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powder pink roses photo wallpaper in calm bedroom

06/30/2023   POSTED BY

Girly Wallpaper for Anyone Who Loves Pink!

Girly wallpaper isn’t just for girls! Not only is it open to anyone and everyone but it looks fabulous in an array of room types. Why not choose a girly pink floral mural for the master bedroom or relish in an ultra-sleek marble effect wall mural for your modern lounge? Tropical floral jungle wallpapers bring an exotic touch to any bathroom or you can opt for subtle minimalist wallpaper to bring a sense of calm into your home office!

With such a fantastic collection of pretty designs, girly wallpaper is ready to run the world of interior design! Take a look for yourself. You won't be disappointed...

Delicate floral wallpaper for the perfect night’s sleep

pretty flowers hanging from ceiling on white background wallpaper in pink and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Romantic Flower Chandelier

I can’t think of anything more relaxing than going to sleep underneath a bouquet of wildflowers like this beautiful Romantic Flower Chandelier wall mural! This girly wallpaper is perfect for a serene master bedroom but it would also look amazing in a teenager or child’s room.

Tip: for a nursery, place a white or dusty pink cot against this stunning floral wallpaper: it will beautifully frame around your baby as they sleep. Or similarly, install this gorgeous girly wallpaper in a cute girl's bedroom. Place their headboard against the beautiful flowers.

Floral geode murals for a designer look

pink, purple and gold floral and geode wallpaper in cool black and pink lounge

Mural in photo: Metallic Floral Agate

We adore the marriage of marble and florals in this fabulous Metallic Floral Agate wallpaper from our designer wallpaper range. This beautiful blend creates a girly wallpaper with a modern twist.

Bring out the stunning tones in this gorgeous blush pink wallpaper by selecting décor in similar shades. We love the dusty pink sofa in this room but would also add gold accents, such as a lamp or ornaments to bring out the gold colour in the design.

Tip: the gold in this design is printed and doesn’t have a metallic effect. Despite that, Lara Skinner’s designs are still breath-taking on the wall.

Girly wallpaper for the dedicated worker

hummingbird and pink flowers on pale pink background wallpaper in trendy home office

Mural in photo: Sweet Blooms

When designing a home office, don’t feel like you need to create a space that is so professional and sleek that it results in feeling cold and impersonal. Instead, home offices need to make you feel calm, comfortable and reassured. This will allow more time for productivity and less time spent on feeling stressed.

We recommend choosing a pretty wallpaper like this Sweet Blooms wall mural from our stunning designer range. As well as being beyond pretty, it is completely subtle and calming. Paired with a clutter-free desk space and a comfy chair, this office is the ideal place to concentrate and produce your best work – perfect for adults as well as teens!

Tip: to create even more of a zen office, follow these Feng Shui tips. Have little clutter, a personal photograph of a loved one and a natural element, such as a plant.

Girly wallpaper doesn’t just have to be pink!

tropical wallpaper with blue birds and pink flowers wallpaper in trendy bedroom

Mural in photo: Jungle Rendevous

Despite what you may think, girly wallpaper doesn’t always have to be completely pink! That is why we love this stunning Jungle Rendevous wallpaper by Andrea Haase.

Although there are still dashes of pink in there, the use of the blues and greens in this beautiful jungle wallpaper really gives us a different perspective on feminine wallpaper. And as a result, the colours really complement one another. Just look at how gorgeous the pink roses stand out from this pretty, blue wallpaper – beautiful!


Tip: another way to bring a girly, tropical feel into a room is to choose palm leaf cushions and a peel and stick wallpaper. Mix in a few dusty pink décor pieces as well such as this headboard and bedding.

Fresh meadow flowers to bring the outdoors in

purple and pink florals on white background wallpaper in pink and grey bedroom

Mural in photo: Pretty Garden

We adore the fresh, outdoorsy feel of this beautiful Pretty Garden wallpaper in this grey and pink master bedroom. This stunning girly wallpaper would also look fabulous in a child’s bedroom or even a lounge. To get even more of a girly feel in the home, choose pink objects such as florals, frames and teapots.

Tip: as the flowers in this pretty wallpaper grow from the bottom of the wall, try to not hide too much of the design with large furniture.

Romantic florals to transform your lounge

pink, white and green floral wallpaper in modern lounge

Mural in photo: Floral Romance

Don’t just limit pretty floral wallpaper to your or your child’s bedroom. As well as a home office, girly wallpaper, like this fabulous Floral Romance, look excellent in a lounge.

We love how this room has brought out the bluey-green shades in this gorgeous floral wallpaper by choosing a vase and armchair in the same tones. Not only does this allow the design to flow throughout the room, but adds more of a masculine touch into the room.

Tip: when buying wallpaper, try to choose a design that has colours in that would suit your current décor. This will help you to save money on buying a whole new range of furniture!

Pink roses: the girly wallpaper dream!

pastel pink roses photo wallpaper in white and pink master bedroom

Mural in photo: Bright Pink Roses

We all agree that this beautiful Bright Pink Roses wall mural is the perfect girly wallpaper for a romantic bedroom! By keeping the décor as subtle as possible and choosing a mix of white and pastel pink items, you can really create an ideal, calm space.

Tip: to mimic the gorgeous roses in the floral wall mural, always keep a vase of fresh pink or white roses in the room.

We adore this range of girly wallpaper! How about you? If you have any questions or simply want to comment on this range, please leave a comment below.

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Vicky Armstrong


Hi, I love the pink flowers please could you give me a price.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Vicky :). Thank you for your comment. The prices of all our wallpapers depend on your wall's dimensions and choice of wallpaper. If you would still like to discuss this further, please email info@wallsauce.com



Loove your wallpapers!

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Smiling, thank you very much for your lovely comment!

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