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Metal Wallpaper

Metal Wallpaper

Rust Effect Wallpapers

Achieve an industrial feel in your room with a metal effect wall mural from Wallsauce. Urban and tough, sleek metal effect wallpaper is great for adding intensity and strong features to any room you choose.

Our fantastic range of metal effect wallpapers includes rusted and corroded iron, brushed steel, and cogs and gears. We even have a metal wallpaper that features a worn old and rusted vintage car - if that takes your fancy!

From rusty, corroded surfaces to clean, brushed metal textures, there’s a rusty metal wall mural for you to create that urban look in your room. Perfect for both homes and workspaces, our metal murals are made-to-measure and installed just like wallpaper.

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51 Metal Wallpaper Designs

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Metal Wallpaper

Interestingly, some of our rusted and corroded metal effect wallpaper looks similar to an outer space scene. Our metal effect wallpaper range includes Metal Texture, which will transport you to the inside of a boat or plane, thanks to the many nuts and bolts keeping the metal panels in place and, our Metal Gears wall mural shows various cogs all working together to keep a machine working, and is great for steampunk enthusiasts.

Rusted and corroded metal wallpaper is perfect for any room in the house, even the bathroom! Corroded Artistic Metal is great for adding a splash of muted colour, with blues and browns that compliment each other. Or, for more 3D texture, our Patina wallpaper features complimentary colours such as blue and orange on a silvery background.

Our more simple metal effect wallpaper options include Brushed Metal Texture, which introduces a silvery finish to your wall, whilst the Circular Metal Brushed Texture will entrance you in its smooth texture. Whichever metal effect wallpaper you choose, when you order with us you'll be guaranteed a wallpaper that is a perfect fit for whichever wall you choose. Why not accentuate your metal effect wall art with other metal accessories.

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