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large grand mirror in entryway

19/10/2021   POSTED BY

Grand Entrance Hall Ideas [Stylish & Affordable]

Grand entrance hall ideas can be as lavish or as small scale as you want them to be. You don’t need to own a mansion or live in an English country estate to bring a touch of glamour to your entryway. Trust us. It doesn’t matter if you call home a one-bed apartment or a thirty-room villa. There is no discrimination when it comes to hallway ideas. And most importantly, it can cost as much as you want it to.

In this blog, discover a range of stylish and affordable ways to bring grandeur to your home’s entryway. From going as big as re-flooring the entire room or simply adding a stylish radiator cover to create your own narrow entry table. Get ready to be entryanced by these grand entrance hall ideas...

Entry tables (a necessary grand entrance hall idea)

concrete effect mural in grand entrance hall

Mural in photo: Concrete wallpaper from Extended Range

When decorating your grand entrance hall, the most important item is the entry table. A foyer table is one of the main focuses in this room and is a great place to start when decorating this area. The most important tip is to choose one that can stand a high traffic area. Make sure it is made from a durable material such as hardwood or metal and avoid painting it in chalk paint as it will easily chip off. Remember, all sorts are thrown onto a hallway table - keys, bags, shopping, etc.

If you have a tight space, opt for a narrow entry table that doesn’t take up too much room. Customer Lisa's black table is the perfect example. Or are you a handy DIY master and have an annoying radiator in your entryway? Then why not make your own hallway radiator cover to act as an entry table? This can prove a lot more economical than buying a brand new console table...

When decorating an entry hall table, bring in a light element such as a lamp or candles. Next, go green by choosing a plant or flowers to marry up well with the entire room’s colour scheme. For those of you who have the luxury of a large entrance hall, opt for a round entry table. Always keep a vase of flowers (fresh or faux) or a large plant to welcome you as you go in and out of your home. Is your table placed against a wall? Create a feature wall behind it, such as a concrete effect wallpaper, to draw the eye to your gorgeous entry table.

Statement entry lighting to welcome you home

grand entrance hall chandelier in vintage entryway

Image source: Wealdentimes.co.uk via Pinterest

If you want a statement in your grand entrance hall, always go big on entry lighting. Did you know that you don’t have to choose a tiny lamp when you have a smaller-than-average entryway? As long as you have the headspace, choosing a larger hanging light fixture can actually make the entryway appear larger than it actually is! It’s all in the illusion… if you can fit in such a big lamp, then surely your space must be quite big!

Are you a lover of modern art? Then why not embrace an origami-style pendant lamp or an oversized naked bulb for an industrial touch? We always feel that these types of statement entry lights are like works of art in themselves rather than just home necessities. Or are you more of a traditionalist? Then opt for a vintage find adorned in crystals and ornate metalwork such as in the room above. Vintage lamps will take your home back in time, whether you live in a new build or a Victorian-era property.

Just remember, when it comes to entry lighting, you don’t need to break the bank. So many well-known furniture stores provide beautiful statement lamps. Why not spend even less by visiting your local charity shops for bargain finds? If you’re a handy origamist, find out which non-fire-hazard material you can use to make your own cool lamp with just a naked bulb as the skeleton?

Panelled hallways (stately yet homely)

navy panel wallpaper in antique style hallway

Mural in photo: Dark Blue Panel

Panelled hallways are big in the world of interior design right now. You can’t look at an interiors magazine or blogger without seeing at least one room adorned in beautiful wooden walls! But did you know that panelled walls aren’t just a 2020's thing? They have basically been a classic staple in the traditional home since time began! Even stemming as far back as Ancient Greece and Roman times! However, it wasn’t until the gothic and Tudor period when they became really popular. As well as looking fabulous in stately homes, panelling was their version of insulated walls. Stylish as well as practical - not two words you often see together. And we don’t know about you, but we feel that a panelled hallway adds so much more value and class to a home. Maybe it’s because they make us think of grand period properties...

When panelling is done well, anyone could be convinced that your "period" home has maintained its original panelling for all these years (even if your house was actually built in the early 2000s and you’re super handy with a leveller and saw)! However, not all of us are DIY friendly. And that’s ok! But how will you achieve those realistic wainscoted walls for your panelled hallway? The answer? Panel effect wallpaper. No dust, no mess, just 3D effect panelling that can transform your home within a day instead of weeks of sawing and hammering.

Space-enhancing entryway mirrors

large vintage gold mirror ifor grand entrance hall ideas

No entrance hall is complete without an entryway mirror. As well as a handy tool for making a small space appear bigger, hallway mirrors are useful for that last-minute check before you leave the house - nobody wants to be caught with toothpaste down their blouse or breakfast on their cheek!

