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photo mural of misty forest wallpaper in before and after bedroom

05/01/2022   POSTED BY

Top 9 Before and After Wallpaper Makeovers

Who doesn’t love a good before and after wallpaper makeover photo? Being able to see where the journey began and then experience the end result is not only pleasing to the eye but inspirational! Many of us are all too familiar with starting with a blank canvas and struggling to envision the final look.

In this article, you will see 9 of our own customer’s before and after wallpaper makeovers. Just like you, they started with an uninspiring space but with the magical touch of a custom-made mural, they completely transformed their homes! From dining rooms that go from plain to panelled florals and standard neutral bedrooms to misty forest havens and so much more!

Plain spare rooms to jaw-dropping home offices

blue floral painting wallpaper in makeovered home office with blue and pink accessories

Mural in photo: Midnight Splash

Let’s begin with one of our most recent room makeovers created by customer Grey Clover Interiors. Previously this spare room not only lacked colour but purpose as well. Is it a lounge? A spare corner of the guest bedroom? After adding our designer Carol Robinson’s Midnight Splash wall mural, a plush new sofa, desk area and pink ceiling lamps, this space has grown from nothing at all to the most beautiful home office.

All these changes didn’t require any huge changes to the room. Notice that the wall paint, flooring and cowhide rug are exactly the same. Just think about what you could achieve with a few tactful changes here and there!

Before and after wallpaper makeover bathrooms

off white and green floral wallpaper in guest bathroom

Mural in photo: Garden Sage

Another one of our favourite before and after wallpaper makeovers is customer Donna Shenton’s guest bathroom. What a HUGE transformation! From a neutral and dark space to a refreshing green and light space, this small toilet area not only looks so much more attractive but bigger as well! Donna tactfully installed our Garden Sage mural not only on the walls but on the ceiling as well.

This just shows that it isn’t just walls that look better with wallpaper. Ceilings take up so much space in a room so why not decorate those as well? We feel that the green floral wallpaper wrapped around the entire room makes you feel like you're amongst nature - sitting under a huge oak tree looking at the swaying leaves above! As well as the walls, Donna has installed a terrazzo style floor which adds even more of a modern edge to this floral room. The overhead lighting brings space to the room and we think the faux grass rug adds a fun element to the room.

From standard garages to galactic work offices

orange nebulae wallpaper in converted garage office

Mural in photo: The Carina Nebula: Star Birth in the Extreme

Who said garages were just for cars, tools and storage? It’s time to go for interior ideas that are out-of-this world with a mural from our amazing nebulae wallpaper range! Customer Our Kristina House has completely changed their garage for the better and made the most of this unused space by setting up their own team office area! The pairing of the wooden flooring with this galactic mural as well as a professional desk area along the entire wall has created the ideal work zone. You’ve done a fantastic job Our Kristina House!

Kids bedroom makeovers that have the IG factor!

grey painted world map wall mural in grey and white child's bedroom showing before and after wallpaper makeover

Mural in photo: Grey Watercolour World Map

Jesse Lammers Design did a great job at creating this child’s bedroom into the perfect Instagram-worthy space! Not only does designer Rosana Laiz Garcia’s Grey Watercolour World Map bring light into the room but it has almost elongated the length of the walls! This is because this feature wallpaper has been placed along the wall up to the roofed ceiling drawing the eye upwards. The patterned rug has been replaced with a simple grey one to make sure the map wallpaper is the main star of the show and the grey and white bedding brings the wall’s colour scheme into the rest of the room.

Simple lounges to decadent dark floral spaces

before and after wallpaper makeover from plain living room to dark floral wallpaper feature wall

Mural in photo: Purple Roses

This dark floral Purple Roses wall mural couldn’t have looked more perfect in customer Matthew’s living room. It’s as though his grey couch, pink blanket and black cushions have always been waiting for this romantic floral wallpaper! With literally nothing else added to the room, this before and after photo just proves how one wallpaper can completely transform an entire room! What’s more, this purple-toned wallpaper nods at 2022’s Pantone Colour of the Year which is all about igniting the creative spirit! Well, this living room has certainly had a touch of creativity!

Jungle-riffic dining areas that were craving a focus

vintage style jungle wallpaper in made over dining room

Mural in photo: Botanical Beauty

Dining rooms can sometimes be left out when it comes to styling. Usually, the living room or bedroom gets more attention. But these are fantastic spaces to add style and even a theme! Customer Pablo’s Pad has done a fantastic job at creating a jungle ambiance in their extended dining area. Even their dog looks more impressed with the makeover! By blending leafy green tropical plants with this jungle mural from our vintage-inspired Sir Edward collection, they bring even more of a tropical edge to this welcoming space.

Making over every space - even the staircase!

tram graffiti wallpaper on stylish staircase showing before and after wallpaper makeover

Mural in photo: Image Uploaded by Customer

Just like ceilings, staircase walls are spaces that are often forgotten when it comes to adding a makeover wallpaper! Wow Wallpaper Hanging has done a fantastic job at transforming this “okay” staircase into something artistic, striking and completely unique. And the addition of the wall clock and leafy green plant add even more elements into this nifty space!

Before and after wallpaper makeover with panels!

blue floral painting wallpaper set in panels in dining room

Mural in photo: Midnight Splash

Again, we see our popular Midnight Splash used in a room makeover but in a very different way to the home office space earlier. This time talented customer Tanya O’Brien decided to frame three sections of this pretty blue wallpaper to create stylish panelling in her minimalist dining area. By doing this, changing the ceiling lamp and bringing in a round dining table and chairs, she has created a timelessly beautiful room. Utterly stunning, Tanya!

Serene before and after bedrooms that fill you with calm

misty forest wall mural in bedroom with neutral decor

Mural in photo: Misty Mountain Landscape

We have to admit that this is one of the most transformative before and after photos we have seen! And the beauty of it is that the changes don’t appear to have been too time-consuming but are quick changes that anyone can do! By installing a beautiful misty mountain mural and changing the bedding to bring out the green and white tones have completely made this bedroom makeover. Not forgetting the neutral-toned Turkish-style rug and quaint armchair. Sacha Jones of Your Designed Space really knows how to bring out the best in a room.

Which of these is your favourite before and after wallpaper makeover? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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chantal gravel


I love the misty Mountain Landscape

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Chantal! Thank you for your comment! We love the Misty Mountain Landscape wallpaper as well! See more of our misty forest wallpapers here - https://www.wallsauce.com/wall-murals-wallpaper/forest-tree-wallpaper-murals/?filter_labels=51



The powder room. Hands down, such an amazing transformation and insight!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you for your comment, Linnie! Yes! It's such a great transformation, isn't it?

Mia Evans


I totally agree when you said that the living room and bedroom usually get more attention while the dining room is left out when it comes to styling. So it is my goal this year to invest in wallpaper replacement services to improve the look of our dining area. And it might help us use that area more often, especially if it is my goal to have meals together with the whole family as regularly as possible. 

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