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outdoor seating area for outdoor kitchen ideas

26/05/2022   POSTED BY

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Enjoy All Year Round

If you love to cook outside, then you need to start thinking about outdoor kitchen ideas so you can enjoy it all year round! A complete upgrade from a barbeque area, outdoor cooking areas can have all the amenities that an indoor kitchen has! That includes outdoor sinks and durable quartz worktops to Kamada grills as well as an outdoor oven as well!

In this article, see exactly what is needed to create the perfect outdoor kitchen. Before you know it, you’ll be having family and friends around making them envious of your exterior style as well as your amazing cooking skills!

Hardwearing outdoor kitchen cabinets and worktops

outdoor kitchen with grey units

Image source: Alfaforni.com via Pinterest

When deciding on your kitchen cabinets, do your research on what the most hardwearing choices are. Even if your kitchen is covered, it still won't be in an air-conditioned environment and the weather will take its toll. If your outdoor kitchen is completely exposed to the elements, consider employing a bricklayer to build a brick outdoor kitchen. Or, shelving made from quartz or metal can survive the outdoors and they are easy to keep clean. Sometimes even wooden cabinet doors are a good option, but they require more maintenance to keep them looking good.

When choosing outdoor kitchen worktops, again opt for long-lasting choices such as stainless steel, tile, composite or granite. Tanner Arnold, President & CEO of Revelation Machinery tells us more.

“I would suggest that when purchasing anything for your backyard, you need to make sure you choose materials that are designed to withstand the elements. This should go without saying. If precautions aren't taken, there's a chance that things will deteriorate over time due to exposure to the elements. The countertops will be made of quartz that is resistant to UV light and is an exceptionally long-lasting material. Concrete countertops come highly recommended as well.”

Outdoor sinks – handy for watering plants too!

outdoor sink and round green grill

Image source: Westburygardenrooms.com via Pinterest

Of course, every kitchen needs a sink so an outdoor sink is a must. After all, how else are you going to cook hygienically whilst handling raw meat that’s about to be thrown onto the grill? Not only this, but they are perfect for washing your home-grown vegetables during prep!

There are many different types of outdoor sinks to choose from and you can find a range of styles to suit your style of outdoor kitchen. From home-poured concrete sinks and ones patterned with tiles to others using traditional basins and copper coloured sinks, there are so many to choose from. Simply make sure you have a reputable plumber to come and connect your outdoor sink to a piping or water system.

Outdoor kitchens with safe, non-slip flooring

wooden house and stone floored outdoor kitchen with stairs

Image source: Westlake Royal Building Products

When you are setting up your outdoor kitchen, make sure the floor is non-slip to avoid any hazards. To do this, choose either concrete or decking that is regularly power washed so that it isn’t left with slippery green mould. Kriss Swint, Director at Marketing Communications Westlake Royal Building, explains the benefits of using PVC decking in an outdoor kitchen area.

“When designing an outdoor kitchen on a deck, the decking product that you choose to build it on plays a critical part in your design. A PVC decking product offers the beauty of a real wood deck, without the maintenance issues or upkeep.”

Cellular Compositive (PVC) mimics the real look of wood as shown on the stairs above. It is designed to release heat quickly and has a high resistance to UV light so the colour won’t fade and maintain its beautiful look of real wood.

Garden lighting – practical and pretty for an outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen with lights

Image source: Uniqueoutdoortx.com via Pinterest

Every outdoor kitchen needs garden lighting. Not only does it set a cosy ambiance in the evening but it is incredibly handy when you’re cooking when the sun goes down! If you have a pagoda over your cooking area, hang bright fairy lights over so you can cook and see at the same time! You can even buy waterproof outdoor lamps that look really homely next to your outdoor seating area. Mitchell Elworthy, Founder and Director of The Lighting Outlet explains why we need to choose lights that are IP rated.

“Lighting is essential for an outdoor kitchen. You need to look for outside lights which are IP (Ingress Protection) rated which means you can use them outdoors for your kitchen whether it is located on your porch, patio, veranda, backyard, or garden. When you purchase outdoor kitchen lights, make sure they are sealed to avoid water and dust seeping in. The higher the IP rating the more weather resistant they are, no matter where you build your outdoor kitchen.”

Outdoor bbq kitchens for alfresco cooking

large outdoor kitchen ideas with dog

Image source: Grillo Vantage Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most important parts of your outdoor kitchen is to make sure you have an outdoor bbq kitchen! And there are so many different options to select from. Many choose outdoor ovens and others choose a Japanese-inspired kamado grill which looks really effective – green egg bbq ones are very popular. Others simply love a traditional barbeque. Adam Graham, a Construction Industry Analyst at Fixr.com gives us a bit more information about cooking outdoors.

97% of experts agree that a grill or barbecue is the must-have outdoor kitchen feature in 2022. Grill-outs are at the heart of an outdoor dining experience, making them a primary feature of an outdoor kitchen. They can be a simple charcoal grill or a more expensive gas grill.”

Outdoor kitchens need to be positioned carefully

wood and brick outdoor kitchen ideas

Image source: The London Tile Co via Pinterest

When planning out the location of your outdoor kitchen, you need to consider a number of factors that could make all the difference to your cooking experience. Home Expert, Stuart Clark from Victory Blinds explains the importance of shelter from the sun.