So, what kind of entryway mirror would you go for? If you have a long or spacious hallway, why not go bigger and bolder with a standing mirror such as in the gorgeous entry above? Nearly touching the ceiling, this Downton Abbey-esque mirror speaks of grandeur and is basically saying, “I know about style.” As well as beautiful, its placement has been well thought out even though the arrangement looks like it was effortlessly done. The trick is to place items in front of the mirror such as this large vase and footstool. Next, if you have the room, place a piece of furniture on the other side of the room like an entry table. Being able to see what the mirror is facing will only enhance the size of your space and accentuate your tasteful furniture, framing it in the mirror like a work of art.

Another popular option is hanging a mirror above the entryway table to enhance the space. The most on-trend entry mirror shape for this purpose is the round one. Choose a round mirror that marries up well with the length of your entryway table. If your table is large and long, go big, big, big! If it is narrow, try to choose a smaller version to avoid a sense of imbalance. And remember, you don’t need to break the bank when it comes to purchasing mirrors. See what family heirlooms your gran has grown tired of, get online and find second-hand gems or upcycle an old mirror by giving the frame a fresh lick of paint!

Entryway tiles so you always step out in style

black and white tiled floor with monochrome horse wall mural in grand entry

Mural in photo: Horses Black & White

There is no better way to decorate a grand entrance hall than with entryway tiles. Yes, wooden flooring is nice, but if you want to wow your guests, it’s tiles all the way. The beauty of entry tiles is that there is so much choice available. No longer do you need to use actual tiles, but there are so many less expensive alternatives such as vinyl or lino! Remember to always tighten your purse strings - there is always a more economical way…

The most classic option is black and white entryway tiles such as in customer Simon’s home. By choosing monochrome flooring, he has achieved a timeless look that adds vintage flair to his home. Not only this, but these black and white hallway tiles go with absolutely any colour scheme. Yes, they marry up perfectly with this beautiful feature wall, but they would also blend well with navy, dark green; even pink!

If you want to make a real statement with your hallway tiles, why not opt for colourful Moroccan tiling adorned in terracotta, red and turquoise tones? Or why not go Victorian with a William Morris inspired floral pattern in vintage olive green and plum shades? But remember, if you’re not a maximalist, keep the walls neutral if you go for a colourful and highly patterned tile. Less is sometimes more.

Entrance hall storage (the handiest grand entrance hall idea)

simple console storage in trendy entryway

Entrance hall storage may not be the most glamorous grand entrance hall idea, but it is certainly handy! We ALL need a little more storage, so if we can fit it in the hallway, why wouldn’t we make room for it?

There is nothing worse than an entry that is scattered in shoes, shoes and more shoes. You really don’t need that chaos as soon as you come back home from a tough day at work. So firstly, let’s spend a bit of time and some money on entryway shoe storage. If you don’t want to draw attention away from your grand mirror and dazzling tiling, choose an entryway storage table that blends into the walls. By opting for very simple storage like in the room above, the eye is drawn to the beautiful wall art and sculptures instead. And guess what, there are no shoes in sight!

If you love entry tables and want one that mirrors the grandeur of your entrance hall, be ornate with your choice of storage. Upcycle an old sideboard adorned in beautiful carvings. Tear out the unhelpful shelving inside and replace these with shoe-sized shelves that are perfect for all shoe sizes: ballerinas and wellington boots included! Or why not choose a mudroom bench instead of a console table? These are great for storage as well as a spot to tie your laces as well.

Hallway wallpaper to show your sense of style

jungle wallpaper mural in stylish hallway

Mural in photo: Tropical Tiger

When you think of entryways, you don’t always think, “Hallway wallpaper” straight away. It’s usually what tiles, console table and mirror you should go for. But there is so much to be missed if you forget entryway wallpaper! It draws your guests in as soon as they walk into your home and it’s the first thing you see before you leave and enter your front door. So why wouldn’t you make the most of styling the walls?

Depending on your style and colour scheme, think of hallway wallpaper ideas that are unique. Because it’s a space you move in and out of so quickly, go for a design that is more out-there such as this Tropical Tiger wallpaper created by SpaceFrog Designs. Instead of a pattern repeat, this jungle scene draws you in. It’s more of a painting than a wallpaper. Or why not opt for an oriental inspired design with a chinoiserie wallpaper, be retro with a pop art “Wow!” character or bring in a sense of nature with a sunlit forest?

Leave a comment below to tell us your favourite grand entrance hall idea! Want more inspo? Then why not take a look at our hallway decor ideas?

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