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football table by window

12/21/2021   POSTED BY

5 Quick and Easy Games Room Ideas

If you think there is nothing better than a good game between friends, then you need to see these quick and easy games room ideas. Whether you have a huge basement or just a small box room, anyone can create their own dream den with a few easy steps.

In this article, discover the easiest ways to start up your own playroom. From creating the perfect mood with ambient lighting, choosing a theme to reflect your interests, making sure your den is a cosy haven and so much more... Are you ready to up your playroom game?

1. Be adventurous with games room decor

black american pool ball in flames and water wallpaper with white billiards table and darts board

Mural in photo: Pool Billiards Ball

When choosing games room decor, it’s about making it personal to you. Don’t be generic and choose whatever comes up when you search online. Think carefully alone or with your family to see what kind of a space you want it to be. Do you want a theme in your rec room such as a sci-fi setting or a cool tiki bar? Are you sporty and want to show your dedication to your favourite sport’s team with sports memorabilia? Or do you simply want it to be a family-friendly space where you can relax together?

One way to do this is by framing posters or photographs of your loved ones around the room. You could even frame a favourite football scarf or NFL shirt. All are quick and easy games room ideas. Alternatively, why not have a go at installing a custom-made game room wallpaper like customer Andrew Briggs? Create a cool man cave den with a faux brick wallpaper or a 3D effect football stadium to not only show your love for the sport, but improve the size of the space. This is perfect if you’re looking for small games room ideas. You could even upload your own photo of your family to make it family-centered or have a look at our extended range if you want something a bit more specific!

2. Think about refreshments (a priority games room idea)

cabin home bar games room ideas

Image source: Octavia Chic via Pinterest

When you’ve been playing in your rumpus room for hours on end, you are always ready for refreshment to keep those energy levels up! That’s why creating a space where you can sit, drink and eat is essential.

If you have room for a bar (please say you do) then absolutely have one! This is the absolute cherry on top of any den. Not just for alcohol, the entire family will love getting a soft drink and a bar snack from your own home bar! You could even go one step further and buy yourself a barman’s jacket when you feel like taking your bar duties very seriously. But more importantly than this, you have to make room for a mini-fridge to store those cold drinks and refrigerated snacks. It really is the perfect games room accessory.

3. Find comfortable seating when it comes to games room ideas

3D effect stadium wallpaper with brown leather couch

Mural in photo: Large Football Stadium with Lights

Whichever room you’re decorating, we believe comfort is always key. After all, who is going to want to spend time in a room if it isn’t comfortable to be in? That’s why any games room needs to have a cosy couch or at least a comfortable armchair. If you’ve installed a TV in your games room along with a chair, your games room can also be a fantastic secondary living room. A great spot when you are fighting over which TV show to watch!

If you can’t fit in a comfy armchair or sofa, why not try bean bags instead? They are the ultimate games room furniture choices for comfort and can literally be thrown around the room if they get in the way of your dart’s game. As well as this, bar stools are also handy for moving around. And what’s more, they look sleek, bringing a cool games den ambiance to your rumpus room.

4. Set the mood with lighting

flag brick map in red games room with soft lighting

Mural in photo: Union Jack on Old Brick Wall

Setting the mood in your games room is key if you want to create a sense of escape from everyday chores and work life. Bright lights are an absolute no-go. Similar to the bright lights of an office, they just aren’t very relaxing! Instead, ceiling spotlights or wall scones that have a dimming function are the best options. You could even install warm lighting above a games table like how Dawson House Renovation has done here.

With dimmer lights, you can literally choose the intensity of the brightness to suit whichever game you are playing. For instance, the brightness of the room will need to change drastically from playing Pick Up Sticks to having a round of snooker!

If you really want to create a sense of ambiance, why not be bold with LED lighting. LED strip lights look fantastic overhead! And what’s more, they come in a range of colours so you can really set the mood you want to create. Red for competitive intensity or blue for a zen atmosphere.

5. Choose your games wisely

football table by window in games room ideas

Of course, the main priority of any games room is the games! A great place to start is with family board games. Which board games do you and your friends or family love to play together? Cluedo? Monopoly? Or something a bit more out of the norm which requires costumes as well? Whichever games float your boat, make sure you have a seating area purposely for these types of sit-down games. Make sure there are enough chairs available for all. The beauty of doing the above is that it is easy to set up and inexpensive if you already have the games/spare furniture at hand.

As well as board games, choose one to three bar or arcade games if you have the space. If you have always envisaged a billiards table or an air hockey table in your rec room, go for it! Plus, these games might not be as expensive as you would have previously thought. You can find many second-hand or even new games that won’t completely break the bank. But be wary of the size of these games. Always measure beforehand to see if they will fit comfortably in your room. After all, there’s no point in having a snooker table if you don’t have the space to position the cue. Nobody wants to make holes in walls when you’re passionately taking a shot!

Do you love these quick and easy games room ideas? Share your own games room decor secrets below!

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Mia Evans


I totally agree when you said that setting the mood in the game room would be a great way to achieve the feeling of having an escape from daily routines such as chores. With that in mind, I should make sure that the lighting and color of the room would be able to give a different vibe before I start looking for arcade games for sale to fill in that part of the house. It makes me excited just thinking about this project, since I have this spare room in my three-bedroom apartment which I haven't been using for the past two years of living here.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Mia. Thank you for your comment! It sounds like your games room is going to look fantastic. We wish you the best of luck with the project.

Charlotte Fleet


I like your suggestion to choose 1-3 bar games for your game room if there is enough space. My husband and I want to turn one of the rooms in our basement into a game room so we can host fun parties with our friends. One of our favorite bar games is pool, so we'll have to invest in a quality pool table to fill the room.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hi Charlotte, wow, we hope that you will have many exciting parties in your new pool room!

Greater Southern Home Recreation - Canton Pool Table


Thank you for sharing your insights about this topic. Looking forward to read more articles like this in the future.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Greater Southern Home Recreation, thank you for your comment! We are pleased you enjoyed our article and are looking forward to reading more as we enjoy writing them!

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