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abstract green landscape wallpaper in simple bedroom

07/09/2022   POSTED BY

Emerald Green Home Decor Ideas [Room by Room]

There is something regal about emerald green home decor, isn’t there? Maybe it’s because this luxurious shade of green is named after a precious stone. Or is it because we can imagine kings and queens wearing velvet capes in this expensive-looking shade?

For whatever reason this tone intrigues you, we have some gorgeous home inspiration for you right here. Read on to discover a room by room account of how you can incorporate beautiful emerald green décor into your home. From quickly adding a few green towels in your bathroom to installing a jaw-dropping green jungle scene on your wall, there are many ways to make your friends green with envy!

Emerald green bathrooms that ooze luxury

gold and emerald geode wallpaper in rustic bathroom

Mural in photo: Emerald Gold Agate

Having a luxurious bathroom is key to achieving a Five Star lifestyle. Somewhere you can lay back in the suds, enjoy a moment of calm and appreciate your beautiful surroundings. And rather than settling for the go-to colour (white) for your washroom, why not be adventurous by installing an emerald green wallpaper instead? Just look at how much this Emerald Agate wallpaper mural brings this rustic-glam bathroom to life! The touch of gold tones in this deep green wall mural ooze a decadence most of us can only dream of! Paired with emerald green towels, this marble effect design by Lara Skinner is sure to make you feel like you’re living the good life! For bathrooms, we recommend our Premium Paste the Wall wallpaper which has anti-mould properties.

dark green mermaid tiled bathroom with gold sink

Image source: Vaughandesigns.com via Pinterest

Well. You can’t get more retro-glam than this fabulous emerald green bathroom. Adorned in mermaid scale tiling, natural wooden decor and a decadent bowl sink and tap, we are utterly wowed by this stunning room created by Vaughan Designs. All that is missing now is a plush emerald green rug to keep those toes dry after a champagne bubble bath.

Emerald green fact: The Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz wasn’t actually green. In the first book, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, the walls were purposely made green to protect the eyes from the “brightness and glory” of the city but instead they made everything look green instead! (oz.fandom.com)

Emerald green dining rooms inspired by Gatsby

gold and green retro pattern wallpaper in white and gold dining room

Mural in photo: Emerald and Gold

If you can’t go bold when it comes to an emerald green dining room, when can you? After all, this is one of those rooms that you are forever hosting in! So if you really want to impress guests when they are over for a dining experience, then choose an emerald green wallpaper mural like this Emerald and Gold design. This gold and green feature wall paired with gold or green dining chairs brings a Hollywood ambience to this room, perfect for serving fresh oysters, caviar and champagne in! All that is left is to add a beautiful emerald green table cloth and paint the surrounding walls in shimmery gold paint.

emerald green home decor ideas for the dining room

Image source: Danetti.com

If you are looking for more of a minimalistic emerald green dining set, then choose statement chairs within a simple setting. These emerald green accent chairs really make this room. The plush velvet of the material married with the art deco style of the brass legs ooze decadence. They show that the person living here has a fantastic sense of style and knowledge of artistic interior design. If you wanted to add more colour, opt for emerald green curtains and other emerald green ornaments to make a lasting impression on your family and friends.

Emerald green fact: The Roman emperor Nero watched gladiatorial battles through lenses made from cut emeralds because he believed the colour to be calming. (frenchbedroomcompany.co.uk)

Emerald green home décor for the kitchen

leafy green jungle wallpaper in white kitchen

Mural in photo: Exotic Birds Journey

I think it’s the same for most people, but I feel that the heart of the home is definitely the kitchen. Despite this, cooking areas are often just seen as practical spaces. Not anymore. If you’re a keen cook, give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.

The easiest way to create your own emerald green kitchen is to address the walls and cabinets first and foremost. If you are going to install an emerald green wallpaper or paint the walls, then stick to a neutral colour for the cabinetry. And if you decide to paint your cabinets in a beautiful shade of green, keep those walls simple. If not, you will feel like you’ve reached the end of the yellow brick road and the Emerald City isn’t the look we're going for!

emerald green home decor idea in a boho kitchen

Image source: Refinery29.com

Again we can see the impact of high-quality tiles when used as emerald green décor. Without these tiles, this kitchen would be pretty dull. That splash of colour makes ALL the difference. To bring even more of this deep sea shade into the rest of the room, choose emerald green room accessories such as tea and coffee caddies, plant pots, mugs and more!

Emerald green fact: It is said that Napolean was poisoned and killed by his green wallpaper. Chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered a gorgeous green pigment that was also a cupric hydrogen arsenic. When the wallpaper became damp or mouldy, the pigment in it metabolized and would release poisonous arsenic-laden vapours. Luckily, this pigment is no longer used today – don’t worry! (www.openculture.com)

Emerald green bedrooms for a glam night’s sleep

gold and dark green mountain wallpaper in white and green bedroom

Mural in photo: Emerald Moon

This glamorous shade looks great in the bathroom, kitchen and dining room, but when used in a bedroom, the luxury levels are cranked up to the max! Not only is green a calming shade for where you sleep, but this darker hue is so much more interesting than everyone’s go-to navy blue shade for the bedroom! Of course navy blue is gorgeous, but we feel that emerald green is green’s alternative to this tone.

Bring emerald green vibes to your emerald bedroom by opting for an emerald green accent wall such as this fabulous Emerald Moon wallpaper mural from our green wallpaper collection. We think that the white panelling brightens up this moody, dark wallpaper with the addition of the white bedding. But to ensure the design is flowing throughout the rest of the room, choose emerald green cushions and an emerald green throw blanket.

abstract green landscape wallpaper in minimalist bedroom

Mural in photo: Emerald Hills

Much brighter than the previous landscape wallpaper, this Emerald Hills wallpaper is one of many Space Frog Designs emerald green designs. We adore the look of this emerald green bedroom because it is more minimalistic, allowing the mural to really speak for itself. Add an emerald green lampshade and this stylish boudoir would be the perfect place to sleep in style.

Emerald green fact: Did you know that the colour green is sacred in Islam? It is used extensively in art and architecture but never for carpets because it is too precious to tread on. (theguardian.com)

Emerald green living room for a grand lounging area

white panel effect wallpaper in lounge with green couch

Mural in photo: Off White Wood Panel

Finally, the emerald green living room. One of our favourite spots to embrace emerald green home décor! And similar to the bedroom, a green lounge will create a sense of serenity which is great for calming day after a difficult day.

There are lots of opportunities to embrace this gorgeous shade in the lounge. Firstly, why not consider an emerald green couch such as in the room above? This luxurious emerald green velvet sofa stands out beautifully against white walls and flooring, allowing the furniture colour to really pop! It just shows that you don’t have to make everything green to create a stunning green living room.

Of course, simplicity will tick a minimalist’s box, but are you more of a maximalist? Then get your paint brush out and paint those walls in this rich jewel shade and find ornaments to complement the same tone. Adorn your couch with an emerald green throw, blankets, vases and trinkets so that the colour flows throughout the room.

Emerald green fact: It is said that Cleopatra loved emeralds. So much so, she took ownership of all emerald mines in Egypt to always guarantee herself high quality gems! (myirishjeweler.com)

Say yes to emerald green decor and you won’t regret the transformation it will make to your home! Any questions? Just leave a message below!

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