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pink, blue and white light terrazzo wallpaper

02/03/2020   POSTED BY

Top Interior Trends for Summer Vibes in the Home

Spring or the start of summer is a great time of year to redecorate. With the kids wanting to spend their days out in the garden and natural sunlight flooding into your home, the conditions are prime for getting creative with fresh paint or wallpaper. With nature looking her best, there are some wonderful sights, colours and foliage to inspire you.

If you want to create some serious summer vibes, simply look around and let the natural world guide your imagination. Think happy colours, cooling interiors, exciting patterns and lots of light. Idyllic holiday homes ooze charm and always focus on maximising sense of space – and that’s the sort of thing you want to recreate as the weather hots up.

Here are some ways you can embrace interior trends for summer time (plus a few tips on how to pull them off for an all-year-round look).

Lift the ambience with summer florals

green leaf painted wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

There’s something so romantic and luxurious about dark florals. In fact, it’s one of the most talked-about trends of the moment. But spring and summer call for something a little less moody and a little more uplifting. This is a time where lightness of touch is key. Soft, light brush strokes and dainty field flowers are the way to go when it comes to interior trends for summer.

Beautiful watercolours from our stunning Carol Robinson designs certainly elevate the mood. The pretty paint palette hues go seamlessly with light furniture and laminate or wood flooring. But like any great mural, this design has an intransience that can take it into autumn and winter too.

  • Design tip: Complement your floral wall in the colder season with the addition of cushions and throws. Pull out some of the darkest florals in the pattern and make sure your soft furnishings match.

Cool down with the illusion of white brick

3D white brick wallpaper in trendy lounge

If your living room gets hot and humid during the summer, you can turn down the temperature with a simple magic trick. An illusion wallpaper like this on-trend White Brick mural will instantly make the space feel cooler.

A lot of brick or stone wallpapers tend to have that effect, creating a loftiness even when your ceilings aren’t blessed with height. With an easy paste-the-wall wallpaper, you can achieve this look without the huge costs and hard work. There are so many brick styles to choose from.

  • Design tip: A brick effect wallpaper is a blank canvas for any interior design concept and is ideal for summer or winter. To turn up the heat when it gets chilly out, consider adding a faux fireplace or incorporating rustic logs into your design.

Interior trends for summer that have fun with sunlit tropical prints

palm leaf against pink background wall mural in grey lounge

We’ve been loving tropical prints lately and so has the rest of the interior world. But a lot of the jungle-themed wallpapers tend to lean on the dark side. This is great for transitional appeal and making your home look on-trend throughout the year. But if you want foliage-inspired interior trends for summer, you’ll want something that looks a little more ‘sunlit’.

A light, bright and happiness-inducing jungle print will make your space appear larger.

  • Design tip: A colour-saturated print like this one deserves as much light as it can get, which can be tricky when summer comes to an end. Artificial lighting is key here. Remember that bright white light bulbs are much better for colour-popping than warm yellow bulbs. Ceiling spotlights can be much more effective than wall sconces.

Get fruity with fabulous prints

colourful bird and pineapple illustrated wallpaper in light lounge

Sun drenched colours are a great idea when it’s warm outside. The natural light will work in your favour and fab prints, like Uta Nauman's illustrations, will bring any room to life. Adorn a feature wall in your living area or deck the hallways with a touch of tropical. Turn your bathroom into an island paradise or create a sense of escapism in your master bedroom.

Summery fruit patterns are versatile enough to transform any dull space, whether it’s a private abode or a communal zone. If you choose a white or light-coloured background, you’ll get an airy, spacious effect.

  • Design tip: Consider adding a base colour like navy or earthy green to offset the brightness of a fruity/tropical wallpaper. This is where you can get experimental with feature walls and contrasting paints. Also, incorporate your base colour into fabrics and other soft furnishings to add warmth and depth for all-year-round appeal.

Embrace green interior trends for summer

green and white watercolour wallpaper in stylish home office

Green is the go-to colour this year and one of the variations we can’t get enough of is teal in all its forms. Light teal can induce feelings of nautical and nature, while darker tones can add a high-end touch. There are so many shades that range from dark to light, giving you plenty of versatility to work with.

This serene Abstract Watercolour in Green wallpaper works well with light-coloured furniture, soft woods and organic materials like wicker. But to make sure teal really shines in your home, don’t underestimate the power of natural light. You’ll need lots of it.

  • Design tip: To make a light teal wall look more sumptuous and luxurious in the colder season, introduce elements of dark teal and explore rich fabrics such as velvet or textured fabrics like corduroy.


Interior trends for summer that embrace terrazzo and soft marble

pink, blue and white terrazzo wall mural in minimalist living room

The world has gone marble mad with millennials being the biggest devotees with their faux marble walls and furniture. That’s right – no-one said it had to be real. In fact, marble effect is just as beautiful and will give you the same look at a fraction of the price.

But classic marble isn’t where this story ends – in 2020, the comeback of terrazzo (a speckled marble tile) is going to take hold too. It’s officially one of the biggest revival trends of Instagram. Faux terrazzo walls are perfect when it comes to interior trends for summer.

  • Design tip: Whether you opt for terrazzo or classic marble, consider the colours of the stone carefully. Use these colours to match with your décor in order to warm things up during cold days.

What’s your favourite out of these interior trends for summer? Tell us in the comments section below or share your personal decorating tips for creating warm, summery vibes in the home…

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