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09/03/2021   POSTED BY

Stylish and Affordable Spa Bathroom Ideas

Make every day a relaxing retreat with these calming spa bathroom ideas. Visiting a spa has to be one of the most healing ways to give our minds and bodies a refresh. Somewhere we can escape from our worries for a while, find a rare moment of stillness and let ourselves completely recuperate…

But, of course, paying for a weekly spa trip would break the bank. Instead of making us calm, it would have the reverse effect! As an alternative, why not create your own spa bathroom at home? Discover how decluttering can clear the mind, that a few candles can completely alter the mood, or how a long-lasting bathroom wallpaper can create a serene ambiance for years to come. Paired with a chilled glass of champagne and a good book, it won’t be long till you can enjoy your own Five-Star health resort…

Natural elements to invite the outdoors in

oriental garden wall mural in spa bathroom

Mural in photo: Chinoiserie Garden

Bringing an element of nature into the space is one of the best spa bathroom ideas. If you are prone to killing plants (unintentionally we hope), then why not install a beautiful, nature-inspired bathroom wallpaper in your bathroom interior design? For humid spaces such as a washroom, choose our Premium Paste the Wall wallpaper material which has anti-mould properties.

Or if you love caring for your little green friends, invite humid-loving ones into your spa room. Even a few leaf cuttings from the garden are great bathroom décor ideas. Aromatherapist, Holly Spears of oiledessence.com explains more.

"I've found that some sizeable green foliage houseplants contrast nicely with the crisp white color scheme for accessories. Have a look around your home for green house plants you're willing to give up and place in the bathroom. If you are buying new ones, look out for Philodendron, Swiss Cheese Plants, or a Ruffled Fan Palm. Fresh flowers are super zen, too, so try to get some fresh blooms of whatever flower speaks serenity to you! I'd keep it minimal with just one or two vases of fresh blooms. If you're having trouble maintaining them, try silk flowers instead."

As well as mimicking the outdoors and lowering our sense of stress, some plants also have aromatherapy benefits as well. For instance, have you ever heard of a eucalyptus shower? Known to open up the nasal passages, eucalyptus hung at the showerhead is a traditional way to beat colds or congestion.

Healing aromatherapy (one of our favourite spa bathroom ideas)

woman trying on aromatherapy oils

The spa experience is extremely sensual and one of the senses that need to be addressed the most is smell. Aromatherapy is crucial in your spa bathroom because different scents will address different needs.

“I'm an aromatherapist, so the blend I use would depend on the client. My blends change depending on the person's energy and what they are going for. An excellent Zen blend is made up of jasmine, geranium, lavender, and sandalwood.” – Holly Spears (Aromatherapist at oiledessence.com)

There are a number of ways you can embrace aromatherapy oils. From placing reed diffusers on your sink vanity, lighting candles, using an essential oil burner, or simply dropping oils into your hot bath before you dip in. Research into the different benefits of essential oils and be your own aromatherapist instead of paying for a professional.

Therapeutic high tech plumbing on another level

gold shower head in grey bathroom

Image source: Uk.homary.com via Pinterest

I don’t know about you, but if you have a poor quality shower, you will never achieve the perfect spa style bathroom. There is nothing more frustrating than a weak, temperature confused, delayed shower (trust me – I am well experienced with this). Although not the cheapest answer to our spa bathroom ideas, spending a bit more on fancy plumbing can be transformative. Amanda Hickam, Owner of Harper Harris Design Studio, knows what is needed for a home spa.

“The selection of plumbing fixtures available on the market today are full of spa like options. Water jets in the shower, rain head faucets, steam showers with aromatherapy, massage, heaters, and chromatherapy in bathtubs, remote control showers, and in floor heating, are all available extras that make a bathroom feel extra special.”

Keep a clear head by decluttering the space

red gold fish wallpaper in minimalist bathroom

Mural in photo: Two Veil Goldfish

When giving any room a makeover, the most important step is to declutter. Donating unloved items, organising the stuff you want to keep and then storing it carefully away will make all the difference. As well as the tidy end result, the process of decluttering your spa bathroom is your first spa treatment. This treatment is called ‘The Mind Clearer’. Having fewer items is known to decrease stress, clear your mindset and allow space for you to re-energise (plus there are less things to dust)! Genevieve Rosen-Biller, Expert Interior Designer and Founder of Bed Threads, explains how decluttering your bathroom will leave more room for you to enjoy your new spa area.

