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Window Wallpaper

Window Wallpaper

Window View Wallpaper

Create a room with a view every time with a window wallpaper from Wallsauce.com.

From 3D effect window view wallpapers showing cascading waterfalls mountains to vintage safari styled window wall murals, we have a vast selection of window effect wallpapers for you to enjoy in your home or workplace.

Ideal for a home office without a window, a small bedroom that you want to appear bigger, or for a city dweller who wants to bring a natural view into their urban home, our mural windows are versatile as well as stunning.

Please note: most of these window wallpapers can be edited by our studio team so that they are life-size. You will be contacted regarding this once your order has been placed.

Mural Window

Window wallpapers are multi-functional as well as aesthetically pleasing: that’s why they are one of our most popular selling types of murals at Wallsauce.com.

If you own a small home and want to open up the space, then a mural window will trick your mind into thinking a room is much bigger than it actually is! This is because the faraway views draw the eye forward. Or do you live in a highly populated city? Then a window with a natural view will bring some of nature’s beauty into your humble abode, creating a calming ambiance for you to enjoy and escape from the metropolitan life. Or would you like to create an inspiring feature wall in your home office? A window wallpaper will again bring a refreshing view of nature into the space and make your home office seem bigger – a handy factor as most home offices are very small!

When ordering your window wallpaper, tell us the exact measurements that you want your window wallpaper to be. So, if you want it to be window-sized, tell us dimensions which are the size of a window rather than the size of the entire wall. Please remember, depending on the design, our studio team will try to help make your window mural as life-size as possible.

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