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pink and cream floral painting wallpaper in grey and pink wallpapered bathroom

18/04/2024   POSTED BY

Wallpapered Bathrooms [Why Everyone is Obsessed!]

Wallpapered bathrooms are a great way to bring a bathroom to life whatever the size and style of your home. People are no longer settling for plain white walls, white tiles, white flooring, white everything (white overload)! Now, more and more of us are OBSESSED with the opposite. We can't get enough of patterns galore, pops of colour, texture effects and jaw-dropping artwork when it comes to our washrooms.

As a result, there has been a huge rise in searches for bathroom wallpaper ideas. From elegant grey wallpapers and tropical green murals. Even inspirational words on bathroom walls! Whether placed next to a gold-legged bathtub or along the wall in a tiny downstairs toilet room, bathroom wallpaper is the answer. Stay away from boring white washrooms forever. Trust us. It's time to break away from routine and find out exactly WHY everyone is obsessed with wallpapered bathrooms.

Reason 1: Wallpapered bathrooms are a chance to wow guests

navy and gold wallpaper with octopus in downstairs bathroom

Mural in photo: Underwater Dream VI

It’s true. Many of us love to wow our guests when hosting which is why a downstairs toilet is the perfect spot to install a striking bathroom wallpaper.

We think that this stylish Underwater Dream VI wall mural goes swimmingly in customer Lizzie’s navy and gold toilet room. Placed along the longest wall in this small bathroom, this downstairs toilet wallpaper makes you feel like the octopus is reaching to you as you walk through the door! We adore the revitalizing shades of blue in the tiles and as well as this mural.

Reason 2: Bathroom wallpaper is a tool for meditation

acoustic wood slat wallpaper in bathroom

Mural in photo: A New Adventure

Many of us are now practicing mindfulness. Taking the time for a quiet moment, whether turning your phone off after 9pm or enjoying a long soak in the tub at the end of the day. That’s where words on the bathroom walls come in.

Creating a zen-like bathroom with on-trend wooden slat wallpaper is a great way of creating a spot for some relaxation.

Reason 3: Toilet wallpaper provides a moment of luxury in a busy day

turquoise green and gold watercolour wallpaper in toilet room

Mural in photo: Clear Ocean Watercolour

What we mean by this is that throughout your busy day, you can escape to your luxurious toilet and enjoy two minutes in there on your own! And if you can do that style, even better! Created by the talented @holyporthouserenovation, this downstairs modern bathroom wallpaper perfectly sums up luxurious toileting (if that is a real thing)! Just look at how well this gold and green toilet wallpaper pairs perfectly with the gold heated towel rail, tap and toilet wall flusher.

Reason 4: Tropical wallpaper bathrooms make your home IG-worthy

black and white zig zag palm leaf wallpaper in wallpapered bathroom

Mural in photo: Banana Leaf Pattern

Donna Bradshaw has totally bossed this Banana Leaf Pattern mural in her black and white bathroom. The sharp pairing of the black and white checked flooring with this tropical pattern wallpaper is certainly Instagram-worthy. We love how the black-framed window-style mirror above the bath doubles up this banana leaf wallpaper bathroom. There is a lot of thinking behind this washroom design. Great work Donna!

Reason 5: Wallpapered bathrooms show your passions in life

grey world map wallpaper in minimalist bathroom

Mural in photo: World Political Grey

If you are a keen traveller and are always planning your next adventure, why not show your passion for travel with a grey bathroom wallpaper like this World Political Grey map? Picture yourself soaking in the tub, looking up at this vast world map. Remember the North American tour you took a few years ago and relive every State. Or ponder on the cities you are most keen to visit when you finally set off on your great European adventure.

Reason 6: Grey bathroom wallpaper is versatile

grey peacock wallpaper in guest toilet room

Mural in photo: Peacocks Clan 4

If you have a bathroom that is stylish and neutral but lacking a focal point, then the answer is simple = grey bathroom wallpaper. This is the quick fix you need for a fast bathroom makeover.

This is because the beauty of versatile grey is that it will suit any current bathroom. Look how transformative this Peacocks Clan 4 mural is in customer Janine Smith’s downstairs toilet. Not only has it created a feature in the room, but it has dramatically opened up this small space. Yes. Sometimes grey is perceived as boring. But honestly, how could you think that when you see this quirky bathroom wallpaper?

Reason 7: Wallpapered bathrooms can transport you across oceans

vintage chinois wallpaper in wallpapered bathroom

Mural in photo: Chinoiserie Garden

For those who are craving to jet off to new lands asap, a bathroom wallpaper can be a temporary fix. It's simply another excuse to enjoy wanderlust interior design. That’s why we adore this Chinoiserie Garden mural. Inspired by the orient, this antique-style green bathroom wallpaper mirrors the regent style of the early 19th century. You can just imagine Daphne and the Duke enjoying this beautiful vintage-style bathroom!

Reason 8: People tend to get quirky when it comes to wallpapered bathrooms!

dark and gold jellyfish wallpaper in gold wallpapered bathroom

Mural in photo: Dancing Jellyfish

We don’t exactly know what it is, but it seems people tend to embrace their quirky side when it comes to bathroom interior design. And we LOVE it!

Named Dancing Jellyfish, this funky bathroom wallpaper perfectly mirrors the gold-toned bathtub in Lynn Jone’s home! Paired with a luxurious black and gold Biba bath mat and towels, this small bathroom screams luxury! We can just imagine enjoying a bubble bath and a glass of prosecco in this jellyfish wallpaper-adorned room!

Reason 9: Wallpapered bathrooms have more character

pink roses painted wallpaper in grey and gold bathroom

Mural in photo: Bold Gardens

It’s true. White walls are functional and create a clean-looking and fresh bathroom. Even Feng Shui suggests white is the most flattering tone for all skin colours when installed in the washroom. But in all honesty, if you love a home full of character and a representation of your style, then a bathroom wallpaper is far more exciting.

This beyond pretty floral bathroom wallpaper sums this up perfectly. It is certainly a statement showing the person’s love for country charm and romantic florals. Far from the floral wallpaper your grandma would have, this pink rose wallpaper is the modern way forward when it comes to beautiful flower wallpapers.

Reason 10: Bathroom wallpapers ooze designer appeal

lilac, blue and silver toned geode effect wallpaper by modern bathroom sink

Mural in photo: Lilac Ripple

Speaking of luxury, a decadent wallpapered bathroom oozes style and gives the space the "Design Factor" (I feel a new interiors series coming along)! And this Lilac Ripple mural designed by Lara Skinner represents this perfectly. Wallpapering your bathroom is slightly different from any room in the house. It is unexpected and a joy to see. After all, you would expect a striking wallpaper mural in a lounge, bedroom, or even a dining room. But often the bathroom is forgotten about. Instead, people are now realizing their bathroom is another space that also needs the same level of TLC as the rest of the house. And what better way to do this than with a designer wallpaper? It’s like giving your bathroom a spa break.

Let us see your wallpapered bathrooms and send us some photos! Just leave a comment below and email your photos to info@wallsauce.com!

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Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Ashikur, thank you for your comment! And we totally agree. A bath mat serves as both a beautiful and functional item in our bathrooms.

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