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man and woman with wallpaper and paste roller

26/01/2023   POSTED BY

How to Hang Wallpaper like a Pro

If you’re anything like how I was, I wanted to hang wallpaper like a pro, but the very concept of doing it without the help of a decorator was a daunting task! Where was I to start? Did I need dustsheets? What was paste? HELP ME! But don’t worry. It’s really not as difficult as it first may seem - trust me!

In this blog, we will take you through three simple steps so that putting up your wallpaper is an absolute breeze! From how to measure and prepare your wall to how to hang the wallpaper,  we are here to tell you what to do!

Please note: When choosing a wallpaper, carefully read your given instructions before following our advice. Installation instructions may vary.

1. Measure your wall

Firstly, let’s measure that wall! When buying wallpaper, you will need to know how much you will need to cover the entire wall.

step by step instructions on how to measure a wall

When measuring a standard wall, that is either square or rectangular, measure the full width from edge to edge. Once you have done this, measure the heights of both the right and left side of the wall as wall heights can often differ from one side to another. Often, it is handy to add a few more cm/inches to your measurements so you definitely know you have enough wallpaper to cover the wall.

If you are measuring a slanted wall in an attic or a unique space, then measure the width and height of the greatest lengths of the wall – ignore the slants and slopes for now. Then cut away the slope part of the wallpaper once you have installed the wallpaper onto the wall.

If you have to measure a wall with doors, windows and plug sockets, don’t be put off wallpapering it. Simply measure the wall as if it is a standard wall then cut away the obstacle areas during hanging.

2. Prepare your wall for wallpaper

a glove hand plastering wall with white plaster

Before installing wallpaper, whether it be paste or self-adhesive, make sure your wall is well-plastered, clean, dry and bump-free. Finish the plastered wall off with a good quality seal/primer paint.

If your wall is already plastered and painted on, remove any old flaking paint with a scraper and sand paper to achieve a smooth surface. Finish this off with a good seal/primer paint. Whenever painting, always leave 2-3 weeks of drying time before installing the wallpaper.

paint roller painting white on wall

If your walls are already wallpapered, remove any old wallpaper before installing a new one (this includes any lining paper as well). Make sure the wall underneath is well-plastered and primed with a sealer.

3. Install the wallpaper (the exciting part)!

decorator installing white and blue map peel and stick wallpaper

Image: One of our customer's, Will Gonnell of Gonnell Homes, installing our World Political Blue mural in peel and stick wallpaper

Although this is the exciting bit, it’s also a little scary - eek! You really don’t want to rip the wallpaper, especially if it was expensive! So just follow these tips on how to install wallpaper and you should be okay!

Tools you may need: Tape measure, spirit level, sharp knife, pencil.

If your wallpaper is supplied in panels, check the instructions closely. For instance, our panels butt together rather than overlap so that you get a level finish.

When you have panel wallpaper, lay the wallpaper panels down in the correct order of the design onto the floor for at least a few hours. This will help them to rest and uncurl as well as helping you to see which panel you need to put up first so you install the design correctly. It is recommended that you work from left to right when installing wallpaper.

Create a guideline on the wall using a spirit level and tape measure. Draw a straight line vertically - a panel’s width in from the edge of the wall. Remember to deduct the measurements of the extra bit of paper. Doing this will help you to position your panel into place so that it is straight.

ladder and paste brush

If your wallpaper uses paste, like our paste the wall wallpaper, now is the time to either roll the paste onto the wall or onto the wallpaper panels (look carefully at your given instructions) and apply the panels onto the wall, always working from left to right. Smooth a damp sponge or brush over each panel to remove any air bumps or wrinkles once it is on the wall. See a pro decorator install our paste the wall wallpaper in the video below!

If your wallpaper is self-adhesive, like our peel and stick wallpaper, simply peel off the protective film backing and smooth the panels onto the wall (no paste is needed)! We highly recommended asking a friend to help you out: one person holds the paper whilst the other moves it into place. Whilst installing, keep smoothing out any air bubbles for a smooth, flat surface. If you make a mistake, gently peel off the panel and reapply it. Simples! See below to watch Interior Designer, Reiko Caron, easily install one of our peel and stick wallpapers in her clients’ home.

Once all the wallpaper is installed, trim any excess paper from the top, bottom and sides. Be very careful so as not to tear any of it. Now you’re finished!

FAQS on how to hang wallpaper like a pro

red haired woman pulling out brown wallpaper onto wall

If you’re still feeling a bit daunted about installing wallpaper and have a few more questions, take a look below to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on how to hang wallpaper like a pro.

  • Should I overlap wallpaper?  Often, you don't need to overlap wallpaper as this can impair the design or image on the wallpaper. Always read instructions carefully.
  • Do you start in the middle of the wall when wallpapering?  For Wallsauce's wallpapers, we always recommend that you wallpaper from the left to the right of the wall to avoid mistakes!
  • Is it better to paste the wall or wallpaper?  At Wallsauce, we provide paste the wall wallpaper. It is a lot easier because you don't need to own a pasting table and can avoid handling wet, floppy wallpaper!
  • Is it hard to hang peel and stick wallpaper?  We always recommend getting a friend to help you install peel and stick wallpaper to make it easier. One of you holds the paper whilst the other angles it into place!
  • How do I make sure my wallpaper is straight?  We recommend creating a guideline on the wall using a spirit level and tape measure to draw a line vertically, one panel’s width in from the edge of the wall. This will help you to apply the wallpaper straight.

Feel ready to wallpaper the wall, but need a wallpaper mural? Take a look at our exclusive wallpaper range at Wallsauce.com!

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