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Religious & Icons Wall Murals

Religious & Icons Wall Murals

Wall Mural Wallpaper

Make your home a place of sanctuary with the blessing of one of our Religious and Icon Wall Murals. Whether you believe in Christianity, Buddhism or the Quran, you will find the perfect religious wallpaper.

Our Religious and Icon Wall Murals will help you to reflect, meditate and pray at home or in your place of worship. Also perfect for yoga instructors, adorn your studio wall with one of our chakra wallpapers. Or enjoy the iconic symbols of Mona Lisa, the Terracotta Warriors or the Vitruvian Man.

It’s time to explore and discover a mural to help create your new place of sanctuary.

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69 Religious & Icons Wall Murals Designs

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Relaxing and calm, you will feel at peace with our wonderful collection of Religious and Icon Wall Murals. With such a selection ranging from golden buddhas to the Monestry in Petra carved into the rock face. Or why not adorn your wall with beautifully written Arabic Islamic calligraphy or the iconic Easter Island Moai?

Perfect for any space that needs a sense of grounding and relaxation, these religious wallpapers will certainly not let you down. Keep décor simple and soothing to reflect the reassuring power of the imagery used in these fantastic religious and icon wallpapers.

These faith or icon wallpapers are extremely versatile and can be used within a range of domestic spaces. Install in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. But why limit these beautiful murals to the home? Are you a yoga instructor? We have a great collection of stunning buddha and chakra wallpapers that would really bring your studio to life and help your yoga clientele concentrate on the session rather than what they have to do after the class! Or are you responsible for the interior design of your local place of worship? We’re sure that there will be a religious mural for your community.

So go on. Have a little faith in us and find your next religious or icon feature wall for your home or place of worship.

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