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grey and rose gold kitchen wallpaper

06/22/2023   POSTED BY

Immersive 3D Wall Murals for Homes and Workplaces

The world of mural wallpapers has taken a step in the 3D direction in recent years. Lucky for us, it has incited an exciting trend for 3D-effect wall murals to make a room pop!

3D wallpapers have a wonderfully immersive aesthetic that makes you feel like you can actually walk into the image! From bold and vibrant tunnels and rustic wine cellars to the London Underground, 3D wall murals really get the excitement flowing! 3D designs also give smaller rooms a whole new lease of life. They create the illusion that space is much bigger than it is! Perfect to impress family or friends in your home, or clientele at your place of business!

Great for office spaces, meeting rooms, homes and retail, see our wide selection of immersive 3D wall murals. They will certainly give you that added edge, perspective and wow-factor.

Tunnel Wallpaper That You Will Want to Run Through!

From speeding underground train tunnels to eerily beautiful caves, our range of tunnel murals are some of our most impactful 3D immersive wallpapers. When you view these amazing designs, you won’t be able to stop your eyes from being tricked that these tunnels are actually 2D and as flat as a pancake.

speed blur effect underground tunnel wallpaper in modern lounge

Mural in image: Tube Speed

Travel as Fast as the Speed of Light in the Comfort of your own Home

Of course, we know that underground trains don’t travel as fast as the speed of light. However, the way that your eye feels it is moving forward is just as impactful! This amazing Tube Speed wall mural would make an impact in any room. It looks absolutely astounding in this trendy living room. Just imagine your friends’ and family’s reactions when they see your home transformation!

3d effect blue swirl in black and white decor bedroom

Murals in photo: Twirl

Wormhole Designs to Transport you to Another Dimension

See how the lights and colours swirl and sway in this wormhole Twirl wall mural. Step into the light and experience a world of excitement and space-filled wonder. As well as a stunning feature wall in a bedroom, this 3D immersive wallpaper gives a unique sense of relaxation which is ideal for a working environment. Whether for an office or meeting room, this light-filled tunnel will transport your mind into work mode, promoting productivity and creativity.

Mysterious and magical caves to excite the senses

bronze coloured tunnel wallpaper in sheek dining room

Mural in image: Cave Tunnel

Become an explorer with our range of cave tunnel murals. Immerse yourself and your visitors into a whole new world of discovery with the natural environment. Have a little taste of natural architecture and show off your adventurous side!

This earthy Cave Tunnel wallpaper is a great opportunity to maximise the space available in your home or business. Smaller spaces can seem claustrophobic. This might not incite the feeling of comfort and calm that you want for yourself, your clients or your staff. So, maximise the space you have with a simple 3D mural wallpaper to create the illusion of more space!

Create an Optical Illusion with a Wine Cellar Wallpaper

We all love a good optical illusion. So why not have a bit of magic in your home with a mesmerising optical illusion wine cellar wall mural?

rustic wine cellar mural in dining area

Mural in room: Wine Barrels 

Dine inside a wine cellar!

After a hard day at work, see this fantastic Wine Barrels wallpaper. Feel like you’re back on vacation tasting those beautiful wines at the local vineyard! You won’t be able to wait for dinner where you can relax, unwind and enjoy your meal.

door in kitchen to illusion wine cellar

Would You Like to Step Into My Cellar?

There is something undeniably sophisticated about wine murals. They make excellent feature walls for the kitchen, dining area or for a winery business. Not only do these 3D wallpapers create a fantastic trick to the eye, but their dimly-lit elegance and grace inject a passionate sense of class into any room.

Look at how inventive one of our customers was by installing this wine cellar wallpaper in their kitchen. Owning a wine cellar in their home is now one of their dreams come true!

old wine cellar wallpaper in vintage style living room

Mural in room: Epic Wine Cellar

Live Inside a Rustic French Chateau

Pair our awe-inspiring winery murals with a range of tasteful furniture to create the perfect antique look. Get that French chateau feel and a gorgeous vintage ambience. With a roaring fire, a vintage chaise longue, dim lighting and more importantly, a glass in hand, your home will not only have rustic flair but warmth and cosiness.

Motivate Your Staff With an Immersive 3D Wallpaper

Staff are an important part of a company, and happy, relaxed staff are more productive. So, why not jazz up your staff offices or meeting areas to increase creative flow and productivity? Give your break room a new lease of life with some art-focused murals, incorporating clean shapes and calming neutral colours. The artsy, bright Antwerp-Stairs 3D mural is a wonderful addition to an office stairwell, meeting space or break room.

black and white twirl wallpaper in white modern office

Mural in image: Antwerp Stairs

Do you have more of a dynamic workspace? Give your staff and visitors a taste of who you are with an optical illusion that will keep them mesmerised and on-target. 3D murals are an incredible way to escape from the pressures of work and play. They give office spaces, showrooms, retail spaces and homes the edge they need to create perfect environments.

Corridors and Stairwells to Maximise Space

All our 3D immersive wallpapers cleverly create the illusion of creating more space. However, our corridors and stairwells wallpapers are some of our most favourite picks for doing just that!

red, blue and white underground stairs wall mural with red sofa

Mural in room: Red and Blue Underground

Designer 3D Immersive Wallpaper to Transform Any Room

One of our top designer photographers is the amazing Assaf Frank. He has perfectly captured the feel of the London underground with this artistic Red and Blue Underground wall mural. Along with his other underground-inspired wall murals, this red, blue and grey stairwell is absolutely beautiful in a unique, original way. We think that this quirky 3D wallpaper would look amazing in any city apartment. Like in this room, choose décor in similar shades ito bring out the colours in the mural.

white 3d corridor in minimalist lounge

Mural in photo: 3D Corridor

Modern Corridors for a Minimalistic Look

We adore how our customer, Anne, styled this gorgeous 3D Corridor wallpaper in her minimalistic dining room. She has stuck to the minimalist interior design rule of opting for as few shades as possible in her colour scheme. By having her stable pieces of furniture in white she can play around with the second colour. Anne can easily change the yellow flowers and scatter cushions and swop them for pieces in a different colour! Wouldn't touches of blue or red look great in this room? This is a long-term way to give your home a makeover every now and then, without having to spend thousands.

stone tunnel wall mural in grey and rose gold modern kitchen

Mural in photo: Into the Distance

Our talented customer Kayleigh has also created the perfect minimalistic look in her kitchen. We adore this 3D-effect Into the Distance wallpaper. By simply choosing décor in shades of grey with a sprinkle of rose gold, she has created a kitchen worthy of any home interior magazine interview!

With so many wonderful 3D wallpapers to choose from, which do you think would look best in your space?

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Steven Nojaim


What is your maximum size?

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Steven! The maximum size of one of our murals all depends on the size and quality of the image. All murals are checked by one of our team members to see if the image is of good quality before we dispatch it to you. :)



Need to know maximum size available and cost.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Bharat :). The maximum size and price of the mural all depends on the image you choose and the size of your wall. All our custom-made murals are checked by our studio team before we print the order to make sure the image is of top quality.

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