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Boy reaching for moon mural

22/10/2019   POSTED BY

Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas That AREN'T Blue

It’s time for some exciting baby boy bedroom ideas that move away from the safety of blue.

Has this conversation ever happened between you and your friends?

“Do you know if it’s a boy or girl?”

“A boy!”

“All things blue then?”

Many mothers have said that a blue baby’s bedroom doesn't even benefit their child’s sleep despite rumours that the colour will soothe their baby. So why do we keep reverting back to blue when we have baby boys? Let's move away from stereotypes and get in touch with our more adventurous side. Give the new addition to your family the best start in life with a unique feature wall. Although he’s tiny, don’t limit his imagination by just painting blue but gift him with an enchanting design that will comfort him as he drifts to sleep.

See our fantastic range of baby boy bedroom ideas in the nursery wallpaper category. We’re sure you’ll find something special for you and your baby boy. Or read below for some fantastic baby boy bedroom ideas. 

Baby boy bedroom ideas to make you chirp, roar or moo with joy!

Noah's ark mural for new baby boy bedroom ideas

What better way to welcome your little one into the world than with our Noah’s Ark Jumble wallpaper mural? Abundant with all creatures great and small, step into animal paradise and set your little one’s mind alight.

The extensive range of colours and detailed illustrations will certainly be a stimulating sensory experience for your baby boy’s bedroom. As they get older, it’d be a great way to start playing eye spy and introduce lots of new animal vocabulary. Truly stunning and a piece of art in itself, you and your baby will treasure this children’s mural for years to come.

Do you want an animal-themed wallpaper but our Noah’s Ark Jumble wallpaper mural isn’t for you? Search for animals in our categories section and find realistic or cartoon animal illustrations. Why not read A Conversation with…Howard Robinson to find out the inspiration behind his playful animal cartoon designs?

Fairies living at the bottom of your…baby boy’s bedroom

Fairy town in a forest mural for new baby boy bedroom ideas

Do you want baby boy bedroom ideas that create a mystical and magical feel? Our enchanted Hidden Treasure wallpaper, designed by children’s illustrator Philip Straub, is perfect for you. When I was a child, I always imagined fairies living at the bottom of the garden. Once or twice, I built little houses for them using sticks, leaves and anything else I could get my hands on.

This fairy town, designed by Philip Straub, will set a great foundation for your baby’s imagination. Before you know it, they’ll be desperate to fly inside one of the quaint, little fairy homes in this stunning mural.

As well as being beautiful for your baby, this magical mural is a great excuse for you to have a fairyland in your home. That's if you still believe in fairies...

London’s burning, fetch the engines, pour on water!

London red and blue mural with telephone boxes, buses and soldiers

Get your baby boy hooked on nursery rhymes starting with our london's burning London Background wallpaper mural.

This delightful children’s mural is reminiscent of printed 1950s wallpapers. You will instantly create a charming, modern-vintage feel to your little one’s bedroom.

With so many London-themed baby's accessories available in our high streets, you will easily find tasteful pieces that will complement this beautiful nursery wallpaper. Imagine this children’s mural alongside a white cot, teal-blue rug and a red armchair in the corner of your baby’s room. Simply beautiful and classic.

Go to the moon and back for your baby boy

Little boy mural reaching for the smiling moon

This dreamy and nostalgic Reaching wallpaper mural takes you back to your childhood.

Designed by Vietnamese born artist Turine Tran, this children's mural will remind you of when even the smallest of things would fill you with utter awe. Reminiscent of the Magic Faraway Tree, this children’s wall mural will be a perfect backdrop for a relaxing bedtime routine.

We know you’d do anything for your baby so go ahead and throw a lasso over the moon if it's what your baby needs!

Baby boy bedroom ideas perfect for Tiny Saurus and your tiny baby

Tiny smiling dinosaur in a big forest mural

A cute dinosaur for your baby boy’s bedroom. What more could you want with this Tiny Saurus wallpaper? It'll definitely create a roarsome bedroom for your little one.

This fantastic dinosaur mural could have been taken straight from a children’s storybook! Enjoy the soothing shades of green and blue combined with the gentle rays of sunlight weaving through the trees. Pair with simple white and grey décor to ensure this children’s illustrated mural is the centre of attention.

Part of a dino-mite range of dinosaur murals from Wallsauce, this dinosaur wallpaper really stands out as being ideal for your little baby boy.

Have a whale of a time with these baby boy bedroom ideas

Big blue cartoon whale mural with little colourful fish

Whale, whale, whale…How sweet is this wonderful Whale wallpaper?

Introduce your baby to his new under the sea friends and make his first baby boy bedroom an exciting, colourful space.

With so many sailor and boat themed pieces of décor available, you’re bound to find great furniture additions to make your little sailor’s bedroom a splash-tastic playland.

Have we inspired you to step away from plain blue walls but have a few more questions to ask? Do you have some tips or bits of advice for other parents? Or why not tell us about another one of our murals which you used for your baby boy's bedroom? Simply comment below!

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