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photo of flowers wallpaper in bedroom

12/10/2020   POSTED BY

9 Amazing Wallpapers That Make Guests Go “Wow”

Replacing your wallpaper is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of updating your home and making it feel modern. If you don’t have the time (or budget) to do an entire revamp, beautiful wallpaper designs can give you maximum impact with minimal effort.

Our stunning wallpapers are also available as Peel and Stick, making it even easier to transform your space, giving you great flexibility every time you fancy a change. So there’s no reason not to go wild and pick a statement wallpaper that creates a talking point with visitors.

Need some inspiration? Here are 9 amazing wallpapers from our range that will make your guests go “wow” when they walk in.

1. Big, bold tribal print wallpaper for the boho home

cream and brown tribal pattern wallpaper with grey sofa

Mural in photo: Brown and Cream Tribal

If you love ethnic patterns that scream, “I’m so well-travelled”, this unique Brown and Cream Tribal mural from our tribal range is everything you need for a quick living room makeover. Mix browns, greys and monochromatic colour schemes to bring boho minimalism to life – and don’t be afraid to mix, match and clash a whole bunch of patterns.

There are no hard and fast rules when working with the tribal trend, so feel free to experiment. Anything raw, un-curated or even messy has a certain kind of beauty that slots right in with this narrative.

2. Amazing wallpaper that you can’t take your eyes off

tropical vintage map wallpaper in wood dining room

Mural in photo: Caribbean Vibes

The details in this beautiful Caribbean Vibes wallpaper by Andrea Haase will create a wonderful focal point in any room. The colourful, eye-catching design works best for feature walls, where you want to direct attention to a single area. Surrounding a focal wall behind a sofa, or as a backdrop for your dining room table are all great places to make artwork like this shine. And because the artwork is exceptionally intricate, people will be getting closer to take a better look.

All of the amazing wallpapers by Andrea Haase have the same level of detailed artwork, providing a feast for the eyes and food for the soul.

3. Pretty tie dye wallpaper for serial creatives

pink, blue, yellow and white tie dye wallpaper in girl's bedroom with pink sofa

Mural in photo: Pastel Shells

This colourful Pastel Shell Tie Dye wall mural makes a fantastic wallpaper for children’s bedrooms but also works well for a home office or living area. If you are moved by colour, inspired by art, and love all things groovy, tie-dye designs could be great way to bring your home up to date.

Designed for people who love to express themselves through colour, tie dye wallpaper can make dull rooms look vibrant again. Powered by fun, creativity and carefree vibes, this trend oozes 70’s flair like no other.

4. Tropical wallpaper, but not like you’ve seen it before…

green and purple palm tree wallpaper with purple velvet armchairs

Mural in photo: Le Tropique Skin Tone

Nature is one of the most talked-about trends in interior design. We just can’t get enough of botanical prints, jungle prints, florals and tropicals right now. This fabulous Le Tropique Skin Tone wallpaper isn’t anything you’ve ever seen before though.

Big and beautifully illustrated with unique colours, this wallpaper print is all about being playful, original and stylish. Perfect for those who appreciate this year’s Tropicana trend, but also those who love to try out something a bit different!

5. Wild animal print wallpaper that demands pride of place

close up photo of jaguar print wallpaper in lounge with brown leather sofa

Mural in photo: Jaguar Print

The exhibitionist.The extrovert. The life and soul of the party. If you’re any of these things, then this animal print wallpaper is for you. Unashamedly loud, unreservedly attention-seeking, this Jaguar Print wallpaper design begs to be placed where you’ll receive the highest footfall of guests. So don’t waste this bold print in a spare bedroom. Instead, use it to inject personality and charisma into communal spaces like your living room.

To prevent your interiors from turning gaudy, keep it classy by furnishing with a muted colour scheme and choosing organic style elements that connect with nature.

6. Amazing wallpaper that goes “wow"...literally

pink haired and glasses saying wow pop art wall mural with record player on shelf

Mural in photo: Wow Pop Art

Not for the shy and understated, this bold, bright and impactful Wow Pop Art wall mural is made to steal the show in an arty apartment or ultra-modern home. Perfect for an office, study or music room where you need to get creative juices flowing.....or just ideal an open plan living space where minimalism dominates and an injection of colour is needed.

Run with the mid-century modern theme and pick your furniture carefully – they make all the difference. And do finishing touches such as lamps and light fixtures. Steer away from the ornate and opt for clean lines, chic curves and contemporary elegance.

7. Landscape wallpaper inspired by abstract minimalism

abstract landscape of mountains in boho style bedroom

Mural in photo: Copper and Gold Mountains

Talk about setting the scene and creating ambience. This on-trend Copper and Gold Mountains wallpaper by SpaceFrog Designs recreates the beauty of the desert in an ultra-contemporary way, one that fits in with any modern interior theme. The abstract artwork plays with colour, texture and murmurs of nature in a non-invasive, tonal way. So this means it can fit in seamlessly with any living room colour scheme.

To create flow, make beiges, creams and soft browns the stars of the show and adopt an organic approach to your concept, with untreated woods and natural materials taking centre stage.

8. Amazing wallpapers thrown back from the 1920s

blue, white and orange oriental landscape wallpaper in lounge with modern blue velvet chair and grey sofa

Mural in photo: Fuji No Yukei

There’s something very captivating about chinoiserie wallpaper. Inspired by Chinese and East Asian pattern work and popular in the Roaring Twenties when opulence was everywhere, this trend is seriously indulgent.

It has the power to turn heads, yet it can also be understated and elegant. Something tonal like this oriental Fuji No Yukei wallpaper creates a sense of calm and balance in any living space. At the same time, guests’ eyes will light up as soon as they walk in. The intricate artwork found in chinoiserie or Japanese style wallpaper always tells a story, making it the perfect talking point.

9. Intense floral feature wallpaper made for the ‘gram

photo of floral wallpaper with white and pink bed

Mural in photo: Floral Paradise

So aptly named Floral Paradise, this striking wall mural is an assault on the senses, with colours and textures jumping out at you as soon as you enter the room. The flowers are so intensely beautiful that you can almost smell them and the colour scheme is so unapologetically bougie that you can’t help but post it on Instagram.

Coordinate carefully with soft pastels and muted hues and have people captured by your interior design skills, on the ‘gram or IRL (in real life).

Which of our amazing wallpapers do you like best? Tell us your favourites in the comments below and let us know how you’d style these fabulous murals in your home!

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