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Christmas wallpapers of frosty forests in a beige and white bedroom with a Christmas tree

04/11/2022   POSTED BY

Christmas Wallpapers for Your Guest Bedroom!

Christmas Wallpapers should be cosy, inviting and a haven for a good night’s sleep. As the festive season draws near, this will be at the forefront of our minds. We all want friends and family to feel welcome when they stay at Christmas.

As well as having good quality sheets and plump pillows, the decor is key. It’s crucial in making guests feel at home. Typically, guest room interiors are kept simple and neutral, abiding by a universal style that appeals to everyone who stays. Whilst we agree the decor should be enjoyed by all, we don’t believe it should be boring. Why choose safe and bland when you can inspire your guests instead?

If you want to revive your spare bedroom ready for visitors this Christmas, choose a stylish mural that is both one-of-a-kind and universally loved...

Arty, Hygge-inspired scenery

Abstract gold and bronze Christmas wallpaper in a bedroom with white bedsheets and rattan furniture

Mural in photo: Fall Morning

If your friends and family are a bunch of creatives, they will love this mural. It works well in a minimalist setting, where it can be presented as the room’s single piece of art. Just as you would hang a beautiful painting on an empty wall, the room should be a blank canvas to let this artwork shine.

The inspiration is stylishly Nordic, which is an on-trend choice for interior nerds as well as being fitting for the festive period. Decorate with a Norfolk Pine and some rattan furniture for an understated yuletide look. You could even include some warm-white fairy lights for an extra air of cosiness during the winter nights.

Our artistic Fall Morning Wallpaper isn’t just for the colder seasons either. The Scandinavian-style scenery can also channel the beautiful colours of autumn. Christmas wallpapers can also mimic the change of the seasons or a misty wintery morning - the low golden sun slowly rising over the autumn forest is sure to warm up the room just in time for Christmas.

Christmas wallpapers with a realistic look

Christmas Wallpapers with a realistic snow-covered street and snowy trees in central park

Mural in photo: Central Park Covered in Snow

When people think of Christmas, New York always pops into mind. There are fewer things more atmospheric than walking through Central Park at this time of year. Even those who have never been, they’ll have watched all the movies (our favourites are Home Alone 2 and Miracle on 34th Street). Or, if you’re a diehard Friends fan, this stunning mural is just as fun and relevant.

As far as Christmas wallpapers go, this exquisite image makes you feel as though you are stepping into a peaceful winter wonderland. It’s the perfect guest room wallpaper for jet-setters or anyone who enjoys a bit of escapism.

A fun, folky twist on festive décor

Blue and green Christmas wallpaper in a bedroom with white bedsheets

Mural in photo: Forest Folklore

Our striking Forest Folklore Wallpaper Mural provides a pretty backdrop for Santa’s workshop. But the muted greens and earthy browns keep it sophisticated and still grown-up. When it comes to perfecting your Christmas decorations, keep the rest of the bedroom simple and muted with light blue bedsheets which hint towards the gorgeous colours within the wallpaper.

It’s the perfect festive wallpaper, but don’t be fooled by the wintry references in this mural. It’s more versatile than meets the eye and is an adaptable feature throughout the seasons. You just have to know how to re-style the room come summer. Add a pop of colour, such as canary yellow and the whole room will be transformed.

On-trend beige mixed with nature

Bedroom showing Christmas wallpapers with a snowy forest and neutral accessories

Mural in photo: In White

Beige and earthy tones are a popular colour scheme for guest bedrooms because the palette is neutral enough for every visitor. Young, old, male, female, cool and hip-neutral is always well-appreciated. Our beautiful ‘In White’ wallpaper can instantly transform your interior space. Landscapes and woodlands covered in snow or frost can work well in both large and small rooms. Winter Landscapes in a small room can make them appear more spacious, whereas in larger rooms they will make your guest feel as though they are walking straight into a winter wonderland.

It’s a contemporary take on the popular forest theme and we think it works best in a large room where the walls feel bare. The frost-covered trees are reminiscent of Christmas, yet this design looks just as good in other seasons, giving you so many options when it comes to soft furnishings.

Christmas wallpapers for younger bedrooms

White wallpaper with animals in a kids room with a pine bed and grey bedsheets

Mural in photo: White Forest

We think this design is perfect in a guest bedroom for kids – they will love spotting all of the different animals on the walls as they doze off at night. These types of Christmas wallpapers work extremely well with muted colour schemes, allowing the designs to be used all year round, so your interiors don’t have to be limited to the month of December and it won’t feel too novelty either. The Scandinavian Christmas trend is about neutral, natural and stripped-back areas - this means you can easily customise the space once celebrations come to an end.

By selecting simple and elegant base colours and furnishings, you can keep the core concept of your room whilst swapping out soft decor-like cushions. Our beautiful White Forest Wallpaper is a match made in heaven for rustic or Scandinavian Christmas vibes.

Choose warming colours for ultimate comfort

Neutral bedroom with a beige, nordic style Christmas wallpaper

Mural in photo: Deer in Winter

For those of you who need to prepare a make-shift guest bedroom, you don’t need to worry about the room feeling bare or uncomfortable as the key is choosing warm, beige Christmas wallpapers! Take the above ‘Deer in Winter’ wallpaper; its cosy tone and Nordic design instantly transforms this bedroom into a beautiful Scandinavian get-a-way. The bed can be made more comfortable by the simple act of including beige and brown cushions and throws.

These colours are synonymous with autumn and create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Stacking up wooden boxes or upcycling your own furniture would also be a very nice touch with this bedroom wallpaper. However you choose to style the room it is guaranteed to radiate Christmas warmth!

If you are planning on transforming your guest bedroom with Christmas wallpapers this festive season, let us know in the comments below!

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Do you sell Christmas back drops for photo shoots? Jacob

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Jacob, we have a vast range of Christmas-themed wallpapers that would be perfect for photoshoot backgrounds. You can see our collection here - https://www.wallsauce.com/wall-murals-wallpaper/winter-christmas-wallpaper-murals - If you require any further help, please contact our studio team at info@wallsauce.com and they will be happy to assist you!

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