Severine Pineaux

Severine Pineaux Wall Mural Wallpaper

French artist Severine Pineaux always wanted to draw and paint from an early age. Severine's talent for oil painting and illustration have been combined with her passion for mythology and celtic culture resulting in stunning works of art now available as wall murals, exclsuively on


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18 Severine Pineaux Murals

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The Couple wall mural
The CouplePrice from: £30/m2
She comes into the City wall mural
She comes into the City Price from: £30/m2
Dragon Tree wallpaper mural
Dragon TreePrice from: £30/m2
Samhain wallpaper mural
SamhainPrice from: £30/m2
The Gift wallpaper mural
The GiftPrice from: £30/m2
Ariel mural wallpaper
ArielPrice from: £30/m2
Autumn Horse wall mural
Autumn HorsePrice from: £30/m2
Deer Tree of Brocéliande wall mural
Deer Tree of BrocéliandePrice from: £30/m2
Feuillede chat wallpaper mural
Feuillede chatPrice from: £30/m2
Horse of Leaves wallpaper mural
Horse of LeavesPrice from: £30/m2
Merlin wallpaper mural
MerlinPrice from: £30/m2
Roots wall mural
RootsPrice from: £30/m2
Spring mural wallpaper
SpringPrice from: £30/m2
The Ball Gown mural wallpaper
The Ball GownPrice from: £30/m2
The Dancer wall mural
The DancerPrice from: £30/m2
The Menace wallpaper mural
The MenacePrice from: £30/m2
Tree of the Garden of Eden mural wallpaper
Tree of the Garden of EdenPrice from: £30/m2
Unicorn wall mural
UnicornPrice from: £30/m2


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18 Severine Pineaux Murals

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