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11/09/2017   POSTED BY

9 Types of Animal Wallpapers for your Home

From cute pets to fierce jungle animals, Wallsauce.com has a huge collection of animal wallpapers for your home. Whether you’re looking to add character and charm to your living room or kid’s bedroom, choose a made-to-measure animal wallpaper mural to adorn your feature wall.

In this post, we’ll show you nine types of animal wallpapers that we have available at Wallsauce.com and how you can make them work in your home.

1. Cat Wallpaper or Dog Wallpaper?

We’ll let you leave us your answers in the comments box below! But for now, here are a couple of our favourite cat and dog wallpapers that are sure to have you saying “aww”…

'A Tough Day' wall mural


Villager Jim's 'After the Walk' wall mural

From snuggling pooches to mischievous kitties have your favourite pet on your wall. If you’re looking for an image similar to your pet, don’t forget that you can create your own wallpaper with your own photo!

2. Sea Life and Fish Wallpaper

Sea life wallpapers are great for bringing serenity to your home! That’s why they’re a perfect choice for bedrooms. Alternatively, as our range of fish wallpapers is one of our most colourful collections, they’re great for injecting colours into blank spaces.


'Sea Turtle in Tropical Waters' mural

3. Farm Animal Wallpaper

Love the countryside but live in the city? Or perhaps your child loves Old MacDonald? Either way, our animal wallpapers feature a diverse range of farm characters!


'Country Farm' wall mural


Villager Jim's 'Ginge Fringe' wall mural

Also, who knew cows could look so trendy? From colourful illustrations of farm yards to incredible photography of cows and sheep, find your preferred style in our collection of animal wallpapers.

4. Wildlife Wallpaper

Deer and stag wallpapers are amongst our most popular categories. Adding a rare sight to your interior design in the form of a proud stag wallpaper can create an awesome feature wall! However, our selection of wildlife wallpapers doesn't stop there.


'Red Deer' mural wallpaper


Howard Robinson's 'Rocky Mountain Selfie' wallpaper mural

For light hearted designs of wildlife wallpapers, check out our collection by Howard Robinson. Aptly titled ‘selfies’, his comical designs capture smiling animals gathering to take a selfie.

5. Bird Wallpaper

Bird wallpaper is one of trendiest types of animal wallpapers for your home. Perfect for adding a touch of femininity to your design, these beautiful bird wallpaper murals come in a flock of designs.


'C. 1893-1900 Frederick Frohawk, Native Hawaiian Birds, Vintage Painting' wall mural


'Snow Geese' wallpaper mural

6. Dinosaur wallpaper

Take your child’s bedroom back to pre-historic times with an exciting dinosaur wallpaper mural.


'Tyrannosaurus Rex Lunch' wall mural

7. Horse Wallpaper

Whether you love to ride horses or watch them race, find a great variety of images in our horse wallpaper category. For those horse fans who love the beauty of one of the most animals loyal, check out our designer range by award winning horse photographer, Vicki Roebuck


'Wistful Smile' wallpaper


'Wind in my Hair' wall mural

8. Tiger Wallpaper

Embrace your wild side with fierce tiger wallpaper. From on-trend jungle prints to spectacular photography capturing tigers in their habitats, there are many designs available dependant on your room. 


'Tiger Hide and Seek' wallpaper mural


'Tiger Splash' wall mural

9. And the rest…

With over 300 images to choose from in our animal category and almost 100 in our sea life wallpaper collection, you’re sure to find your favourite animal wallpaper! Here’s a glimpse of what other characters you can expect to find…


'Kings of the Beach' wall mural


'Walking Elephant' wall mural

We’d love to hear about your choice of animal wallpaper mural and where you’d install it. Please leave your comments in the box below and we look forward to sharing the best! 

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