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faux white panel wallpaper in summer house with homemade seating

25/04/2024   POSTED BY

Summer House Interior Ideas [Hot Tub Included!]

Whether you want to spend lots of time in the garden, or want an additional room to play with, you need to read these summer house interior ideas. Typically, we think of a summer house as somewhere to lounge with a cool drink and enjoy a good book in the sunnier seasons. Yes this is correct, but that isn't the only thing they are good for! As well as this, a summer house can be your local bar, private gym, or even somewhere to put your hot tub (I know)!

See how to build a bar out of wooden pallets, recommendations on furniture or ways to create enough space to do squats! Get ready to create the summer house of your dreams with these summer house interior ideas.

Garden summer house ideas

white summer house with wooden decking and beautiful accessories

Image source: Lights4fun

If you are looking for decorating tips for a traditional summer house shed, you’ve come to the right place. The beauty of a garden summer house is that they come in all shapes and sizes, ideal for a large or smaller-sized outdoor area. A small summer house, a plastic summer house, or a corner summer house, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t overtake your garden and that it’s somewhere you love to be.

Paint for your garden summer house interior design

summer house interior design blue summer house

Image source: Cuprinol

Summer house paint colours that we recommend are natural wooden browns, teal-greens, beige, blue or even light pink tones! As long as you choose neutral or pastel tones, your summer house will have a cosy, charming feel to it. However, we would not recommend an all-white shed. This will be incredibly hard in terms of maintenance and if green mould or dirt is common where you live, choosing white is a big no-no. Instead, only choose white for trim: on railings, window and door frames.

As well as outside the summer house, think carefully about the paint you use inside. Even if your small summer house is brown on the outside, don’t make it so in the inside as well. A small space needs opening up, so opt for a light colour such as white! Even if your summer house is big, neutral light paints are still good as they go so well with a range of décor and they look so calming. If you were to paint the inside bright red, for instance, you would feel very closed in and will find it difficult to find furniture and accessories to go with it!

Summer house shed wallpaper

sage green and white summer house with bluebell wallpaper inside

Mural in photo: Bluebells in Wepham Woods

If you have a small summer house shed or are looking for a feature wall to display in this space, why not install a beautiful nature wall mural? It's like creating an indoor garden in our garden shed! Relaxing landscape wallpapers don’t only reflect the natural element of your summer house, but they create the illusion that the space you have is much bigger than it actually is! This is because the views draw the eye forward! We love how customer Angela in New Zealand has used this Bluebells in Wepham Woods mural. Originally from the UK, Angela has brought a bit of her homeland into her shed!

dark green and pink jungle illustration with parrot wearing crown wall mural in room with white ladder shelf

Mural in photo: King of Parrots

Alternatively, why not go for a really funky, colourful pattern in your summer house? If you want to create a fun, sociable space, choose a cool designer wallpaper like this King of Parrots mural from our vintage style Andrea Haase collection.

Furniture for your summer house

with summer house with natural wood storage bench

Image source: Lights4fun

If you have a small summer house, we recommend furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space or can be folded away when not being used. Or, install a built-in-bench next to one of the walls like in the above she-shed. By incorporating a storage bench, you have provided yourself with extra room to organise– somewhere to store the bench cushions, blankets, lanterns, books and gardening tools when they are not in use!

bamboo chairs in white summer house interior design setting

Natural furniture made with sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo and wicker are always a favourite choice. Not only do they reflect the nature that surrounds you, but some, like bamboo chairs, are incredibly easy to move around unlike heavy metal options.

We also recommend a table or shelves in your summer shed as well so that you have somewhere to place a drink or book so you’re not having to put them on the floor and knock them over! A small table such as the white painted wooden stool/table in the room above is great. It doesn’t take up too much space but is an ideal size for two people.

white panel wall mural in summer house with pallet chair

Mural in photo: White Wood Panel Wall

Why not have a go at making your own moveable pallet chaise longue for your garden shed like in the room above? Padded with a rectangular cushion on top and paired with beautiful scatter cushions and a throw, you can certainly imagine yourself laying back and relaxing on this beautiful piece of furniture. Not only gorgeous, but it is easy to move so you can change up your summer house interior design regularly or make space for an activity to do in there – meditation sessions come to mind!

Wacky yet beautiful summer house interior design

wood and glass round summer house with beautiful summer garden

Image source: Cuckooland

A garden summer house doesn’t have to be your traditional wooden-looking garden shed… If you’re looking for something with a real wow-factor then you need a futuristic garden pod! A fantastic summer house interior design option, spend hours sitting in a comfortable round seating area with friends or relaxing whilst having a moment to yourself! We can imagine this stunning summer shed (if you can call it that) at the bottom of your long garden, hidden by trees! When guests come over, they will all be asking what it is! And you tell them… it’s your spaceship! What a great place for a party!

Summer house bar must-haves!

wooden summer house bar with drinks blackboard and wooden bar

Talking of having people around for a party, I think it’s fair to say that many of us dream of a summer house bar! Also known as a bar shed, this is the perfect place to wind down at the end of the day or when you are hosting for family and friends.

From having shelving to display your favourite beverages, making your own bar well as a mini-fridge, when it comes to décor and layout, you can really go as far as you want with a home bar.

Make your own pallet bar

blonde woman painting pallet bar navy blue

Because garden bars vary in size, it can be difficult to find a bar that will fit perfectly in the space you have been given. That is why we recommend making your own pallet bar. With a few nails, broken up pallet pieces and waterproof fairy lights, you can really create a gorgeous summer house bar. As well as this, why not decorate it with a sign saying, ‘Lynne’s Gin Bar’ to give it a personal touch!

summer house bar shelves on navy painted wall

To display your favourite tipples or sodas, choose natural wooden shelving that will look perfect in your bar shed. Shelves with ends on either side and at the front are great for a small space as well. If you have a really small summer house bar, you’re more prone to banging into the walls and you really don’t want to be accidentally knocking things off the shelves!

As well as this, a mini-fridge is a must if you are going to be doing some serious cocktail making! We recommend a battery-powered fridge as you may be struggling to wire up your shed to your house’s electrics! Or if you’d rather not have a fridge, why not keep a large ice bucket handy instead?

A summer house hot tub

luxurious grey summer house with large hot tub inside

Image source: Garden House Design

Another fantastic summer house interior design tip is to make a summer house hot tub! The perfect spot to utterly spoil yourself, having a hot tub in your summer house means that, even when it rains, you can enjoy relaxing yourself!

However, the set-up of your summer house hot tub may have to be a little different. Whether you have your hot tub under the veranda of your long summer house, or need one that is literally built around your hot tub, there are a few ways in which you can create this dream-on-earth!

A gym summer house

see through hypedome with people working out in it

Image source: Cuckooland

Have you always wanted a gym in your home but don’t have the room inside? Then why not create your own gym summer house! Although these spaces can get hot in the summer, having the heat up slightly is a great way to burn calories as well – hot yoga sessions are proof of this! Whether you set up your gym in a traditional summer shed or opt for something that is super futuristic like this Hypedrome, you will be able to commit to exercise so much easier with a dedicated workout space!

gym quote wall mural in home gym

Mural in photo: From our extended range

Again, to set a motivational space in your gym summer house, why not choose a positive quotes wall mural? We love how customer Caroline created the perfect home gym with this ‘Go Big or Go Home’ wall mural. I’d certainly look forward to working out in this summer house! Why not take a look at her home gym reveal video below!

Have you loved our summer house interior design ideas? We hope so! Tell us what you did to yours!

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