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19/12/2016   POSTED BY

A Conversation with… Howard Robinson

Born in northeast England, Howard Robinson has become an internationally accredited artist.  Recognised for his vibrant paintings focusing out the great outdoors, Howard has always shown a fascination with animals.

“I count myself very fortunate that I seem to have been born with a natural gift when it comes to interacting with animals, I’m sure my children thought I was some kind of Doctor Dolittle,” Howard Robinson jokes. “I am never short of inspiration as my work and hobbies have just become one and the same.”

Rockie Mountain wall mural by Howard Robinson

Not only is Howard a respected artist, he’s successfully bred many rare birds, receiving invitations from around the world to deliver presentations and gain exclusive insights into the animal kingdom.

“I get to visit so many amazing places it is all the inspiration I need to paint my images when I get home,” says Howard Robinson.

Many of his images are licensed for products in zoos and aquariums, which means he’s never short of inspiration as he’s often able to go behind the scenes and get hands-on experience with many different species.


Ocean Selfie wall mural by Howard Robinson

Back at home, inspiration is still all around him.

“At the end of my studio, I have a glass wall enclosing my own piece of rainforest complete with waterfall and tropical plants in which poison dart frogs live and breed. I love to be surrounded by nature”.

Howard’s style of art uses bold colours that abstain from becoming abstract.  Whilst they appear to be life-like, they have the depth of a collage. Although his style remains the same throughout, Howard has produced many series of art including ‘Selfies’ and ‘Cottages’. Wallsauce.com has exclusively gained access to both series, in order to produce fun, quirky wall murals.


Horses Selfie wall mural by Howard Robinson

We spoke to Howard Robinson on his motivations behind the fondly named, ‘Selfies’ collection

“On my travels, wherever in the world I go people are taking Selfies. Children seem to be spending less time outdoors and with their faces always in front of a screen held up in their bedrooms and dens - completely missing out on the wondrous world around them.

What better way to bring this fantastic wildlife to the attention of this modern generation than to have the animals take the selfies and then bring these images to the homes and rooms we live in.”


Africa Selfie wall mural by Howard Robinson

“The funny thing that happened the first time I displayed one of the images in public was that people started queuing up to take a selfie in front of the ‘Selfies’.”

Head to our website to view Howard Robinson’s full collection of ‘Selfies’ murals. Feel free to tell us about your favourite one in the comments box below.

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