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brown and beige bookcase in trendy lounge

07/16/2020   POSTED BY

Home Library Design Ideas for all Bookworms

Reading is the new going out and more people are realising the value of getting lost in print. Books also look fabulous in the home, adding charm and character to any room. But the benefits of having books as part of your décor go far beyond just appearing intelligent to guests. That’s what coffee tables are for (all hail the artsy coffee table book).

A home library, on the other hand, is all about creating a quiet, calm and relaxing space for learning and reflection. It’s the ultimate space for self-care and we think every house needs one. What’s great is that you can achieve amazing home libraries with our range of bookcase wallpaper. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned bibliophile or a new collector – our illusion murals can bring your reading nook to life.

See our home library design ideas below, including some of the best book wallpaper prints that will have bookworms feeling cosy and content.

White bookcase wallpaper for clean interiors

minimalist white bookshelf in sleek office

Mural in photo: White Bookcase

Insatiable readers believe that books are the best kind of clutter to have around. But that doesn’t mean a library has to look or feel disorganised. The way you approach your design matters and storage is the key to being clutter-free.

Love the idea of a fresco bookcase but hate the thought of too much going on visually? This Studio Arterie White Bookcase mural is as modern and minimalist as they come. Super contemporary, a white book mural can add depth and dimension to your home office or library without overdoing the theme.

Mid-century mod springs to mind. As do Eames chairs, geometric furnishings and metals such as brass or black wire décor.

Design an atmospheric reading room with candles

vintage candle lit bookshelves in cosy home library

Mural in photo: Bookcase and Candles

This homey Bookcase and Candles mural adds so much atmosphere to a home office or library room. Whether you want escapism or you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to add vintage charm, this design ticks all the boxes.

It’s also a great bookcase wallpaper choice for homes that don’t have a dedicated library space. Use it as a backdrop to your sofas in the living room, create a beautiful illusion in your dining room, or use it as a feature wall in the bedroom. Get that bibliophile vibe in an instant even as a rookie collector.

And with our simple ‘Paste the Wall’ wallpapers and ‘Peel & Stick’ murals, home library design is easier than ever to achieve on a budget.

Children’s home library design with a book tree

tree bookshelf wallpaper in kids playroom

Mural in photo: Tree Book Shelf

The Tree of Knowledge is a symbol that dates back to biblical times. Today though, it’s something that many parents and teachers can relate to, with links to education. For kids, it represents something fun, exciting and exploratory. That’s why we love wall décor designs that feed the mind. This amazing Tree Book Shelf wall mural is one of the many children’s wallpapers we have in our collection and it can transform a drab bedroom instantly.

Create a cute reading corner in your child’s bedroom – or make your home library 100% kid-friendly with this book wallpaper and give encouragement to young bookworms.

A home library can have a powerful effect on children. There’s even evidence to suggest that a child growing up in a home with at least 80 books will have greater literacy and numeracy in adulthood (Research by Australian National University). So if you’re in need of a new space for the kids to hang out, a home library is a project worth investing in!

Create an illusion with real library photo wallpaper

3D effect library wallpaper in home office library

Mural in photo: Library in Berlin

With over 56% of global companies allowing people to work from home, there’s never been a better time to invest in home office design. The simple addition of an office mural can make a huge difference to your working day.

For home workers in need of daily inspiration, photographic wallpapers can transport you to your favourite places in the world. Bookworms will love this Library in Berlin wall mural by Massimo Cuomo. It features the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Library at Humboldt University, which is listed as one of the most beautiful libraries ever made. It houses 2.5 million books and boasts a glass ceiling that floods the building with natural light.

This is a great home office-library design idea, combining work or study with your favourite pastime and appreciation of international architecture.

Multi-coloured book wallpaper for a vibrant space

colourful book shelf wall mural in child's white bedroom

Mural in photo: Bookcase Wallpaper

If you want to design a home library that has lots of colour, this 3D-effect Bookcase mural wallpaper will definitely get the creative juices flowing. Interior colours and creative thinking are intrinsically linked, with different hues being able to stimulate different parts of the brain.

For home offices, home studios or music rooms, multi-coloured wallpapers work a treat in creating the right atmosphere and mind-set. A bright book wallpaper will most definitely appeal to kids too.

This one is suitable for boys’ or girls’ bedroom design, with no limit on age. Young children will be just as inspired as teens and primary colours will really make the décor pop.

To let your feature wall shine, use neutral hues for the rest of the space and embrace cool grey tones, white furniture, light woods and minimalist fixtures and fittings.

Soft, natural colours for a Scandi home

scandi brown and beige book shelf wall mural in modern home library

Mural in photo: Natural Bookcase

If you have chic, Scandinavian interiors and need something to add a little texture to the room, opt for neutrals in your wallpaper colour scheme. This beautiful Natural Bookcase wall mural by Studio Arterie is the epitome of clean, calm energy. Just looking at this wallpaper design is instantly relaxing, making it perfect for a home library.

This palette matches well with creams, ecru or beige, as well as greys or soft mushroom hues. Install walnut or dark mango wood shelves to complement this mural and continue the neutral theme with organic elements such as wicker, rattan and pampas grass plants.

A house without books is a body without a soul, as the saying goes. This wallpaper design has all the soul you need – without disrupting modern interior concepts or stealing the limelight.

What do you think of our home library interior design? Let us know about your home library design ideas below…

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