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Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

Air Balloon Wallpaper

Ideal for a baby’s nursery or for an adventurer’s bedroom wall, our hot air balloon wallpaper is so versatile as well as beautiful. Bright in multi-coloured shades and set in stunning landscapes, there is something utterly cheerful as well as calming about air balloon wallpapers!

All our gorgeous balloon wallpapers are custom-made to fit any wall in your home or workplace. Just tell us your wall’s dimensions, choice of wallpaper and which part of the hot air balloon wallpaper you’d like to crop!

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25 Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper Designs

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Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

A beautiful hot air balloon can look fantastic in a number of different rooms. This is because they have many different connotations. Air balloons represent a love for adventure and travel, or they can represent romance for travelling on the perfect date! Hot air balloons also have a sense of innocence which makes them fantastic for a nursery. We think this is because of the circus style, bright colours!

If installed in a nursery, place the hot air balloon mural along the wall beside the cot and choose an array of colours from the balloon wallpaper and use them in the rest of your wall’s décor. For instance, if your design has red, blue and yellow balloons in it, choose a rug that is red, blue curtains and paint the walls in a shade of yellow! If you’re an avid traveller, then install a sunset hot air balloon wallpaper behind the headboard of your bed. To create a calm feeling in the room, paint the surrounding walls with and have mostly white furniture.

To order one of our air balloon wallpapers, choose your favourite design and fill out the order form on that page. We ask for your wall’s dimensions and choice of wallpaper materials. We have classic or premium paste the wall or textured peel and stick for you to choose.

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