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purple and pink dark flower photography mural

26/10/2023   POSTED BY

16 Dark Floral Wallpaper Designs at Wallsauce

Moody, powerful and fantastic wall statements, dark floral wallpaper is bigger than ever. As well as bringing nature indoors, they are utterly timeless and classic.

Dark florals are perfect for the pensive, romantic types. They ooze passionate romances: Greek tragedies and tales of unrequited love. You can just imagine broken-hearten Heathcliff and Cathy from Wuthering Heights when you see these stunning flower wallpapers.

As well as beautiful bold print wallpapers, dark florals are quietly versatile. Perfect in a boudoir master bedroom, lounge, bathroom or even for a wedding selfie wall, moody floral wallpapers add a touch of colour and sumptuous pattern to any space. Read on to discover ten of our dark floral wallpaper designs.

1. Contrasting dark floral wallpaper

pink, mustard yellow and green floral wallpaper in trendy lounge

Mural in photo: Pink Rose Jungle

If you want a dark floral wallpaper with depth and luxurious colours, this Pink Rose Jungle wall mural ticks all those boxes. Designed by our latest designer, Uta Naumann, this stunning flower wallpaper would look amazing in your lounge or master bedroom. The luscious green leaves give it a tropical feel and the mustard-toned flowers add a beautiful contrast to the dark shades of purple and pink flowers.

Try to find décor in similar tones to enhance the mural further. But do try and avoid too much pattern. This gorgeous floral wallpaper can speak for itself so ensure that it's always at centre stage.

2. Light and dark floral patterns

dark navy and white floral wallpaper in dining room

Mural in photo: Midnight Bouquet

You really are transported to another world when you see this beautiful Midnight Bouquet wallpaper. You feel like you're walking through wild fields. The cool grass strokes against your legs and you can smell freshly cut grass. Blue and white flowers are dotted around the meadow like scattered sweets…

Unique to our other floral wallpapers, this flower mural is light yet dark. We see white petals and navy blue contrasted against a dark background. Install this summer floral wall mural in your master bedroom. Choose crisp white duvet covers and blue cushions to reflect the beautiful shades used in this stunning floral mural.

3. Floral vintage masterpiece

hand painted painting in vintage room

Mural in photo: Flowers in a Glass Vase

Step back in time to the 1600s with this ornate Flowers in a Glass Vase, c.1660 (oil on panel), by Jan Davidsz de Heem wallpaper. Unbelievably realistic, this hand-painted work of art has certainly stood the test of time. Rather than limiting this masterpiece to a frame, you can now install its fabulous entirety onto a whole wall!

Look closely and you can see the intricate shading of the 3D petals. You may even catch a fluttering butterfly or a creeping snail! With so much detail and beauty, this artistic floral wallpaper will leave you entertained for hours (or at least a few minutes)!

4. Dark floral wallpaper that is beyond pretty

flower mural in pink lounge

Mural in photo: Midnight Garden

If you are looking for a pretty dark floral mural, then there is nothing prettier than this gorgeous Midnight Garden wallpaper. Perfect for adding a beautiful feature wall to a pink and grey lounge, or creating a sense of romance in a master bedroom, just place this dark flower wallpaper on the wall and watch your home's interior transform!

5. Dark floral wallpaper with light décor

purple and white flower wallpaper in calm bedroom

Mural in photo: Purple Roses

When installing a dark floral flower mural, make sure to choose light décor so that your room isn’t shadowed into darkness. Just look how fantastic this purple and white bedroom looks with our stunning Purple Roses wallpaper. The light pink throw and grey-purple cushions look absolutely fabulous. The minimalistic, dark metal bedside tables reflect the shades of black in the mural. Not forgetting the white painted band around the room which frames this on-trend floral wallpaper.

6. Antique dark floral paintings for a touch of the past...

antique dark floral painting wallpaper in trendy lounge with wooden decor

Mural in photo: Flowers on a Vase on a Ledge 17th Century (Oil on Canvas)

Calling to all vintage lovers! If you are an old soul and are looking for a dark floral wallpaper with a past, then a classic painting by Nicolas Baudesson is your answer. Not only is it abundant with rich ruby, mustard and blue tones, but the aged cracks in this painting add to the overall charm of this piece. It will add old fashioned charm to your new home or enhance your period property's historic beauty.

7. Ultra-modern dark flower wallpaper for the modernist's home

green and purple marble floral wallpaper in green lounge

 Mural in photo: Marble Floral New Master

Moving far, far away from vintage works of art, let's take a closer look at the modernist's dark flower wall mural with this stunning Marble Floral New Master wall mural designed by the amazing Lara Skinner. The gold, green and purple tones in the marble design marry beautifully with the bouquet of flowers. Who knew that classic flowers paired with ultra-modern marble would look so good together?

8. Big and bold dramatic dark floral patterns

exotic floral mural in hallway

Mural in photo: Erotic Blooms

If you’re going to go for dark floral wallpaper, why not go all out there with the boldest pattern you can find? This almost extra-terrestrial Exotic Blooms wallpaper will make you feel as though you’ve stepped into another dimension!

