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chinoiserie wallpaper with cranes and blue background with wicker chairs

06/02/2021   POSTED BY

Top 10 Crane Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room

As a response to the rising love for crane wallpaper, we have collated a gorgeous collection right here at Wallsauce.com! And don’t we have a wide selection of beautiful bird wallpapers for you to enjoy in your home! Whether your bathroom, hallway, living room, bedroom and more!

A great choice for a home, crane wall murals look stunning as a feature wall in a living room, a focal point in a bathroom or even a backdrop in a bedroom! From designs that are tinted with gold tones, bright floral and bird artwork to cranes hiding in Nordic woodlands and dark oriental crane designs. Which one are you craning for?

1. Bring decadence to your bathroom with a crane wallpaper

pink bird wallpaper in relaxing bathroom with roll top bath

Mural in photo: Elegant Flight III

Who knew that a designer crane wallpaper is all it takes to transform a bathroom from bland to beautiful? With gold tones contrasted against a smoky purple background, this stylish Elegant Flight III wall mural works perfectly as a bathroom wallpaper.

Great paired with natural wooden décor and leafy green plants, this decadent bird wallpaper would also look wonderful paired with gold-accented décor: gold faucets and gold shelving. You could even paint the surrounding walls in a shimmery gold paint!

Crane Fact: Depending on their species, cranes will usually live till they are 20 to 50 years old in the wild. The oldest known crane was a Siberian crane who lived up to 83 years old in captivity. (tonsoffacts.com)

2. Be bold in your bedroom

blue bird wallpaper in neutral rustic bedroom

Mural in photo: Blue Floral Cranes

Often, we will suggest simple is best in the bedroom. But every now and again, it’s a good idea to inject a bit of energy into your boudoir! That’s where this fantastic Hypnotic Cranes and Flowers wall mural comes in.

A fab-u-lous wallpaper with birds and flowers, we think that it will bring your bedroom to life placed behind the headboard of your bed! But we DO recommend keeping the rest of the room more simple than this blue bird wallpaper design! Paint the walls in a pretty blue pastel shade and choose crisp white bedding. We will allow embroidered oriental scatter cushions detailed in Japanese style colourful flowers…

Crane Fact: Cranes can be found worldwide except for Central and South America, Oceanus and the southernmost latitudes. (seaworld.org)

3. Create calm in your living room with a vintage crane wallpaper

Nordic vintage bird wallpaper in neutral living room

Mural in photo: Nordic Birds

If you are more of a minimalist and prefer natural tones such as greys, off-whites and greens, then choose this gorgeous Nordic Birds wall mural. This vintage style crane wallpaper is full of detail. From the map in the background of old Europe, the beautiful grey crowned cranes and the northern species of trees...

We think that a neutral-toned couch would go perfectly with this classic green bird wallpaper. It allows this bird illustration to really stand out! To go with this unique bird wallpaper, we recommend painting the rest of the walls off-white. But if you want to inject more colour, choose a sage green paint to mirror the tones of the trees.

Crane Fact: You can find cranes living in forested areas, open wetlands and small wetlands. (factfile.org)

4. Work in a Japanese crane wallpaper home office

red white and blue bird wallpaper in trendy home office

Mural in photo: Oriental Red and White Pattern

Now that more and more of us are working from home, the need for a trendy home office is bigger than ever! Maybe you can only have your office in a section of your dining room or in the smallest room in the house. No matter where it is, you can still make a huge difference with a striking crane feature wall.

We think that this Oriental Red and White Pattern wallpaper looks amazing in this funky home office. Paired with tropical green plants and a buddha inspired ornament, you really feel a sense of The Orient in this working space. Place a stunning Japanese crane wallpaper like this one on the wall behind your desk so that you can enjoy it whilst you work.

Crane Fact: Different crane species vary in size. The demoiselle crane measures 90cm (35 in) in length whereas the sarus crane measures up to 180cm (75in) in length! (justfunfacts.com)

5. Choose a crane wallpaper for your baby’s nursery!

green crane wallpaper in gender neutral nursery

Mural in photo: Ocean Cranes

Forget teddy wallpaper. Instead, why not be unique and choose this Ocean Cranes wallpaper for your baby’s nursery? In shades of blue, pink, gold and green, this nursery wallpaper is gender neutral so you can prepare their room before they have entered the world!

Simply choose accessories in similar tones to bring out the shades in this oriental-inspired design. Place this green bird wallpaper along the wall next to their crib and paint the walls white. Not only great for a nursery, but this bird wall mural will age well as your baby grows up. Say goodbye to decorating every five years!

