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Bookcase Wallpaper

Bookcase Wallpaper

Bookshelf Wallpaper

Complete the look in your room with a fabulous, mind-tricking bookcase wall mural! From old bookcases reminiscent of libraries to sleek white bookcases for modern designs, there’s a stylish bookcase wallpaper mural to suit your home's décor.

Perfect for homes or businesses, our beautiful bookcase murals can add fine detail or become the feature in your room. All of our stunning book murals are made-to-measure, so your bookcase mural can fit proudly on the focal wall in your lounge, quietly in an alcove, or along your corridor wall so that guests are impressed as soon as they walk into your home!

Please note most of these bookcase wallpapers can be edited by our studio team so that they are life-size. You will be contacted regarding this once your order has been placed.

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32 Bookcase Wallpaper Designs

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Bookcase Effect Wallpaper

Perfect for if you're a bibliophile or bookworm, a bookcase wallpaper will liven up any living space, and is also great for using on coffee shop walls to add sophistication and class.

We offer various different types of bookcase and bookshelf wallpaper, from ones containing an array of fictional characters and worlds, to bookcase wall murals that hold hundreds of antique, well-read books. These bookcase wallpapers are perfect as an accent wall, or as an all around the room feature.

You can choose to add to your decor with classic office chairs, or a brown leather sofa in order to add to the refined tastes of a library wallpaper mural. If you prefer to go down the minimalist route, then our white bookcase options would be perfect for your interior design plans.

Our Bookcase With White Books shows how simple and conservative a bookcase wall design can be. Whereas, Books and Ladders wallpaper mural shows how a monochrome design can be impactful in your living room or reading area. But, we also have classic bookcase wallpaper options, such as our Library Books wallpaper. Or, our Bookshelf wallpaper will help bring nostalgia and imagination back into your life thanks to its mini-worlds that are encapsulated on every shelf.

All of our wallpaper options, including our bookcase wallpapers, are ready and waiting to be made to order according to your room and wall measurements. Every wallpaper will be sent to you in easy to apply, self-adhesive panels to ensure that the wallpaper application process is smooth and simple.

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