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vintage dark flora painting wallpaper with brown leather chair

05/10/2020   POSTED BY

The Art to Gothic Decor in the Modern Home

Gothic fashion and art may seem like ephemeral trends, but these subcultures are steeped in history. And what’s interesting in the world of interiors is gothic design’s multifaceted nature, drawing influences from across the centuries and undergoing many transformations through time. Yet however you look at it, it’s timeless.

Gothic décor channels design elements from the Romanesque, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras, but the most popular style of goth that works in the modern home today is ‘gothic romance’. This is an elegant and charming rendition of the dark, dramatic and moody. Combining darkness and shadows with lightness and colour, this design narrative easily fits into any contemporary space.

With its many juxtapositions, gothic style can be tricky to pinpoint for the untrained eye and can sometimes be perplexing. But while it remains as one of the most mysterious and perhaps misunderstood movements of our time, there are many ways you can embrace it in your home. Here are some of our favourite gothic décor looks to be inspired by.

Bold gothic decor florals for a charming balance

dark fuschia illustrated flowers in pink dining room

Mural in photo: Moody Maroon

The trend of dark floral wallpapers has been taking over the interior world by storm. Thought-provoking and powerful wall statements, these moody floral prints create an avant-garde yet grown-up vibe in the home with a touch of romance and charm.

For a look that is balanced between masculine and feminine, floral wallpapers like our decadent Moody Maroon wall mural tick every box. They create a sense of enigma and darkness while contrasting with beautiful subjects of nature.

Flower wallpapers are a great way of celebrating natural design and bringing the outdoors in for an organic feel, albeit gothic and slightly menacing at heart.

Instagrammable gothic decor with dark textures

black feathers wall mural in lounge with pea green sofa

Mural in photo: Raven Feather Print

This show-stopping Raven Feather Print wallpaper is the perfect feature wall design for anyone who is serious about gothic interiors. Texture effect wallpapers like this one can add layers and layers of depth and dimension, adding intrigue and a feeling of luxury in any room.

For a master bedroom, feathers and other animal print can dramatically elevate the interiors to give you that rich boudoir look, something that is synonymous with gothic history. Looking back to the grand gothic cathedrals of the 12th Century, everything was striking, majestic and opulent. So finish your space with lashings of gold and brass, ornate lamps and décor, and anything eye-catchingly extravagant.

Create a sense of calm with a gothic jungle

green and blue jungle wallpaper in navy lounge

Mural in photo: Luscious Tropical

A gothic jungle is a fantastic way to embrace nature, as well as this year’s popular jungle and botanical trends. Not only are dark tropicals a match made in heaven for communal areas, like the living or dining room, but they can bring a dull hallway to life. For those long, thin hallways that don’t offer enough floor space for interesting furniture and other design elements, a feature wallpaper can work wonders.

To make a gothic wallpaper like this Luscious Tropical mural pop, make sure your space has ample lighting. Natural sunlight is key if you want to avoid your home looking too dark and dingy.

Fantasy wallpaper for gothic decor and culture enthusiasts

moon and dragon wall mural in grey bedroom

Mural in photo: Dragon Moon

While the true origin of gothic art has very little to do with twisted fairy tales, modern interpretation has led us to associate goth culture with castles, dungeons, dragons, dark villains and just anything playfully sinister. For enthusiasts of this curiously seductive subculture, we have a vast selection of fantasy murals to choose from online, including dark fairy tale castles and menacing dragons.

Symbolically, gothic dragon designs represent power, strength and primal instinct. For rooms that need a masculine edge, our moody Dragon Moon wall mural is ideal.

Imaginary winter landscapes and gothic castles

misty dragon castle wall mural in home office

Mural in photo: Dragonstone Wall Mural

Another way to channel modern gothic vibes in the home is with a landscape mural, like this Philip Straub Dragonstone design from our fantasy collection. Gothic art’s main form of expression was through architecture many centuries back, exemplified by the great cathedrals and castles of Northern France (including the two architectural variations, ‘Rayonnant Gothic’ and ‘Flamboyant Gothic’). This is where modern fascination with fortresses comes from within gothic design.

Bringing together images of ice and imaginary lands, this Philip Straub artwork transports you away for the ultimate escapism, while celebrating all things cold, dark and eery.

Gothic decor forest wallpaper fit for Halloween lovers

black and white birch forest wall mural with pumpkins

Mural in photo: Ghost Forest

With Halloween just around the corner, this eery Ghost Forest mural has you covered for all your upcoming spooky celebrations. But dark, chilling forest wallpaper designs aren’t just for October time. Styled in the right way, they can look stylishly atmospheric all year round.

Juxtapose the bareness of the branches with indoor greenery and minimalist elements for a more relatable style or add a touch of luxury with ornate French gothic furniture. If you want to inject lightness in the room, incorporate light-reflecting metals such as opulent gold. Or if you want to have a contemporary contrast, stick with monochrome and finish with white furniture that stands out against the black – this will bring your wallpaper up to date no matter the season.

Black flowers for gothic symbolism

antique painted flowers wall mural with brown leather chair and black chest

Mural in photo: Flowers in a Glass Vase, c.1660

There are many different meanings you can derive from flowers in gothic art. In some contexts, dark flowers represent tragic romance, black magic, death and mourning, or even rebellion. For many, the black rose is the underdog, an alternative take on yellow or pink roses that are seen as feminine.

The flower itself goes way back too, with rose designs seen in the windows of Gothic cathedrals throughout history. Roses were also a symbol of secrecy in Roman Times and have been linked to the Philosopher's Stone of Immortality in the context of alchemy. So as a motif, flowers have many interpretations.

This Flowers in a Glass Vase, c.1660 (oil on panel), Jan Davidsz de Heem wallpaper design creates a beautiful yet brooding vibe in the home. It looks great in every room and can be matched with a range of furniture colours. For more moody florals, take a look at our rose wallpaper collection.

Do you love gothic décor as much as we do? Let us know your favourite gothic-inspired wallpapers in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post with anyone who loves gothic interiors.

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