“The dreaded 'd' word isn't everyone's favorite pastime, that's for sure. It turns out, as we discovered in a previous post, that decluttering can actually bring out a creative side to us and make us more productive. Not only that, but spaces in our homes that aren't filled with clutter are more likely to be used and enjoyed, so to transform your bathroom into a retreat, you'll need to clear any excess clutter and do a general tidy up. Make use of all your drawers to hide products out of sight, and give every surface a good wipe down. You'll feel better, trust me.”

Ethereal music to entrance the mind

spa bathroom ideas bluetooth speaker next to green plants

Another one of the senses that needs to be addressed when it comes to spa bathroom ideas is sound. It’s important if you want to achieve a perfect escape – especially if you live in a busy household.

“If you trace your mind back to your favorite day spa or wellness retreat, you might recognize a soft stream of atmospheric music or even sounds of nature that help to immediately set the mood from the moment you walk in. It's easily to replicate the mood at your place with a portable speaker that streams one of the dozens of relaxing playlists that were created for this very purpose.” - Genevieve Rosen-Biller (Expert Interior Designer and Founder of Bed Threads)

Although it can be tempting to put on your favourite tunes of all time, the purpose of your spa bathroom is to create a sense of stillness in you. This won’t be achieved if you’re belting out your number 1 Fleetwood Mac hit.

Ambient lighting to set the mood

countryside wallpaper in bathroom spa

Mural in photo: Sunset Landscape

Another sense that needs to be addressed is sight. As well as glancing at beautiful greenery and florals, ambient lighting is key. If you want to spend more, opt for adjustable lighting such as ceiling-fitted lights. Or if you want to be kind to your purse, simply light candles or buy faux ones that will last for years to come. We love how effective the candles are in our customer’s holiday home in Ripon, Yorkshire, above. Andra DelMonico, Lead Interior Designer at Trendey explains the different purposes for different brightness levels of light.

“Bright light is essential when you are getting ready in the morning. However, it’s the exact opposite type of light you want when creating a spa-like atmosphere. Switch out your standard on/off switches for controls that allow for custom adjustment. You can then turn the lights down, but not turn them off for a soothing amount of light. Better yet, add multiple lighting options. Choose a bright white light for your task lighting. Then choose a warmer yellow-hued ambient light for your spa activities.”

Calming colours to refresh the body and mind

spa bathroom ideas for neutral colours

Mural in photo: Stone Marble

If you are strongly influenced by colour, finding the perfect hue for your spa bathroom is so important. Healer, Jusstine Kenzer of psychicgirl.com, offers her advice on the power of colour.

“Everything is energy. That means that all color has a specific vibration. When creating the perfect spa-like bathroom you want to be conscious about the colors you use to create the vibe you are going for. White vibrates to cleansing and clearing. Blues vibrate to peace, Greens vibrate to physical healing while pink vibrates to self-love.”

As well as natural greens and blues, earthy shades such as nutty brown and terracotta are ideal for grounding yourself. This is why we love this Stone Marble wallpaper in the spa bathroom above. The rich, earthy tones add a touch of colour into the space but don’t distract you from the main task at hand: relaxation. It’s the perfect wallpapered bathroom.

Spa bathroom ideas all about pampering yourself

old bath tub decorated with pampering items

Last of all (but most important to us) is the pampering part. When you have finally created the most zen spa bathroom imaginable, it’s all about buying yourself pampering gifts. Andrew Barker, Founder of homeownercosts.co.uk, knows the key components for a pamper night.

“Lavish yourself with a few indulgences such as bath bombs, body scrubs, face masks, and bath salts. Fluffy bathrobes, towels, and slippers should be a fine addition as well. Add any item that you think spas would have and can help you feel as relaxed as possible.”

As well as these, make sure you spend the most you can on high-quality towels and seek the plushest bathmat possible. Treat yourself to a small pile of new magazines and have these at hand when you’re enjoying a bubble bath. Or why not have a bath tray as well to put a candle, book and glass of fizz on top? But our biggest tip when it comes to spa bedroom ideas is this: turn off your phone and put it in another room. Spa time is all about you and giving yourself a break. Not a chance to update yourself in Instagram feeds.

What have you done to create a spa like bathroom? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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I love your products

Nicole @ Wallsauce


Thanks Rick, that's great to hear :)

David Bick


Hi, you show your product's in bathroom situations, yet I have not seen any reference to their water resistant properties. If they are not suitable for wet environments can a proprietary waterproofing sealant be applied to the wall coverings ?

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi David. Thank you for your comment. Many of our customers have installed Wallsauce wallpapers in their bathrooms. We recommend our Premium Paste the Wall wallpaper material for these types of spaces because it has anti-mould properties.

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