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terracotta, grey and off-white terrazzo wallpaper in room with mid-century wooden drawers and green plant

29/01/2021   POSTED BY

How to Add Value to Your Home with Aesthetics

Ask any property expert about adding value to your home and they’ll tell you to do a loft conversion or a kitchen extension. But there are many ways of boosting the saleability and appeal of your humble abode, without the heavy costs and disruption to family life.

All you need are some easy interior design hacks to transform and refresh. The way a property looks, its ambience and how it makes people feel when they walk in can have a huge impact on how quickly it gets sold. Even if you aren’t planning on selling right now, it’s always a good idea to keep your home in good condition aesthetically. So in the world of property, design plays a huge role; as do trends and the way we translate them into liveable concepts.

Here’s how to add value to your home with simple aesthetic touches, including top tips for choosing the best wallpaper to complement your space.

Tip #1 – Think carefully about your choice of wall colours

colour board

Making your home look the part is home staging 101. There’s a huge importance to aesthetic value as it can affect how people respond to budget, often being a deciding factor of whether your asking price is worth it and how it compares to other similar properties.

That’s why your colour scheme is such a key element when adding value to your home. Get your palette right, with some personality but enough room for imagination and you’ll have a winning formula for making everyone feel welcome.

The thing to remember is fancy and expensive doesn’t = automatic house value increase. In fact, the bolder and braver you are with your colour options, the trickier it can be to make your home aesthetically pleasing for others. Paints and wallpaper patterns can be extremely personal and not everyone will love your vision, even if your interior products are high-end designer.

Opt for subtle paint colours that are suitable for the room, or neutral-coloured wallpaper products that aren’t divisive to avoid alienating people. Something like this classic Off White Panel wallpaper mural is a safe yet stylish choice, adding a sense of luxury without the need to renovate.

vintage creamy white wood panel wallpaper in room with modern chais longe and decor in white and blue decor

Mural in photo: Off White Wood Panel

Create a blank canvas that potential buyers can visualise putting their own stamp on and you’ll be able to inspire their creativity, giving them more reasons to put in an offer.

Apply wallpaper in the right place, at the right time

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to update your home and keep it looking fresh – and with minimum disruption or overheads! This makes it one of the most affordable options for those wanting to prepare their home for selling.

It’s one of the easiest ways to increase house value through aesthetic appeal, but there’s more to it than just beautiful colours and patterns. It can also be a great way to hide wall imperfections, the sort of thing that can quickly devalue a property in the eyes of a buyer.

Furthermore, wallpaper is considered to be more durable than paint, making it a long-term option for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty with DIY too often. If you plan on keeping the same wallpaper for a while, just make sure you go for something beautiful and timeless.

off-white and peach marble wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

Mural in photo: Soft Tones

This stylish Soft Tones mural makes the perfect feature wall in any room and is ideal for showing off tall ceilings as well as large spaces with endless natural light.

Anything that references natural or organic can be a great way to achieve that forever look. Although marble has been a big millennial and social-media-fuelled trend in recent years, the material itself dates back to Greek and Roman times and has remained a coveted interior feature to this day.

Of course, there’s a time and a place for wallpaper and wallpapering your entire house may not be wise if you’re looking to sell up soon. Wallpaper patterns are subjective, so stick with using it in areas where it can be a beneficial feature. If you want to play it safe, browse our Peel and Stick wallpaper range, which is designed to give you the freedom to easily remove or replace at any time, with zero damage to walls.

Be selective about artwork (and how it’s displayed)

pastel pink, yellow and blue prints framed on wall in black and white frames

Although a blank canvas is preferable, some personality is still vital to help people realise your home’s potential. At the end of the day, you don’t want your house to feel sterile. Well-placed furniture and interior features can show off your space in the right way, and carefully curated art can be extremely suggestive about how the rooms can be used.

But how much art is too much? If you’re simply collecting art that means something to you, without any thought on theme or placement, you run the risk of over-crowding and making your room feel small.

Art murals can be a wonderful alternative, and work best in clean, uncluttered areas where floor space is ample and imagination is unlimited.

brown, golden ochre, white and teal abstract mountains wallpaper in lounge with grey sofa

Mural in photo: Winter Hills

This on-trend Winter Hills wallpaper mural by Spacefrog Designs is a fantastic example of modern art making an impact without being stealing the show. As long as you have an inoffensive colour scheme, plenty of windows and enough storage to keep clutter at bay, murals can elevate your interior concept without cramping your space.

Learn how to add value to your home with light

watercolour flowers in grey and ochre yellow in lounge with cream and beige scatter cushion

Mural in photo: Transparent Gold

Let there be light! A logical way of adding value to your home (without an extension or conversion) is maximising what you already have – and light is the way to do this. Installing larger windows and doors can be great for making the most of natural sunlight, but if this isn’t possible, a few well-placed mirrors could do the trick.

Reflective surfaces help to reflect light around the room, improving the light distribution when sun comes in only one direction. That’s why lighter furniture with shiny surfaces can be beneficial too for creating an airy, spacious look.

Plus, the lighter your wallpaper, the bigger the room will appear. But remember to check whether the light you’re getting is warm or cool, so you can choose a mural to balance it out. This floral Transparent Gold wallpaper design is great for refreshing a small, enclosed space. But at the same time, it has a flourish of gold for warmth, making it perfect for north-facing rooms.

Textures – know about the pros and cons

white curled feather wallpaper in bedroom with pink and white accessories

Mural in photo: Ostrich Feather

House viewings should be a multi-sensory experience and that’s why you’ll probably have heard about the importance of smell, with aromas like freshly baked bread, a hot pot of coffee, comforting vanilla or flowers being a favourite for home buyers.

Using textures in your interior design is just as important, as textures can actually conjure up a range of feelings. These can include feelings of warmth and cosiness, or coolness and openness. For instance, an opulent feather wallpaper can be soft and plush looking, which arouses feelings of comfort. While a terrazzo tile effect wallpaper can be soothing and relaxing, as it makes you think of tiles that are cool to the touch…..this is ideal for those hot, sun-drenched rooms.

rusty brown, grey and off-white terrazzo wallpaper in lounge with wooden furniture and black metal chair

Mural in photo: Montage Infusion

And while textured walls are a huge trend in 2021, it’s important to consider whether there’s true value in having the real deal. Wall murals are the perfect alternative, because the next homeowner may not treasure the same features that you do.

If you want to know how to add value to your home in terms of aesthetics, it’s vital to get that balance between trends and timeless elegance. What you want to create is an inviting space that is both exciting and universally appealing, with enough room for people’s own imaginations to grow.

So avoid bland and do include personality and stand-out features. Because design sophistication is a must for discerning buyers. Just make sure each space is easily adaptable, with neutral elements that really show off the potential of the property.

And don’t forget to check out Peel and Stick wallpapers if you want to make your property an easily changeable blank canvas.

What are your ways to increase house value when getting ready to sell? Let us know your top tips for fabulous aesthetics in the comments below!

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Such an awesome post with great inspiration to many. Would like to thank you for sharing this and keep it up!

Amy @ Wallsauce


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