The gorgeous flowers shine like polished pearls and the sumptuous layers of petals gracefully overlap and curl. You can almost imagine them swaying before your eyes.

9. Eat in style with a decadent maroon red wallpaper

dark red floral wallpaper in pink dining room

Mural in photo: Moody Maroon

Who knew that pretty floral wallpaper wasn't just for the bedroom? Now it is highly acceptable, if not encouraged, to enjoy decadent dark floral wallpaper in the dining room! And we couldn't think of a more apt flower wallpaper for the wining and dining area than this Moody Maroon wall mural. It makes us think of warm-bodied, delicious red wine. The perfect accompaniment with your meal!

10. Classic black and white

black and white floral wallpaper in trendy grey lounge

Mural in photo: Vintage Bouquet

Do you tend to stay away from too much colour? Then choose this stunning Vintage Bouquet Grey wallpaper. This timeless black and white wallpaper will add a stylish touch to any room. Did you know you can make any of our wallpapers black and white? All you need to do is tick the black and white option box and it will show what your mural would look like in monochrome. It’s as simple as that.

Choose a few colourful room accessories such as ornaments, cushions or a lamp to help bring the room to life. Reds, forest greens or mustard all look fantastic with black and white. We think these luscious green cushions and blanket would look fabulous thrown onto this sofa.

11. Dark florals just cut from the Scottish Highlands...

dark purple flowers and thistles wallpaper in green dining room

Mural in photo: Romantic Scotland

Well, maybe not all of these flowers are found in the Scottish Highlands, but thistles certainly are! We adore this Romantic Scotland wallpaper mural in this green dining room. It's a stunning addition to any room that has embraced dark emerald green shades...

12. The safe, but luscious classic rose wallpaper

purple and white flower wallpaper in scandi bedroom

Mural in photo: Ultra Violet Roses

If you’re a little scared of going crazily bold on pattern and colour, then take a look at this Ultra Violet Roses Dark Floral wallpaper.

When looking at this stunning flower wallpaper, it’s not hard to believe that flowers have played an integral part in interior design throughout the ages. Design has embraced flowers since ancient Egypt! Just like us, the Egyptians particularly enjoyed using roses for room decoration.

13. Go all out with this romantic design

vintage sepia bouquet in cool and trendy living room

Mural in photo: Sepia Flowers

If you want to embrace your inner Romeo or Juliet, choose a romantic wallpaper such as this starry-eyed Sepia Flowers wallpaper. The sepia tone has caramelised the passionate red roses and cream flowers making it utterly dreamy and hazy: just like the feeling of being in love!

With shades that will adorn the world of interior design this year, the use of new reds and light ochre tones warm, as well as update, your home’s décor.

14. Instagram-worthy dark floral wallpaper

dusty pink flowers wallpaper in trendy living room

Mural in photo: Dusty Pink Floral

If you want to be like your favourite Instagrammer, choose this gorgeous Dusty Pink Floral wallpaper. Select a powder-pink scalloped sofa to reflect the shades of the hydrangeas. Why not add darker pink cushions to create subtle shades of light and dark? This will add more depth to your room and balance out the tones of pink.

15. Get that wedding selfie wall you’ve dreamed of since you were little

dark floral wedding selfie backdrop

Mural in photo: Dark Vintage Floral

Well, maybe selfie walls weren’t what you dreamed of for your big day when you were little. For some of you (like me) we didn’t know what selfies were until we were nearer to 20 than 10 years old! However, that doesn’t mean you haven’t dreamed of a dark floral selfie wall since. Just look how romantic this beautiful Dark Vintage Floral wallpaper looks at this wedding.

The beauty of a floral feature wall is that it’s great for couples who are on a tight budget. Don't spend thousands on a venue with beautiful views. Instead, install a floral wallpaper in your venue to use as a stunning backdrop for your photographs. Get permission from your wedding venue and order a self-adhesive peel and stick wallpaper. That means you can install the wallpaper for your big day and remove it (without causing any damage to the wall) after your wedding! Save money and still get those amazing wedding memories on camera with a romantic backdrop.

16. Dark and pastel-toned florals

pastel pink roses on black background in office

Mural in photo: Pastel Pink Rose

We adore this tasteful Pastel Pink Rose wallpaper. It’s utterly romantic and the smaller, flower pattern doesn't overpower the room. So, if you want to be more subtle than bold, this pink rose wallpaper is for you.

To browse all of our dark floral wallpaper, head to our floral collection. Let us know how you made your home a dark floral haven in the comments section below.

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Robert Marcopulos


Am MOST interested in your \"Erotic Blooms\" print for my smallish bathroom.Since it\'s three walls and MAYBE the ceiling, how do I put those measurements in?Thanks in advance!Robert

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Robert, for help with measuring and ordering, please email our team at info@wallsauce.com and they will be happy to assist you!




Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Elizabeth, thank you for your comment! We think they are beautiful also!

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