“If you’re new to the alfresco dining experience, the first (and most important!) tip is to make sure you pick the best place in your garden for the kitchen area. Try to avoid placing your outdoor kitchen in direct sunshine. If you have a stainless steel BBQ the sun rays can make the BBQ extremely hot, too hot to touch! A secluded spot in the garden, with a few trees for shelter and close by to the house should cater well for most gardens.”

This is why pergolas are a great choice because they provide a touch of shelter for you to cook under. You could even grow greenery on the pergola to add even more of the outdoors into your cooking space. Entwined with fairy lights, this would look exquisite.

Interior Designer and Co-founder of Swanky Den, Kate Diaz also has lots of ideas on where you would place your outdoor kitchen.

“Near the main entrance of your home, so guests can enjoy a meal or drink while socializing outdoors. On one side of your patio or deck, making it the perfect spot for cookouts and outdoor parties. Or in a separate garden area, surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers!”

Hardwearing outdoor furniture

wooden table and metal chair outdoor furniture

Image source: Housebeautiful.com via Pinterest

When choosing outdoor furniture, make sure that it is hardwearing so that it can stand the tend of time and all sorts of weather! Melissa LeBlanc, Head of PR for Livio Designs tells us more about what outdoor furniture to choose.

“Look for materials that can withstand all types of weather in your area. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials for an outdoor space. Some manufacturers provide marine-grade appliances or powder coat finishes that offer additional protection and weather resistance. Teak is great for outdoor furniture as it naturally repels water which keeps it from warping, cracking, or becoming brittle. It goes through a natural aging process when in the sun and patinas to a lovely light silvery-grey over time.”

If your outdoor kitchen is a multi-purpose area and you need to regularly move the outdoor furniture out of the way, then foldaway furniture is key. These can be folded and put away in your garden shed, garage or inside at any time!

One of the biggest trends out there, everyone can’t get enough of cooking under an open sky! Let us know which of these outdoor kitchen ideas is your favourite.

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Afton Jackson


I greatly appreciate you for talking about all of the things that you need to consider when deciding how to design an outdoor kitchen. These are the kinds of safety measures that could really make or break our cooking space since slipping and falling are severe risks for a place that busy. Once we handle that, I'll start looking for any places that offer barbecue and grilling hardware to use as tools for the kitchen.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Afton. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it's always important that an outdoor kitchen is safe as well as looks good.

Henry Killingsworth


I like how you mentioned that an outdoor kitchen area can have all of the same amenities that an indoor space has. My wife and I are thinking of having an outdoor kitchen installed in our backyard so that we can improve the overall value of our home. I like to do a lot of baking, so I will have to make sure that I have an oven installed in the outdoor kitchen.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Henry. Thank you for your comment. We wish you all the best for your outdoor kitchen.

Los Angeles Deck Builders


Thank you for sharing this informative article. I hope a lot of people who are inspired by making outdoor kitchens in their home space could read this wonderful article.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Afton. Thank you for your comment. We're glad to hear you found this article useful.

John Carston


I never knew that the artwork on your kitchen design could be a great addition. My uncle told me last night that he and my aunt were planning to have an outdoor kitchen that could maximize the function of their space, and he asked if I had any idea what would be the best option to consider. Thanks to this informative article, I'll be sure to tell him that it will be much better if they consult a trusted outdoor kitchen designer as they can provide more information about the process of planning.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi John. Thanks for your comment. Yes, that is a good idea to have a trusted outdoor kitchen designer if you need a bit more help in planning your outdoor kitchen. Please keep visiting our blog page for more home inspiration and tips.

Rochester Deck Pros


Thank you for sharing this informative article of yours. I hope there's a lot of people can read this article and be guided.

Outdoor Kitchens Rochester NY


Thank you for sharing this informative article about outdoor kitchens. I hope there are a lot of contractors who could read this and be guided accordingly.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Outdoor Kitchen Rochester NY, thank you for your comment and we are glad you found our article informative!

Victoria Addington


It's great that you explained that every outdoor kitchen must have garden lighting. My mother also wants to add stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets to it. I should advise her to go for it since it fits our exterior.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Victoria, thank you for your lovely comment and we are pleased you found our article helpful. We're loving the sound of your mother's outdoor kitchen ideas!

Steve Smith


I appreciate that you explained that you would consider upgrading your outdoor kitchen by completing all the functions and equipment. My brother informed me yesterday that he and her wife planned to have an outdoor kitchen product to maximize the function of their outdoor kitchen for our family gatherings. He asked if I had any idea what would be the best option to consider. Thanks to this informative article, I'll tell him it will be much better if they consult a trusted outdoor kitchen products service as they can provide more information about their products. 

G.M.S. Werks


I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog post on outdoor kitchen ideas! The concepts and designs you showcased were inspiring and showcased the possibilities of creating beautiful and functional outdoor cooking spaces. The tips on selecting durable materials, incorporating practical features, and creating a cohesive design were spot-on. The accompanying visuals provided a clear vision of the potential of outdoor kitchens. Thank you for sharing these fantastic ideas!

Mia Evans


It really helped when you said that we should choose stainless steel, tile, composite, and granite materials for the worktops of the outdoor kitchen so that they will last for a long time. I will follow your advice and might consider a custom steel outdoor kitchen countertop for my backyard. It will be the perfect choice if I want to go for an industrial theme in that area.

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