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Food & Drink Wallpaper

Food & Drink Wallpaper

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Spice up your kitchen décor with a mouthwatering food wallpaper or drink wall mural. Whether you’re a foodie or enjoy a tipple, we’ve a drink or food wallpaper mural for your kitchen!

Choose from vibrant and colourful, tropical citrus fruits and vegetable wallpapers to the deep tones of aromatic spices and coffee bean murals to create the ultimate feature wall in your kitchen.

For wine lovers, you can even explore beautiful vineyards or the depths of a wine cellar with our wine wallpapers. Our pantry of food and drink wallpaper murals is endless! Available in the dimensions of your choice.

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102 Food & Drink Wallpaper Designs

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Popular Food Wallpaper

Update your decor with our fantastic range of food and drink wallpaper and wall murals. We have designs ranging from coffee bean wallpaper to wine cellar wall murals, to healthy fruits and vegetables wallpaper options. We even have scenes from whisky distilleries as the perfect wallpaper option for your kitchen or dining space.

As well as photographic wallpaper, we have patterned and collage type food and drink wall murals for you to choose from. Some of our most popular collage food and beverage wallpapers include lime (and other citrus fruit) slices, chillies, and wine bottle corks. Many of our food or drink wall murals are blown up close-ups of your favourite fruits, vegetables, beverages, and more exciting food and drink options. We even cater for the wine (and other alcoholic beverage) connoisseurs amongst you, with vineyard, brewery, wine cellar, and distillery wallpapers available on our site. Plus, our many patterned wall mural options are fantastic for the younger generation, especially our watermelon patterned wallpaper choices.

Our food and drink wallpaper murals are brilliant for making over your kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, or for a food production factory or office, for a stand out feature wall. To complement a food and drink wallpaper, why not add in bright accessories (for the vibrant fruit and vegetable wall mural options) such as coloured knives, or blinds in a bold colour choice? Order your new favourite wallpaper with us, by simply adding in your wall measurements and details into our online wallpaper measurement forms. We’ll make your food or drink wallpaper to measure for your chosen wall.

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