girls bedroom

Mural in photo: Beautiful Princess and White Unicorn

This sweet Beautiful Princess and White Unicorn wall mural is the perfect choice for young dreamers. According to some unicorn experts (yes, they exist), humans have loved unicorns since their earliest incarnations in ancient Greek texts.

Back then, people would travel for miles and miles just to try and get a glimpse of this mystical creature. And today, our obsession continues…

Psychology tells us that unicorn fans believe that anything is possible, so if you want your little one to reach for the stars, this is a great mural to inspire them. Unicorns also represent goodness, happiness and peace, which sends positive vibes all around.

2. Underwater wallpaper for submarine vibes

realistic submarine window fish wallpaper in sailor themed childs bedroom

Mural in photo: Underwater wallpaper

Is there anything cuter than this unique Underwater mural that depicts the interior of a submarine? If your little one is fascinated by underwater travel or colourful fish in the ocean, this fish wallpaper will give them fun and educational viewing from the realistic portholes.

See how many fish they can name (parents, feel free to Google different fish species beforehand) and let them turn their rooms into fully-fledged imaginary play zones to show off to their friends. They’ll be the envy of their pals and sleepovers will be epic.

3. Wildlife wallpaper made for storytelling

realistic noahs ark wallpaper in child's play room

Mural in photo: Noah’s Ark Jumbo

A bedtime story doesn’t just help children settle in for the night. It’s a fantastic tool for helping kids get familiar with sounds, words and language. It also sparks your child’s imagination and stimulates their curiosity – and this is what drives their appetite for learning new things.

And what better way to implement bedtime storytelling than with a stunning visual like this adorable Noah’s Ark Jumbo mural by Adrian Chesterman? From the imposing lions and towering giraffes to the swinging orangutans high up in the trees, this landscape is full of things to feast their eyes on.

Convey the tale of Noah’s Ark or conjure up your own narrative about what each animal is doing in this scene. With so much going on, you’ll never run out of anecdotes!

4. Galaxy wallpaper to inspire the inquisitive

realistic space and planet wallpaper in cute child's living room

Mural in photo: Planets in Space

Another wallpaper for kids by Adrian Chesterman that we can’t get enough of is this mind-blowing Planets In Space mural. It’s the sort of space wallpaper that makes you go “wow”, whether you’re a kid or a grownup. After all, who isn’t fascinated by exobiology and outer space?

If your child is mad about science and physics, loves all things astronomy, and is set to be the next Buzz Aldrin or Tim Peake, this mural is for them.

We love this planet wallpaper trend because it’s out of this world, and galactic wallpapers are suitable for children of all ages, even into their teens.

5. Space rocket wallpaper for younger kids

cartoon of astronaut in rocket wallpaper in modern child's playroom

Mural in photo: Kids Spaceship

Looking for a seriously cute wallpaper for kids that inspires a sense of exploration? Space themed wallpaper is great for toddlers and early years children because it can help to build a love of learning in subjects such as science, engineering, technology and mathematics.

This fun Kids Spaceship wallpaper will give them a mode of transport to zoom around the cosmos, making it ideal as a bedroom mural, but also just as great for a playroom or study room.

6. Magical jungle mural to get lost in

fantasy elf forest wallpaper in child's black and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Meet the Imaginaries

Motivate their sense of adventure and exploration with a jungle-themed wallpaper. This fairy tale Meet the Imaginaries mural by Philip Straub combines beautiful botanicals with cheeky trolls for a touch of fantasy and magic.

Greenery is also a big nursery interior trend this year and is a great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors in. By giving kudos to plants and wildlife, you can show your little ones how important it is to respect and protect our planet.

7. Dinosaur wallpaper to take them back in time

illustrated tiny dinosaur and ladybird wallpaper in grey and neutral child's room

Mural in photo: Tiny Saurus and Ladybird

Our vast collection of dinosaur murals are suitable for kids of all ages, although very young children may find the teethy grin of a realistic T-Rex scary! But this particular mural (Tiny Saurus and Ladybird) plays on the cuteness of a miniature T-Rex, one that is lost in a flowerbed where he meets his new friend, The Ladybird.

Think Honey I Shrunk the Kids (but a paleontology version). Kids will love this dinosaur wallpaper design, and it’s even been said that a dino obsession in children can lead to better attention span, and deeper information-processing skills!

8. Cartoon town wallpaper for endless fun

colourful and detailed fantasy town wall mural in child's study room

Mural in photo: Our Town

Elaborate wallpapers like this one never get old, giving you years of use if you don’t fancy decorating anytime soon. Children of all ages will find this complex, detailed and meticulously-drawn mural totally mesmerising.

Work-from-home parents will also find this to be a handy distraction. It would take many, many hours to drink in this entire design. You may even find yourself hooked on the intricate stories behind this cartoon town…

9. Educational wallpaper for animal lovers

colourful childrens map wall mural in black and white child's bedroom

Mural in photo: Map of the World with Animals

Want to know what makes geography fun? Cute fluffy animals! Whether it’s adorable panda eyes, a little fuzzy squirrel or the eight-legged octopus, animals are just captivating to young minds.

This striking Map of the World with Animals wallpaper combines atlas skills with a bit of biology. So your curious explorer can learn where their favourite wildlife hails from. This will keep them occupied and engaged every time they’re in their room – and they’ll be showing everyone just how much they know about the planet.

Which cute wallpaper for kids is your favourite? Tell us what type of mural your kids would love in the comments below!

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