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yellow field of flowers wallpaper in bedroom

29/08/2018   POSTED BY

5 Must-Have Yellow Wallpapers

Earlier this month, the amazing people at Pinterest emailed us saying that you Pinners are lovin’ yellow wallpaper right now. Who can blame you? Yellow is such a cheerful colour, why not create a statement wall with such a wonderful colour?

Amongst sunflower field pictures and sunsets, we have an array of yellow wallpapers that can help you achieve this top interior trend. Whether your home style is pretty florals or abstract patterns, we’re sure to have a design for you.

In this post, we’ll be saving you the hassle of searching for your perfect wallpaper and introduce you to our five must-have yellow wallpapers. 

1. Sunflower field pictures


Mural in photo: Sunflower Friends

We couldn’t write a blog post on yellow wallpaper and not talk about sunflower wallpaper

Here’s a fact for you, did you know that there are around 70 species of sunflowers? Yup! The most common species that are probably most familiar with you and I is known as the ‘Helianthus Annuus’. Featuring beautiful, bright yellow ray florets that stand tall on a sturdy stem, these spectacular flowers are perfect for creating a statement. Just like the sunflower, yellow is the colour of youthfulness! 

In our collection of eleven, made-to-measure sunflower field wallpapers, you’ll discover this striking ‘sunflower’ mural captured through photography.

2. Yellow tree wallpaper

yellow and orange autumn woodland wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Autumn Forest with Yellow Leaves

It has to be a fact that tree wallpapers can work in any room! They’re an easy way to fill a dull, boring wall with a fresh design. In our extensive range of tree wallpapers, you’ll discover this eye-catching yellow tree wallpaper.

A favourite asset of this wallpaper is that it features three clear colours. The off-white and brown tones balance the vibrant yellow making this a crisp design that will also be very simple to style!

3. Going for something different

grey, off-white and yellow marble wallpaper in grey lounge

Mural in photo: Grey and Mustard Watercolour

So far, we’ve shown you some very natural, scenic designs but our yellow wallpapers don’t just stop there! Take a look at this abstract wallpaper.

Not one for the faint-hearted, this striking yellow wallpaper will not only bring colour to your space, it will also add a sense of texture. Taken from our watercolour collection, similar designs are available in alternative colour schemes.

4. Designer yellow wallpaper that will WOW

black and yellow jungle parrot wallpaper in boho dressing room

Mural in photo: Pineapple Jungle Black

Designer wallpaper is an all-time favourite. This beautiful yellow tropical wallpaper by Andrea Haase is stunning and stylish and will look great in a grown-up living room, bedroom or dressing room!

5. Vintage yellow wallpaper

yellow flower field wallpaper mural in yellow bedroom

Mural in photo: Vintage Yellow Flower Meadow

Whilst we’re on the subject of floral wallpaper, our next introduction is this beautiful Vintage Yellow Flower Meadow wallpaper.

With a filter-style look, it’s more mellow than a sunflower mural so is great for creating a more calming living space. Team this yellow wallpaper with soft furnishings to give your room a cosy feel.

We hope we’ve inspired you to embrace this interior trend! Don’t forget that all of our yellow wallpapers are available for print onto a removable wallpaper – great for rented homes!

If you’d like to share your tips on adding a touch of yellow to your décor, please feel free to comment below. Alternatively, you may like to browse our full collection of yellow wallpapers.

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Nicholas Williams


Amazing blog! All the wallpaper are amazing, specially nature wallpaper, and I love nature. thanks for sharing

Nicole @ Wallsauce.com


Thank you so much Nicholas! It's great to hear you like our blog and wallpapers!

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