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Preparing Your Wall

It is important to ensure that your wall is ready for a wall mural. Proper preparation will means that your mural will correctly adhere to the wall and not detract from the impact of your chosen mural image or illustration. Proper preparation will also mean that in the future, removing your wall mural will be as trouble free as possible.

The basic steps that we suggest are:

  • To remove any existing wall coverings / wallpaper
  • Remove and repair flaky paint areas, other defects in the wall surface, nail holes etc, ensuring your wall is flat and in an ideal condition to carry your wall mural.
  • Remove any protruding fixings, hooks, fixtures and switches*
  • Remove any old residues that are left on your wall. Warm water with mild detergents can help this.
  • Paint your wall with new emulsion white paint. Applying at least 2 coats will give a more consistent finish. It is important to give any new painted surfaces enough time to dry thoroughly.

Self-Adhesive / Repositionable Murals:

This material has a small amount of transparency so different wall colours may show through, depending on the colours contained within your mural print itself. We recommend that these murals are installed on smooth wall surfaces that are painted white.


Depending on your level of experience, you may wish to seek professional decorating advice for the suitable preparation of your wall in readiness for a new wall mural from Wallsauce.com.

*Take all necessary precautions when dealing with any electrical switches and plug sockets etc.

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