Crane Fact: Cranes can often look very similar to herons. One difference is that when a crane flies, it keeps its neck outstretched rather than pulled back. (tonsoffacts.com)

6. Dine in style with a luxurious view

blue and gold bird wallpaper in sage green dining room

Mural in photo: Elegant Flight

Of course, we don’t mean an actual view but you'll certainly feel like you’re in distant lands with this misty bird wallpaper on the wall! And think how good of a talking point this fabulous crane wallpaper will be in the room! Get ready to hear of people’s hiking adventures across the globe or when they once spotted a crane in the wild!

We are in LOVE with the gold tones in this gold bird wallpaper. We feel that it would look perfect paired with an array of gold décor such as brass gold cutlery on the table and gold candle holders. You could even go one step further and apply gold leaf to the ceiling!

Crane Fact: Cranes are omnivores. They eat a range of plants, small mammals, reptiles and other birds. (wiki.kidzsearch.com)

7. Bring the garden into your conservatory with a chinoiserie crane wallpaper!

Duck egg blue wallpaper with birds and flowers with natural wicker décor

Mural in photo: Duck Egg Blue Chinoiserie

We love the bright and cheery tones in this pretty chinoiserie wallpaper. From duck egg blues, pinks and yellows, you will bring any conservatory wall to life with this Duck Egg Blue Chinoiserie wallpaper. Place it on the wall on the outside of the house but make sure that it is well plastered and primed before application.

Usually, chinoiserie designs are adorned in regal-looking peacocks. We love the uniqueness of this crane wallpaper. Paired with natural décor such as wicker chairs, a rattan woven rug, wicker baskets and more, we feel that this beautiful birds wallpaper really stands out showing its full potential.

Crane Fact: Most cranes have featherless heads. They can change the intensity of the colour of their head’s bare skin to communicate between themselves. (birdorable.com)

8. Fun and colourful cranes for your child’s bedroom!

Colourful kids blue wallpaper with birds and flowers in child's pink bedroom

Mural in photo: Hypnotic Cranes and Flowers

Another crane wallpaper that will age well as your child grows from toddler to teen is this Hypnotic Cranes and Flowers design! We love the fun swirls and warm colours of the flowers in this bird wallpaper contrasted against the blue patterned background.

Great for a maximalist adult’s bedroom as well as a children's wallpaper, we feel that this colourful oriental wallpaper is extremely versatile. If you want to go big on bright shades, choose pink, red and blue accessories. For more of a minimalist approach, keep the rest of the room white and neutral.

Crane Fact: The heaviest crane species is the red-crowned crane which can weigh up to 12kg (26 lb) prior to migrating! (justfunfacts.com)

9. Make your guests feel like Kings and Queens in the spare bedroom

dark vintage bird wallpaper in green and white panelled bedroom

Mural in photo: Dark Chinoiserie

This beautiful Dark Chinoiserie wallpaper would make a beautiful feature wall in your master bedroom. But this delicate chinoiserie wall mural is also an excellent choice for a guest bedroom. One of our darker crane wallpapers, this design will be well-liked amongst many tastes. This is as long as it is paired with a range of light tones with added dark green room accessories here and there. The white paneling, bedding and stool really lighten up the room and bring out the whiteness of the cranes in the design.

There is certainly a decadent regencycore feel to this dark chinoiserie wallpaper which resembles a bedroom from a period drama! All that is left to do is leave out a crystal glass decanter of sherry or serve afternoon tea to your guests in this room so they really feel like royalty!

Crane Fact: Did you know that there are 15 species of crane? Most of them are on the verge of extinction such as the red-crowned crane, whooping crane and Siberian crane.

10. Use a show-stopping crane wallpaper in your hallway

dark crane wallpaper with birds and flowers in rustic hallway

Mural in photo: Mandarin Ducks and Cranes

If you want to create a real wow-factor in your hallway, then choose a striking design such as this Mandarin Ducks and Cranes mural. Place it along the wall in your hallway or entryway so that when you have friends and family over, the first thing they see will be this amazing crane wallpaper.

Pair this flying birds wallpaper with natural furniture made from rattan, wood and wicker and paint the remaining walls in an off-white paint. Be careful not to cover up this decadent design with clutter – we all know how cluttered a hallway can get!

Crane Fact: Did you know that cranberries and cranes are connected. Early European settlers named these berries “craneberries” because parts of the plant’s flower, stem and petals resembled the head, neck and beak of the common crane. (birdorable.com)

Tell us which crane wallpaper is your favourite by leaving a comment below!

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