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06/06/2023   POSTED BY

Citrus Wallpaper is the Juicy New Trend

Trend alert! This season’s hottest new craze in interiors is juicy, zingy citrus fruits and we’re putting them all over our walls! Citrus wallpaper is bright, colourful and refreshing. If your living room, dining space or kitchen needs a revival, invest in a fruity mural and transform your home ready for spring/summer.

Whether you’re beguiled by light and airy lemon wallpaper, bright lime wallpaper or darker orangery style florals, there are so many ways you can make this interior design concept work for you. Food-themed wallpaper isn’t just reserved for kitchens either. Beautiful fruit prints can look great in communal areas such as the living room or dining room, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms. Here are some of the best citrus fruit wallpapers to check out right now…

Mediterranean Lemon Wallpaper

lemon wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Mediterranean Summer

Nothing says world travel more than seasonal fruit – and the humble lemon is grown throughout the Mediterranean, particularly in countries like Spain, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, and Israel.

From the famous lemon groves of the Italian Adriatic Coast (where the Limone Femminello del Gargano is harvested) to lemon farms in the Alpes-Maritimes region (where the almost-fluorescent Citron de Menton hails), there are so many places that spring to mind when you think of this popular fruit. No wonder lemon print has become such a big trend in both fashion and interiors.

Our ‘Mediterranean Summer’ wallpaper is a big celebration of these wonderful destinations while also being the perfect way to lighten the mood in an otherwise drab room.

Tropical Orange Wallpaper

citrus orange wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Tropical Orange Garden 

With this mural, we’re taking things tropical – so you can nail two trends in one for a totally instagrammable home makeover. We think this ‘Tropical Orange Garden’ wallpaper works particularly well in an open-plan kitchen diner, where light and colour are important.

Not only does a splash of greenery lift the mood, but botanical murals can quickly modernise any space, giving it a new lease of life and making it the perfect place to socialise and share special moments with the family.

The orange slices really make this design pop, so embrace the colour and choose the right spot where lots of natural light can illuminate the wall. This citrus wallpaper is a talking point for sure and deserves to be seen!

Dark Citrus Wallpaper

citrus forest wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Fruit Forest

If you prefer dark wallpaper designs and cosy-looking interiors, you’ll find this ‘Fruit Forest’ wall mural to be utterly charming. It hits a number of design trends while adding an air of mystery – but it doesn’t steer too far from a lighter and more accessible colour palette so you don’t have to worry about your space being too dark or dingy.

The greenery adds a sense of familiarity and comfort, and the citrus fruits create a splash of colour to help elevate your décor. Finished with some soft florals that juxtapose with the dark background, this wallpaper design is ideal if you want a flush of femininity with your dark interior story.

Moody and dramatic interiors embrace rich and dark colours, but the addition of floral fractals can create a soothing contrast. Just make sure your feature wall is well-lit by natural sunlight in the day, as well as effective spotlights at night – this will ensure every aspect of the design is visible.

Multi-Fruit Wallpaper

multi fruit wallpaper

Mural In Photo: Succulent Fruits

We love this ‘Succulent Fruits’ wallpaper because it celebrates a range of fruits, not just citrus varieties. Combining oranges, lemons, pears, cherries and figs, together with some greenery, this mural is ideal for brightening up a kitchen space.

Give your kitchen or dining area a new lease of life with fruit prints, a style that has long been a favourite in the world of fashion and interiors. With the more recent emergence of cottagecore, fruit and citrus wallpaper is set to be everywhere in 2023 and beyond.

Fruit can be a fantastic alternative to flowers, so if florals aren’t your thing, opt for a foodie wallpaper like this one. Not only do fruits make it easy to experiment with different colours (time to wave goodbye to minimalist white and grey), but just like flowers, they signify life and helps us reconnect with nature. Food and drink wallpaper can also transform kitchens into gastronomy zones, ready for daily dining or your next dinner party.

Orange Garden Mural

orange garden mural

Mural In Photo: Orange Garden

An explosion of colour is the quickest way to take the plunge into maximalist decor, especially if those colours clash and things don’t necessarily match. In recent years, we’ve seen the interior design industry shift from minimalist design to ‘more is more’ – something that so many of us have shied away from.

But let’s face it. Minimalism is hard. Keeping things clean, simple and neutral can actually take more effort than it appears, so maximalism is being welcomed back with open arms across the globe, and we’re loving busy murals like this one.

Just be sure to add a range of textures to the room. Do this by including a variety of fabrics that not only offer a satisfying sense of touch, but create interest and intrigue in a visual way. Throws and cushions are a great way of doing this – but don’t forget the cool contrasts you can achieve with metals such as brass or gold.

Citrus Fruit Tree Wallpaper

blue citrus wall

Mural In Image: Four Fruits Pattern

Another on-trend citrus wallpaper design to check out is the ‘Four Fruits’ mural, which instantly brightens up any space with a blue background and a design that features branches of a fruit tree. The fruit illustrations include oranges, limes, peaches and pomegranates, adding colour, texture and interesting shapes to the room.

Rounded shapes are known to promote well-being by helping you relax, so this wallpaper is perfect if you want to make a living room, bedroom, or office feel welcoming and cosy. And because the mural is both simple and colourful, it can be a suitable feature wall for a minimalist home, offering just enough disruption to break the mould but not too much to cause chaos and disorganization.

Which of these citrus fruit wallpaper designs is your favourite? Let us know whether you can see orange wallpaper, lemon wallpaper or other fruity wall murals in your home (and in which room)…

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