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Scandinavian Christmas Decorations in a hallway with a black and white tree mural and a green Christmas wreath

11/02/2022   POSTED BY

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations to Warm Your Soul!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

If you’re anything like me, you love nothing more than donning your hat and scarf and strolling through your neighbourhood on a quiet winter’s evening to admire the Christmas lights and decorations; twinkling lights, Christmas carols and mulled wine are what make Christmas one of the best holidays of the year – and who could forget the decorating!

If you are looking for some festive décor inspiration, then you need to consider the stunning world of Scandinavian Christmas decorations. The Hygge style encompasses a stripped-back, natural feel which focuses on lots of natural woods, neutral colours, simplicity and cosiness to create their warm, “hygge” atmosphere. This particular style of decoration will warm the hearts and souls of everyone who sets eyes upon it; if you want to try your hand at Scandinavian Christmas decorations, we’ve laid out some tips below…

Keep it stripped back and neutral

Neutral Scandinavian Christmas Decorations in form of ceramic houses and green faux trees in a white living room

Image Source: best4crafts.com via Pinterest

A great way to embrace the Scandinavian Christmas theme is to keep your colour scheme as neutral as possible; this doesn’t mean it will look flat or boring - if anything, it will be the complete opposite! Scandinavian style thrives on minimalistic designs and colours, which accentuates the added pop of natural wood and evergreen hues. A great way to create the Hygge-style is to choose white ceramic items in the form of houses or trees: set them with a few mini faux Christmas trees and some pine cones to create a beautiful little Hygge-style scene.

Scandinavian Christmas decorations with a Nordic twist

White, grey and red bedsheets in a cabin style bedroom with wood panel walls and a black bed frame

Image source: idealhome.co.uk via Pinterest

If you are looking for Scandinavian Christmas decorations with a Nordic twist, simply combine your neutral colour scheme with rich red hues. Not only does this add a hint of colour to your style, it really accentuates the magical Santa-red association that has become synonymous with Christmas - a great way to do this is to choose red and white bedsheets, so you can even enjoy your Hygge-style Christmas whilst tucked up in bed.

Decorate your windows not just your walls!

Close up on a window with a drawn christmas village on the glass with warm white lights

Image source: bloglovin.com via Pinterest

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this? A popular tradition with the Scandinavian Christmas decoration scene is putting decorations ON your windows, not just around them. We love this particular theme as it gives you complete creative control, and a huge canvas to work with (depending on your window size, of course!). Two great ways to do this are by using glass chalk pens, for those who wish to illustrate directly onto the glass, or you can also opt for window stickers if you prefer a less time-consuming alternative. Using these methods you can create wintery street views, snowy landscapes, or beautifully painted baubles - don’t forget to include warm-white lighting to really enhance your artwork!

Don’t be afraid to go minimal

Minimal living room with white walls and mantelpieces with a Christmas wreath and natural wood stars

Image source: the birchcottage.com via Pinterest

One of the wonderful aspects of Scandinavian Christmas decorations is their stripped-back style - the “Hygge” style relies on minimalism to create a display that is just as beautiful as a wall or mantelpiece covered in decorations; all you need to do is choose a few natural-looking products, such as wooden stars or candlestick holders. For the traditional ‘hanging a stocking over the fireplace’ theme, simply choose woven stockings or even small sacks which you can personalise yourself by embroidering or adorning with designs. Additionally, adding in a small garland can complete your look with both minimal effort and strain on your purse strings.

Adorn your walls with a snowy forest

Scandinavian Christmas Decorations in a hallway with a black and white tree mural and a green Christmas wreath

Mural in photo: Sketch Effect Forest

Should you have a smaller area such as your hallway, you can still perfect your Scandinavian Christmas look by incorporating a snowy woodland wall mural by placing a natural-looking wreath on your door, or a small Christmas tree in a wicker or rattan basket - by adding a removable Christmas wallpaper, you can completely transform your space into a winter wonderland whilst staying true to the stripped back Scandinavian style.

Treat your Christmas tree to neutral decorations

White and beige living room with a neutral Christmas tree and neutral decorations

Image source: amara.com via Pinterest

Another wonderful way to apply Scandinavian design to your home during the festivities is with your Christmas tree - the Christmas tree already has a vibrant pop of dark green, so all you need is to choose decorations that are white, brown, or beige (or all three!) to create a beautiful Scandinavian themed tree. For an extra hint of Hygge beauty, why not choose neutral wrapping paper for your gifts as you display them under the tree? Combine these with a soft, white rug and fluffy beige blankets for when you cosy up on the sofa, and you’ll never want Christmas to end!

Scandinavian Christmas decorations are perfect for dinner

Christmas table with beige table cloth and plates with pinecones and gold cutlery

Image source: reliving.nl via Pinterest

There are many aspects of Christmas that make it so wonderful; spending time with family and friends, watching Christmas movies, snowball fights, mulled wine and not forgetting the gift of giving and receiving; but an aspect I have always loved is the food - whether you go all out with a three-course meal or set out a buffet system, there is just something magical about Christmas food.

People spend lots of time and effort perfecting their culinary skills, so why not put as much effort into your table decoration? A Scandinavian-styled table is a perfect choice as you don’t need to over-encumber your table with lot of heavy decorations; stick to a thin garland you can trail down the length of your table and choose a muslin table cloth; rose gold accessories are perfect for your plates, glasses or cutlery.

Scandinavian Christmas decorations to enjoy in your kitchen!

Beige kitchen with a window that has warm white lights and a green wreath

Image source: myseasonedhome.com via Pinterest

Keep your Christmas theme flowing through your whole house by trickling your decorations into your kitchen; what could be more festive than preparing Christmas dinner? Scandinavian Christmas decorations could be the perfect choice for adorning your kitchen, as you only need a few items to set the scene. An illuminated wreath around your window, surrounded by neatly placed ceramic trees and houses, is all you need to transform your kitchen into a Scandinavian Christmas haven.

Treat your walls to a removable Hygge wallpaper

Neutral bedroom with a Scandinavian Christmas wallpaper and muted green and gold bedsheets

Mural in photo: Dotty Christmas

In the spirit of keeping Scandinavian Christmas decorations throughout your whole home, the bedroom is the final port of call; adorning your walls with a removable Christmas wallpaper can be an excellent choice here. The wonderful aspect of removable Christmas wallpapers is how conveniently you can apply them to your home during the festive period, but remove them with ease once the holidays are over. If you are looking to decorate your bedroom this Christmas with a removable wallpaper, you can encompass the Scandinavian style via our ‘Dotty Christmas’ wallpaper as seen above; simply combine it with muted green and gold bedsheets and a small Christmas tree to transform your bedroom into a beautiful Scandinavian escape.

If you found yourself in love with the beauty that is Scandinavian Christmas decorations, why not try them in your own home? Let us know in the comments below!

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