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04/07/2024   POSTED BY

6 Wallpaper Problems and How to Fix Them

It’s fair to say that most of us have probably encountered wallpaper problems. After all, wallpapering can be a daunting task. Especially if it’s your first time or the last time you installed one was a complete disaster! That’s why we have created this article on 6 of the most common wallpaper struggles and how to fix them.

Luckily, the majority of our customers have had no problems installing our wallpapers. This is because our wallpapers are of the highest quality and we always provide clear instructions with every purchase! Why not take a look at our reviews? But just in case you still need some help or have a spot of bother, read on.

Discover the best way to keep wallpaper clean after any spillages and how to avoid the dreaded patchy wallpaper situ! Not forgetting how to stop those dreaded air bubbles plus annoying creases! As well as these, discover even more papering problems… Before you know it, you will become a wallpaper expert!

1. Mucky walls: How to clean dirty wallpaper?

gloved hand holding cloth about to clean the wall

Mural in photo: Summer Fields

First of all, how to clean dirty wallpaper? Many of us, if not all, can’t help but get a bit of dirt onto our beautifully wallpapered walls! Whether your toddler spilt their juice onto the living room wall or your dog shook mud all over your entryway, wallpaper can get dirty! It’s a fact. But how on earth should you clean it without causing damage?

Depending on where you bought your wallpaper from, always find out what your wallpaper supplier recommends. This goes for everything to do with your wallpaper as well as how to clean it. This is because different wallpaper may need different ways of upkeep.

When cleaning Wallsauce wallpapers, we do not recommend using detergents when wiping a wall mural clean. Instead, always opt for a wrung-out damp cloth that has only been in water. Gently apply the cloth onto the wall to wipe away the mess so as not to scratch the surface or lift any of the inks from the design. Do not scrub or press down hard when wiping. Do not use a brush or a steamer to clean your wallpaper. The brush will scratch the surface and a steamer will risk making the wallpaper peel off the wall.

2. Patchy walls: How to avoid patchy wallpaper?

hand holding paint roll trying to stop patchy wallpaper problems

Want to avoid patchy wallpaper? Who doesn’t? There really is nothing worse than having worked hard installing wallpaper and then the results are patchy once it has dried.

This issue is very uncommon when installing a Wallsauce mural due to the high quality of our wallpapers. But if you still need some help, always ask your wallpaper supplier how to avoid patchy wallpaper.

If you have bought a Wallsauce.com design, follow these instructions on how to avoid patches. Bubbles are a big issue with unprepared walls but also consider how the surface looks. When installing a wall mural, it's important to prepare the wall surface beforehand to avoid problems later properly.

For example, different colours on the wall between plaster and paint can cause patchy colours. It's best to install your wallpaper on an even surface and make sure you have an even-coloured wall that has been well-primed beforehand. Not forgetting to always make sure your walls are well dried before installing the wallpaper to again avoid unwanted patches.

3. Lumps and bumps: How to fix wallpaper bubbles?

peachy and blue kids landscape wallpaper mural in playroom

Mural in photo: Sage Green Damask

One of the most common wallpaper problem questions is how to fix wallpaper bubbles? Bubbles happen when air is trapped under the panels on installation or if there is an issue with the wall below which is causing expansion. If the bubbles are round then this usually indicates trapped air under the panels.

If you have a Wallsauce wallpaper and you are seeing bubbles forming on installation, simply peel back the paper to release the air and then immediately flatten it back. If this does not cause the bubble to disappear completely then it may need a pinprick to release some of the trapped air.

The other, more serious, type of bubble can be identified as usually long thick ones that go up in the direction of the paper when installed. This issue can outline a more serious issue such as an unprimed wall or moisture in the wall. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done in regard to this for the wallpaper. The issue lies in the wall and proper preparation may be required before reattempting the installation.

4. One of the biggest wallpaper problems: Creases in wallpaper

man installing wall mural

Want to know how to avoid creases in wallpaper? Everyone does! Although we are sure you won't encounter this issue with our products, here is our advice if you find a crease or two.

All our wallpapers are thoroughly quality-checked before they are shipped. We always recommend laying out the wallpaper panels to rest to help flatten them out before installation. If there was the unlikely issue that there was a crease, it will most likely disappear when you adhere the glue to the wall. If you notice creases on installation, treat the wallpaper the same as when you see bubbles appear. Just peel back the paper and then immediately flatten it back. A wallpaper brush may also be handy to help smooth out any stubborn creases. But remember, always treat the wallpaper gently to avoid damage.

5. Tears and rips: How do you fix damaged wallpaper?

stylish living room with pink floral wallpaper mural

Mural in photo: Romantic Peonies

Do you keep asking yourself how do you fix damaged wallpaper? It's an issue some of us may experience because of the wear and tear of everyday life! At Wallsauce.com, we can offer a panel reprint. This is the best way to replace damaged wallpaper but may not be suitable due to colour discrepancies in the inks which is something you may need to be aware of.

Do check out what your wallpaper supplier says. If there is no exchange availability, you may need to find DIY answers on fixing a torn wallpaper. You may just need some wallpaper paste and a damp sponge to smooth the torn wallpaper back into position. But again, if you have a damaged Wallsauce wallpaper, we can offer a panel reprint to avoid the risk of lifting the inks or ruining the wallpaper further when trying to fix it.

6. Unmatching patterns: How to fix misaligned wallpaper?

sunlit forest wallpaper with two customers uploading it

Mural in photo: Enchanted Woodland

The last question that everyone always asks is how to fix misaligned wallpaper? It is so important. You can always tell when wallpaper hasn’t been lined up properly. And when you are trying to create an illusion wall, such as this forest wall mural, it really impairs the overall effect!

When installing wallpaper, you may notice the pattern not aligning. This can be due to potential overlaps on the seam which look okay at one point but then don’t match the further on you get. If you have a Wallsauce wallpaper, have a look at your seam and if an overlap is present, simply peel back and reapply. If the wallpaper is movable, gently push it into place like how our customers are doing in the room above.

Misaligned wallpaper can also be avoided by drawing a 'plumb line' which is a guideline with a spirit level. Often, lining up wallpaper without a guide will cause your wallpaper to unmatch further on with the installation.

Do you feel ready to take on all wallpaper problems? Let us know how you got on by leaving us a comment below!

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Ian jones


How do I get pricing

Nicole @ Wallsauce


Hi Ian, prices totally depend on your mural choice, dimensions and material choice. If you\'d like to let me know the above, I can send you over some prices. Or you can enter the dimensions onto your chosen design on the website for a price :)

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